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  • Guts Over Glory ⇀ Harry Potter
    20.1K 914 9

    "oh pretty bird, scream, cry, speak out, riot, fight, do not let your demons enclose you, pretty birds like you were never meant for cages." [POA-OOTP]

  • A Crown of Golden Leaves: A Percy Jackson Fanfiction
    301K 12.5K 70

    Annabeth, a Lady from the declining polis of Athens, must marry the Heir Apparent of Rome to save her polis and the rapidly expanding world from a threat even the gods couldn't foresee. #931 in fanfiction on 9/28/16. ----- Credit for the lovely cover goes to @shadowsleek. :)

  • The Daughter of Artemis ψ Percy Jackson
    1M 26K 40

    ❝the best of men cannot suspend their fate: the good die early, and the bad die late.❞ Olivia Smith is a survivor. She is no hero. cover by @synesthesia-

  • Camp Half-Blood Guide to Monsters
    5.7K 267 50

    Whether you are a demigod trying to survive the monsters that are out to get you or a writer that needs ideas of Greek/Roman monsters to have in their fanfiction, this is the book that you have been looking for. This guide includes many chapters of the monsters and people that are out there from all sorts of mytholog...

  • How To Write Correctly
    2.7K 233 14

    This book was actually originally made by Annabeth for Percy when he told her that he was thinking about writing down his adventure to help demigods from all over the world know more about their life. Many of the people have been through a demigod adventure themselves and decided to publish their adventure on Wattpad...

  • Sugar, You're Going Down
    1.1K 51 7

    Percy Jackson has always been a smart one. Hard-working, dependable, and extremely determined. He's on top of the world. Well, that is until a certain blond wearing more leather than skin takes his world and spins it around. Has Percy finally met his match? The cover art was done by the amazing Viria. Written by me an...

  • The Hunter's Revenge - A Percy Jackson Fanfic [ON HOLD]
    29.8K 814 18

    NOW FEATURED IN THE OFFICIAL WATTPAD @Fanfic Percy Jackson Fanfiction READING LIST! * * * "'And remember this,' I say, my voice echoing with determination as I aim the three silver arrows at his chest. 'I never miss.' Then I let go of the bow string." * * * Deadly yet beautiful can sum up Raven Glade, a fiery...