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  • Unicorn Blood
    8 5 3

    My name is Rein Adams. I am fourteen years old and attend Haxwora Middle School of Magiks. I am a fifth year (and last year) Moonstone student. Just last night something horrible happened.

  • The List
    57 7 3

    Harley is the shy girl, nobody even knows she exists. One day, Harley decides to do something about it. She looks up how to make people like her, and fines an answer that will change her entirely.

  • Ten Reasons Not To Die
    5M 367K 12

    "Give me ten days, and I can give you ten reasons not to die." Evan paused. "And if I can't change your mind by then, you can go jump off that cliff."

  • The lacrosse star
    1.2K 15 9

    Taylor Jackson, 15 years old moves to Atlanta Georgia with her mom and older brother to start a new life. Playing lacrosse back in New York she hoped there would be a team in Georgia. As tryouts at her new school begin, will she make new friends? what else could happen ?

  • Winona ✓
    191K 11.7K 9

    For Winona Prescott, senior year was supposed to be simple; get good grades, graduate and have a bit of fun on the side. But when a video of her kissing another girl goes viral throughout the entire school overnight, everything takes a turn for the worse. Friends she once trusted turn on her, peers shut her out and he...

  • The Clans In The Core
    115 17 6

    When Lenny starts Middle school, her whole world changed. Join her in her story where there is a little more to the world than you think. It all starts when the new girl begins to clap after hospitalizing her long time rival. Read this story of drama, action, and surprise...

  • Loving Your Best Friend
    181 14 9

    Your the only girl in your entire high school the doesn't have a boyfriend. But you DO have your best friend Charlie. What happens when you start developing feelings for each other?

  • Just Her Guard-Dante x Talisha-Medieval Edition-ABANDONED
    127 13 13

    Dante is a guard. Talisha is the only child of King Thanos and Queen Titania. Talisha is forced to learn what to do in combat by her parents, so Dante agrees to teach Talisha combat skills.

  • Balloons
    69 20 7

    Olivia has never had any friends. She has always been out of the picture. Until one day, she walks toward a small bakery. Olivia notices a stout man with a cart of balloons on the sidewalk. The man greets her with a simple "hello." She assures him that she has no money, but the man shakes his head in contrary. As the...