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  • Dominantly Yours (A Werewolf Tale)
    6.4M 208K 35

    Claire Masters is an Omega. Adopted into a poor family, she worries more about staying afloat in school and taking care of her little brother than pandering to the Mistwood Valley pack. Then Nathaniel Groves comes home. Nate, the pack Alpha, has spent the past couple years combing the country for the man who...

  • To Paradise
    43.4K 1.6K 17

    "Oh no!im sorry Im very sorry!!are you ok??" Looking at the person sitting up and pulled the mop bucket of their head The handsome face gave me the most charming warm smile I had ever seen standing up he towered over me bowing slightly "im sorry for blocking the way maam. Ill clean this up so you can pass through" pic...

  • (Terminada) Enredo de lesbianas
    12.1K 517 60

    Mika peca de ser ingenua. Una chica de bien con un buen sentido del humor, que nunca ha hecho nada indebido. Samanta, sin embargo, está allí para arruinar esa racha de buena suerte. Cuando ambas se conocen, el mundo en el que antes habían estado sumergidas comienza a girar de una forma diferente. Samanta está siendo m...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mrs. Alpha (GXG)
    502K 14.9K 38

    Snowy is a werewolf who will turn 17 today and be able to find her mate. How will she react when she realizes her mate is a girl? she has not yet learned that she is the to be Alpha of her pack?! Read on.

  • Just Undercover ✔️
    2.3M 84.4K 53

    Highest Ranks: |Mystery/Thriller #1| |Action #3| I was trained my whole life to disarm a grown man using nothing but a credit card, nail files, and a sock if I'm lucky. Becoming a cheerleader sounded laughable compared to everything I've done. But I soon learn that balancing spirit weeks, cute boys, and curling wands...

  • My Brother's Girlfriend
    274K 9.1K 33

    "I'd like to propose a toast," I raised my glass and looked around the room at the various expressions staring back up at me, "I'd also like to take this opportunity to clear something up." The room silences and every set of eyes were on me. I met a few of them before I had the courage to even talk again. "First off...

  • Sister's Game (2, Valentine Sisters)
    1.8M 75.7K 44

    Previously known as Playing Against the Sister Alyssa and Dana were twins but they were nothing alike. Alyssa: popular soccer player and team captain, doesn't need anyone to tell her what she wants. Dana: head cheerleader and beauty queen, insecure and afraid of everyone's opinions. Both: searching for themselve...

  • Play For You (GirlxGirl)
    618K 19.6K 41

    Riley's past isn't something most kids go through. Bad things happened, but when she got older, her dad decided it was best to move, and get away from something that seemed to haunt Riley. They moved from Arizona to California. About 1/4 into her junior year, Riley had to go to a new school, and make new friends. She...

  • Tea For Two
    630K 18.7K 42

    "Just wondering, Shoemaker. Are you going to tell your parents? Or should I?" When I was little, I was terribly afraid of heights. One day, in a bleak attempt to rid me of this, my father climbed onto the roof of our one story house with me on his back. I may have been hyperventilating, but otherwise I was doing well...

  • She's Mine (GirlxGirl)
    858K 31.8K 117

    Coming from a small world sucks, the people here suck.. Everything about it sucks allot, My names Melissa; i have blue hair and bright blue eyes, Judge me. My life was shit until i found Her.. But is she hiding something from me?? A secret? What Happens when the book takes a turn and shit happen's. Will Melissa be a...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Before & After
    10.5K 778 10

    Abigail Wesley always felt something was wrong. It wasn't because she was unhappy. In fact, she had a lovely wife who treated her like a queen. She lived along the beach in a beautiful home where the sunsets were mesmerizing and the moonlight illuminated the cool nights. But the blurry images in her head and the muff...

  • Love Is Unexpecting (Lesbian Love Story)
    103K 1.5K 24

    Kenzi and Bo had never been so close in their lives till something unexpected happened to them. It changed their lives. Read to find out more!