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  • A Kiss for Clumsy | ✓
    6.6M 304K 35

    ❝The problem is, if I kissed you, I don't think I'd be able to stop.❞ •-•-• Blaire Collins has a curse. A curse that goes by the name of clumsiness. Despite being confident and bold, she tumbles over anything and everything; whether it's furniture or air, Blaire is almost positive that no one can beat her when it come...

    68.6K 3.5K 38

    he's insecure about his own visual that he forgot how to smile. -nomin.

  • Stupid for you | nomin
    123K 6.6K 25

    "I'm stupid for you Lee Jeno" ~~ In which jaemin is helplessly in love with his classmate Lee Jeno and gives him anonymous letters with confessions and lyrics in his school locker. ~~ Started : June 8th, 2018 Ended : July 4th, 2018 ~~ [ DISCLAIMER ] this book will mainly have angst and fluff in it, but there may be...

  • ʟɪɢʜᴛ. 𝘫𝘢𝘦𝘯𝘰 [✅]
    48.6K 3.9K 28

    jaemin thought jeno was his light until he brought darkness in his life

  • GTFO
    222K 14K 66

    When Jaemin transfers to a new school (an all boys boarding school, at that), he gets a very.. interesting roommate. ♡ ♡ Jeno has a wild reputation for being the biggest player in school. Picking up girls from who knows where, he wondered why no one seemed to want to be his roommate. ♢ ♢ When all of the dorms were fu...

    Completed   Mature
  • 《Two Faced》 |Jaeno/Nomin| COMPLETED
    235K 13.1K 38

    Na Jaemin struggles with keeping his evil and perverted side a secret. Everything changes when Lee Jeno,the bad boy of their highschool,finds out about him and makes his life a living hell. #426 IN FANFICTION #5 IN JAENO Started: may 13th 2018 Ended: july 7th 2018 topJeno×bottomJaemin topJaemin×bottomJeno

  • xxxx | Markhyuck
    63K 3.2K 15

    "I want to have xxxx with you fatass." "wtf" /lower case intended/

  • don't grow up; markhyuck
    51.8K 4.2K 15

    maybe we've just gotten older... /// or, in which Donghyuck and Mark are growing up together.

  • • Leave.
    934K 73.9K 90

    •Mark a cold hearted CEO looking for a secretary. • Donghyuck regretting his life choices.

  • Daddy? | Markhyuck
    96.5K 6.3K 12

    "Papa, can you tell me something about Daddy?" Warning: mpreg, smut, family, broken relationships, angst Written by: Markhyuckprincess All Rights Reserved 2018

  • Paint, Flowers, and Dirty Laundry ✔️
    54.1K 5K 33

    "We're in the same class?" "You should pay more attention towards your surroundings, Lee Jeno." [Lee Jeno x Huang Renjun] SEQUEL : "A Ray of Sunshine" © 2018 nocturnara All Rights Reserved Highest Rank #1 Reno tag [180519] #5 Noren tag [1806??] #3 Noren tag [1807??] #147 NCT tag [180806]

  • colours ↬ reno
    6.7K 622 10

    ❝ put the knife in my back one more time ❞ ❝ i never wanted to in the first place, im really sorry- okay? ❞ ❝ sometimes your sorries just aren't worth enough ❞ ↬ book 6 in the short story series

  • ❝LEAN ON ME❞ [✓]
    54.1K 4.8K 20

    ❝i know you don't love me but i'll keep trying, okay?❞ ©PLACEBOHYUNJIN

  • Jinyeong troublemaker
    213 2 1

    It's just to kpop song writers in smut

  • hanahaki♡nomin
    89.5K 7.6K 19

    in which when jaemin returns, jeno doesn't quite love him like he used to before. ✧ 하나하키 ✧ 나 재민 x 이 제노 ✧ soon to be available to read in arabic ! thanks to @/jisnug :)

  • [COMPLETE]love and hate[ Nomin / jaeno ] jaeminXJeno nct
    66.3K 3.3K 21

    Jeno and jaemin

  • Just One Chance //NCT NOMIN FF//✔
    67.3K 3.5K 25

    "Please, Jeno! Just this time! " "Jaemin, for the thousand time. I'm not gay!" "Please, Just one chance. If you don't like it you can leave. I won't bother you again! I promise." "Just One Chance. "

  • Love Heals (NOMIN/JAENO)
    60.9K 3.1K 22

    Jaemin lost his smile when his parents decide to separate and file a divorce. Since that day, he became another person. Jaemin suffered from depression for about a year and didn't attend the school until he gets better. He lost his friends and for his own good, he transfer school and have a new life where there's nob...

  • Under the Covers | Markhyuck
    183K 9.6K 27

    « I'm willing to take the risk if it means being with you forever » This is a Rated M fiction and if you are not comfortable with this you can leave and read other stories. [Be open-minded and read at your own risk] WARNING: stepbrothers, forbidden love

  • cuddle buddy [markhyuck]
    240K 17.3K 34

    "i need me a cuddle buddy." {updated cover- 6-27-17}

  • Difficult ;; Chensung ✅
    115K 6.9K 50

    "I'll never tell you how i feel" Chenle said slyly "Aish, you're so complicated!" Jisung shouted, grasping his hair ( a lot of fluff, guaranteed to be cringeworthy) (Also, please keep in mind that, yes, there is profanity, and I know dream can't cuss, but they are regular teens/adults here. Thank you!!) ♡started: may...

  • Epiphany
    87.2K 5.5K 17

    In which Jeno asked Jaemin to be his boyfriend for one week Just to get rid of the girl he truly hates

  • my lollipop ⇝ markhyuck
    41.6K 1.9K 39

    It all started at a lollipop that has been covered with two different saliva. 《Oct/??/17》 《??/??/??》

  • vtrans || markhyuck / instagram
    37.1K 4.5K 41

    Tác giả: JEONCOOKY Người dịch: wmsrmx Tên gốc: vtrans x messages - kookmin Số chương: 41 chương Tình trạng - Gốc: Hoàn Tình trạng - Chuyển: Hoàn ///// 'bạn đã nhận được một tin nhắn từ @_leemark' ///// *Chuyển ver. này thì em đã xin phép và được sự đồng ý của người dịch rùi ạ (*☻-☻*) *Couple gốc: Jungkook x Jimin *Co...

  • cupid | markhyuck [✔︎]
    181K 15.2K 34

    mark was the cupid who fell for his human. ━ started: 180214 ended: 180523

  • Play Along ; Chensung
    242K 15.6K 22

    "Please, play along." Jisung nodded. "This is my boyfriend!" Started: 5th March 2018 Ended:

  • MARKHYUCK | EDIT | ABO | Vựng Luân Hiệu Ứng
    9.9K 1.1K 6

    晕轮效应 (Vựng Luân Hiệu Ứng) Tác giả: Prawnotonlyellow ( Edit: Funkysistar Couple: Markhyuck, (Nomin) Thể loại: ABO "Em cũng đồng ý rồi, anh còn gấp gáp cái gì nữa" "Anh muốn em, anh không chờ được, một giây cũng không muốn chờ" -------------------------------------- BẢN CHUYỂN NGỮ ĐÃ CÓ SỰ ĐỒ...

  • • Manager
    316K 24.6K 39

    - Where Haechan is Mark's new manager.

    Completed   Mature
  • strangers | markhyuck [✔︎]
    113K 9.1K 61

    it all started when they were just strangers who didn't know each other's presence. ❀ sometimes updating with short chapters ❀ sometimes not really knowing where this story is leading ❀ fluff & sad moments ━ i hope you like it!♡ started: 170311 completed: - 180212

  • 「 make me yours - markhyuck 」
    104K 7.2K 21

    ❥ how did it feel to fall in love with the guy you met in the toilet? #845 in short story #287 in nct