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  • Only You. | KH/FF One-Shot Book
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    "You could see it in his eyes," her voice croaked, "they held such adoration; so much desire and admiration for someone like her." A list of mini shots (songfics mostly) that contain angsty, happy, romantic, or whateva type of songs and quotes that relate to my OC (or the reader) and any KH / FF character's current si...

  • Rogue [ITW]
    23 7 2

    A world conquered and divided by hate, war and fear. Completely controlled down to the last detail. Where the term "freedom" hasn't been used in centuries. It's follow the system or die; or at least that's what we're taught. The year is 3000. Multiple wars have broken out. So many nuclear bombs have been set off that...

  • Idol
    26.7K 615 22

    Fuyuhiko Soyeon had always dreamed of being an idol, when she finally gets the opportunity, she seizes it. How will her life as an idol be?

  • The Ash Talk
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    "We all have things to say about life, I just decided to make a book about it." -ashetic-, preferably known as Ash, a professional sassy potato, lazy otaku, and part-time horrible writer. I've got the Advice column, Tutorial section, Tags corner, and Blog

  • Young Deities
    16 5 1

    Faint sounds of feet on the grass could be heard throughout the woods of a small village called 'Sakura'. It was a quiet night. So quiet. The dark night splayed across the sky like a sheet of darkness, the only thing illuminating the dark sky, was the tiny speaks of light called stars. Slowly appearing in the sky. A...

  • Lucas' Journal
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    Thing about my life~

  • Saving (Levi Ackerman x Reader) ✔
    106K 5K 27

    A Levi Ackerman X Reader Fanfiction Published on 10 August 2016 Completed on 6 September 2016 Heavy Editing on 22 January 2017 Heavy Editing Completed on 28 January 2017 All characters belong to the AOT/SNK creators,excluding Mark and Astoria Mark and Astorias names were inspired by J.K.Rowling and Casaandra Clare You...

    Completed   Mature
  • Aveharts ✔
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    Completed   Mature
  • Art Portfolio ✔
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    Highest rank - #24 in Non-fiction This book contains my drawings which I think are good enough to show you guys. :)

  • Midnight Graphics «Closed»✔
    2.5K 699 60

    This consists of the covers made by me! I take requests from authors so feel free to message me if you want me to make cover for your book! And these covers are made by me for other authors so please do not steal any of them! If you want a cover for a book message me. Thank you! Highest ranking: #203 in Random(28/02...

  • Make you Mine
    1.2K 157 8

    She didn't want a mate. But she got one. And she didn't like him. At all. She hated him. Because he was an Alpha. She hated an she despised them. She feared them. She loved someone else. She thought the person she loved was her mate. But no, the person she hated the most turned out to be her mate. He was a...

  • Drop Of Love
    1.3K 347 11

    He was standing there leaning against the door, hands in his pockets, with cold expression on his face, staring right into my eyes. "Zeus, I didn't...." He came straight towards me, with expressionless face, his cold grey eyes staring at my brown ones. He leaned in and placed his lips on mine. The kiss was cold one;...

  • Kyler Cross [COMPLETED]
    15.8K 1.5K 41

    {COMPLETED} SPIN-OFF OF 'Stalker Girl'. CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE TOO. ....................................................................................... Awww... How's Mrs. Cross? Still considered sending you off for adoption or leaving you in a farm? What? Oh, you know, I might have given her some brochures...

  • Stalker Girl [COMPLETED]
    72K 4.5K 45

    [COMPLETED] "I could bring some lunch and drop it off at your house if you give me your address......" "Oh hell no!!! I don't want some 60 year old rapist going around my neighborhood dropping food and running after little girls. " "Excuse me. But this '60 something year old rapist' is a college student who is 21 and...

  • Aesthetics
    1.1K 575 48

    Highest rank - #27 in Non-fiction.(02/06/2018) Some of the aesthetics I made. Cover done by me!

  • Home • Trailer & Cover shop
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    Open (✔️) Closed () Closed for catch up() Closed temporarily for a break() Request your trailers and covers here everyone!

  • Lights Fading
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    Not everyone who is suicidal commits suicide

  • Nightstryker
    271 27 6

    *on hiatus* Taken away from her home on Earth and shoved into a spaceship at a young age, Nyx has always been smart and resourceful. When the Omega goes through a wormhole and is shot down by an alien spaceship, Nyx is the only one to make it to the surface of the alien planet. Can she trust the Autobots, or is she tr...

  • The Queen of Dragon Slayers
    43.8K 973 103

    "I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for my friends and family! They are the reason I'm still here!" Speara W. Scarlet a young lady, who possesses every dragon slayer magic that ever existed & also the younger sister of the famous Erza Scarlet, life changes after meeting a green cat in a frog suit, a maroon cat...

  • The Priestess
    18 0 2

    Maela's world is suddenly shaken when the King abruptly summoned her alongside a General, an assassin and a powerful sorcerer to defeat an evil once thought was vanquished a long time ago and has now awakened once more. (Not yet edited)

  • The Teenage Queen
    907 286 31

    A story about a teenager burdened with a crown. Now forced to marry or force her much younger sisters to marry. If only love and trust was easy to find. Queen Aliyah Kilara Ceriss Luana was forced to be queen at the age of 14 when her parents mysteriously died from the same illness. Now 16, she struggles from the resp...

  • The Secret of the Geek
    42 0 8

    "Um-I-tha-that was...a-a movie! Yes! A-all of that were visual effects and stuff! I do movies as a hobby!"she said as she tried to make a believable lie. He didn't look all that convinced. "Uhuh. 'Visual Effects' she says. You know, I might actually believe you if you weren't such a bad liar."he said as he crossed his...

  • The Magician's Hat
    85 12 2

    Life seems different for an eight year old Niana.She sees life as boring and grey.Because of that she wanted to escape reality,she wanted to go on a magical adventure and leave her world behind.Little did she know that all of her wildest dreams and imaginations are true and just waiting to be discovered.It all started...

  • Dan Waller: Silver Quest (Book 1) (Under Editing)
    1.7K 204 41

    **** WINNER (Best Synopsis) Story Awards 2017/18**** Dan Waller is wanted in six galaxies... When he decides to take a trip to his old smuggling base of Terra2 to repay a debt and reclaim his old ship he doesn't expect to get stuck with his sixteen year old nephew Harry who has never left the comfort of Earth. Then he...

    Completed   Mature
  • MayDay! [ON HOLD]
    362 38 7

    "Please!!! I'm sorry! Help Me! Save Me!" Jinyoung sprung up in bed, panting heavily, his muscles contracting in the same rythm. Beads of sweat trickling down the side of his forehead and down his bare back and chest. He just woke up from a dream. A nightmare.

  • Fated To Love You
    6.5K 540 105

    A Girl Who Meets 7 Boys aka Got7. ("Hello?" Lina heard the sadness in his voice. "Jackson.. it's me Lina. Turn around. I'm here." She told him feeling her heart thud faster against her chest. She heard Jackson sigh heavily down the phone before seeing him slowly turn around and look at her. "You took your time.." BEE...

  • Scavenger hunt
    773 308 11

    He knows me. He knows what a like He knows my habits I just don't know him.... It's funny to think about it, I found a note on my dresser yesterday. It was a clue actually. It lead me to another, then another. I probably looked like a moron because I was running around town like a maniac looking for each clue. I will...

  • In somebody else's shoes #thebittersweetawards
    695 429 26

    I know you might think you're life is terrible and a complete mess...... You want her life, or his , or theirs Well you don't know what's going on in their life, Trust me I thought the exact same thing but that all changed junior year when I was given the extraordinary ability to see behind the smiles ( and no, not s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kidnapped (ON HOLD)
    227 57 13

    11:56pm, a 911 emergency call cut. Victim was reported missing a couple of hours later. The only item taken from victim's home was her. Kidnapped, the gripping reality TV show that has captivated audiences since it's very first case. The series follows the charming Roberto Mendes as he traces down the missing persons...

  • Pandora's Box (ON HOLD)
    1.1K 383 32

    It's magic meets mystery meets FBI. Victoria and Vincent finally find each other after being separated for 16 years since they were born. Now they're brought into a world where people have two sides: their disguise and their intentions. To uncover the secret to who they are, why they were separated and who raised th...