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  • Oc rps
    788 20 7

    I want to do some rps

  • Zanvis And Gaurrence One Shots
    48.1K 341 7

    Probably a lot of smut cos fuck it

  • 7 Minutes In Heaven
    194K 3.7K 19

    As another pair of creepypastas walked out of the closet, Splendorman searched around the room until his eyes rested on you. "(Name), come here and choose something please!" You shakily made your way over to him and reached into the hat he held out... Are you going to survive the night?

  • Creepypasta 20 minutes in heaven!!!
    242K 3.7K 25

    Spend 20 minutes in heaven with your favorite creepypastas! (this is my first minutes in heaven book so I don't necessarily know how to do this but I hope you guys enjoy)

  • Creepypasta 7 Minutes In Heaven
    86.8K 1.2K 25

    Any creepypasta you want, the most comments on a certain one and I'll write about it!

  • Billdip I'm in love with a monster
    77.8K 2K 4

    Bill becomes human and is suddenly lurking around gravity falls. As bills ignorance to human bodies overplay his goal Dipper finds him on the brink of death, for starvation,and dehydration ......or whatever demons do. And then Bill gives Dipper some peculiar attention.

  • Billdip
    14.7K 266 3

    Gets good at the end. And sorry if my grammar and spelling is wrong.

  • the wolf (markiplier x reader)(may Discontinue)
    543 10 4

    sup new story and stuff just read it please my god! [Very slow updates]

  • Her Other Half{•COMPLETED•}(EDITING)
    32.9K 1.2K 44

    [Most impressive ranks- #1 in Flashfrost & Humor] When Barry goes back in time to save his mother after his trauma he creates Flashpoint. In doing so he makes way for...

  • You Are Mine
    38.6K 1.2K 10

    Slash and Destroy. An older episode of the tmnt series. Spike becomes a mutant, goes crazy, and attacks the turtles. Sound familiar? But Spike, now Slash, was in love with Raphael. Even when he wasn't a mutant, he loved Raphael. So now, Slash is back, and he isn't interested in killing Raph's brothers this time. Only...

  • The Demons Within (Danti/Septiplier)
    24.6K 854 25

    Two demons, Death and War, broke the rule and went above to the human world to mate. Satan needed to fix this Demi-demon mistake before Death's and War's demon powers spread across the humans by inheritance. Meanwhile, the offsprings were trying to figure out what's going on.... A/N: The pics are done by silvererros f...

  • Strangers (Jacksepticeye x Reader)
    3.2K 49 22

    A long probably emotional love story of (y/n) and jack that obviously they start off as strangers I dont own Jacksepticeye nor you

  • "Baby,im back!"
    24.9K 413 4

    this story has smut in ot so if you your fine with that then go ahead.this is an antisepticeye x jacksepticeye but kind of yea...

  • Is This Crazy???anti X Jack
    15.1K 229 12

    Jack lives with his parents in irland. And some one visits him ;) Smut and possible gore warning.... Also there is no mark or dark. Tell me if you want a mark and dark story. Or eny ship! Love you bye!!!

  • Stuck {antisepticeye x reader} |UNDER CONSTRUCTION|
    24.5K 607 33

    And I don't want to forget how your voice sounds. Y/n was always stuck with her family. But when she escapes to explore the world she finds some hidden information about people.

  • Dark x Jack (Mark x Anti)
    8.7K 126 12

    Umm.... it's a book about Dark x Jack and Mark x Anti.

  • perky ecstatic ; septiplier
    2.4K 88 4

    a / o / b ;boyxboy; in the a / o / b universe an omega finds every alpha the same, boring figure. He meets a man names mark and immediately falls in love with the man, but what he doesn't know is mark has his secrets of his own.

  • Septiplier Rp!!
    955 64 11


  • Bad Cop
    129K 6.6K 23

    Mark and Jack meet in a bar. They have a connection almost instantly and talk all night. Mark is very proud of his job as a police officer. But Jack on the other hand doesn't say anything about his job. Ofcourse you're not going to say that you're a criminal to a cop, that's just asking for trouble. A couple weeks l...

  • Neko Markiplier (Mark x Reader)
    13.4K 349 23

    Mark has been turned into a tiny Neko kitty and is found by a fan, you! You will have to care for Mark with help of his friends. Through your journey you gain feelings for this tiny feline, and he does for you too. Now he just needs to be human again

  • My Ohana, My Boss (Jacksepticeye x Reader)
    195K 6.5K 32

    This is the sequel to

  • Teach Me
    27.7K 931 10

    You're just a regular girl who goes to school....Nothing weird about that, right? Apparently, your math teacher had a bit of a "crush" on you....But why? He was nine years older than you. (You're seventeen....THIRTY-EIGHT.) Wasn't that illegal?......Although, you found him attractive as well.

  • Killer Couple Anti X Reader
    46.7K 1.5K 28

    [Y/N] wasn't the type of girl to go and break the law, or even think about breaking it Antisepticeye had no problem disobeying the law. [Y/N] didn't think she would ever fall in love Anti thought love was a joke. [Y/N] didn't know about her merderous self. Anti....would bring that side out ...

  • my anti love
    84 8 2

    hi my name is selena and this is how i met anti and became boyfriend , you guys can say oh he is to dangerous but I've live with him and i love him so don't judge me ?????? (anti is going to be the cartoonjunkie version)

  • Depressed Poems
    26.2K 1.2K 11

    Depressed poems from other people, and me

  • Play Time - A Septiplier Smut Fanfic
    129K 2K 14

    ...there is a twist to this septiplier fanfic...

  • Septiplier smut one shots
    13.4K 104 10

    Read title boy on boy very detailed

  • The Love Of My Life
    55.4K 1.4K 7

  • DDLG and DDLB roleplay
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    the title.

  • Funny Memes
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    I post a funny meme once a day