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  • It cast preferences
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    Preferences of jack, Wyatt, finn, Sophia, and Jaeden

  • New. || Noah Schnapp
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    "Sure, life sucks, but I'm here." ❀ ❀ ❀ In which a 15-year-old actress meets another actor and sparks fly. Highest rank: #350 in fanfiction

  • broken fences ✓
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    [lowercase intended] a noah schnapp x reader :) highest rating; #436 in fanfiction

  • Camp • Jack Grazer
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    (COMPLETED) Sequel to : Baby • Jack Grazer 'In which Jack and Alex head to summer camp, together.' ps: read the first book so it makes sense!

  • On Set {{Finn Wolfhard x OC}}
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    Being Noah Schnapp's (fraternal) twin sister is odd. He's always in the spotlight, and you're unknown. But when you meet the kids in his cast, your entire life changes. RANKED 112 IN FANFICTION

  • imagines ❨ wolfhard! ❩
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    ON HOLD ❝i am the literary equivalent of a big mac and fries.❞ [ finn wolfhard x fem!reader ] SLOW UPDATES !!

  • internet friends 💞 // Noah schnapp
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    "That's what they all say" he said He turned around with a stain face and went on the plain ..... I turn around and start bawling out my eyes

  • The Haunting - Stranger Things [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
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    "Dear Jonathan, Tonight, we go monster hunting. We're going to find Will and Barbara if it's the last thing we do. I know they are still alive. I just know it. Meet me by my locker after school. Yours Truly, Reagan Wheeler P.S. The pictures you took of me are lovely." "Dear Reagan, I don't want you to...

  • finn wolfhard imagines
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    no requests. [completed]

  • Wyatt Oleff Imagines
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    No Comment.

  • Texting Stranger Things (Completed)
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    Texting Stranger Things :))

  • Jaeden lieberher~ IT cast (completed)
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    Jaeden Lieberher gets casted as Bill and meets the cast of IT and you. Let's just say you two really like each other 😂😉( I released all chapters at once) published June 20th

  • finn wolfhard & jack grazer imagines
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    hello losers!! hope you like these!! feel free to request imagines, comment or dm me. on occasion i'll throw in richie or eddie and maybe mike wheeler <3

  • Look. <> Noah Schnapp
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    Mostly Social Media book but here and there, there will be regular chapters

  • Pick me; Finn Wolfhard x Reader
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    [complete] Y/n was a girl who loved her animals more than anyone and anything. She also was a big fan of Stranger Things. She was homeschooled up until 7th grade. She meets/and falls in love with a boy named Finn, who was coincidentally on the TV show Stranger Things. But does she love Connor? Find out

  • Instagram // Wyatt Oleff
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    @Wyattoleff started following you...

  • Finn wolfhard imagines
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    Request are closed:( Tell what you wanna read and I might just make an imagine about it;)

  • ~ You're Taught To Be Good, But You Learn To Be Bad ~ Finn Wolfhard X Reader
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    ❝I can't believe I just did that...❞ I managed, as our running came to a halt. ❝Believe it, beautiful.❞ Finn smiled; his smile was daring, and almost hypnotic. I would do anything for him. The way I just spent my Saturday night proved that. What happens when quiet, innocent Y/n gets tangled up with the wrong crow...

  • cocoa butter kisses :: schnapp
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    ( noah schnapp ) i miss my cocoa butter kisses.

  • Finn wolfhard imagines
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    What's on the menu: Finn wolfhard with a twist of richie And possibly mike Made: Oct.1.17

  • LA Devotee - A Noah Schnapp fanfiction
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    Haley Hartford is a 14 year old, rising YouTube star for her and her bands hit series 'Wolf Rising'. But when Haley finds out there is casting calls for young female actors for her favorite Netflix show 'Stranger Things' will she get the part? Milestones: April 22, 2017 - 2k views September 13, 2017 - 5k vie...

  • they never left | wyatt oleff
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    "the butterflies came, and they never left." wyatt oleff x reader ©STRNGERWOLFHARD

  • Noah Schnapp x Reader
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    After you and your boyfriend George break up because you both feel better as friends your best friend Elise gets a role in Stranger things Wills love interest but she has to like him as a friend YOU on the other hand hate his guts

  • group chat
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    thank god there isn't any way to see if someone read your message or not on a groupchat - not really a good story??? idk i gave up on it a while back, but feel free to read [it/st/others]

  • abyss • stranger things imagines (BOOK ONE)
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    a·byss əˈbis/ noun a deep or seemingly bottomless chasm. FIRST BOOK! SECOND BOOK; THE HILLS

  • Finn Wolfhard Imagines
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  • stranger things memes ✓
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    first stranger things memes book - 100k reached september 27th 200k reached october 7th #4 in random 500k reached december 29th © mileventrash 2016

  • a w a y (a finn wolfhard story)
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    all i want in life is for finn wolfhard to be my bestfriend

  • Baby • Jack Grazer
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    (COMPLETED) lol a sucky first story of mine that involves a girl named Alex who just moved to the small town of Derry, Maine.