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  • We're Both Alike... Don't You Think So? [Shadow Link x Vio]
    43.1K 1.8K 106

    Edit: my previous description was cringeworthy. It's a Four Swords VioxShadow story, obviously. Starts off with quite a bit of angst because the purple nerd is missing Shadow, proceeds to some comforting and such, things are okay for a bit, and then something unexpected happens and, because there is no rest for the we...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Fallen Warrior (LoZ Four Swords) [ON HOLD]
    1.2K 56 10

    After Shadow's disappearance Vio has become more quiet, and lonely. Red, Blue, and Green feel like everything is back to a peaceful time. Red quickly takes notice that everything is not so peaceful yet. Red tries to talk to Vio but he keeps pushing him away, making Red feeling upset and worried even more. Hyrule castl...

  • Shadow Lover
    1.3K 40 6

    When the Heroes of the Four Sword are separated, Vio learns that there is someone who knows the real Vio. Shadow Link offers Vio a high position at his side. What happens when Vio accepts and the two become close and just what secret is Vio hiding? Read and find out. Once again, I own nothing but the plot twist.