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  • Ten Reasons Not To Die
    4.8M 352K 12

    "Give me ten days, and I can give you ten reasons not to die." Evan paused. "And if I can't change your mind by then, you can go jump off that cliff."

  • War Between Darkened Hearts
    76 17 4

    "Everybody wants to rule the world. But possess a darkened heart." Lucifer: There's no turning back from the choice you mistakingly made. Dahlia: Life is to short to not live the life I was meant to have. I'm going to take my home back. "Somewhere on Earth you will enter a room where the light will never find you. Eve...

  • A Knight Of Nowhere
    617 22 20

    Just wanna say that this gets dark quite quick. Especially chapter 5 Typically wouldn't put a trigger warning because... I hate them But to give people less room to complain. Strong language constant acts of violence. The aftermath of a rape. Blood guts and everything else a few people seem to hate. So if you mad...

  • Born of Stolen Magic
    579 133 7

    Avalielle steals magic- she is one of a rare few with the ability to take someone else's magical powers away and use them herself. In a society ruled by sorcerers, such thieves pose a threat to everything. As soon as Ava's ability was known, she should have been destroyed. Instead, she found a way to be useful. But ev...

  • Fearfully and Wonderfully
    92 41 5

    "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works: and that my soul knoweth right well." Psalms 139:14 This is a book of my devotions made digital, here I share my findings as I delve into the word of God. Cover made by the amazing @simplyrouge

  • Twice as Twisted (Faerie Tales)
    380 28 15

    A book of short stories: Within the world of faerie tales, therein lies a secret Society of mystical assassins, hired to write a different story. Follow these new, yet familiar, characters on their dealings with the Society. Will these short stories end the way you once knew? find out as these faeries tell us a differ...

  • Beginning to End
    415 70 10

    Genesis is a homeschooled introvert with three younger brothers, and virtually the only experience she has with people not related to her is her best friend, Catalina. But after her 17 years of solitude, she meets Jack, a very extroverted boy with five younger sisters. What follows their introduction is a blissful cha...

  • Those Who Run
    6 0 2

    They say the ones that run have a better life than anything the government could offer. They say that the ones who are caught running die. They all say a lot of things, but the most important is "Never, ever, get caught." This story quite honestly came to me while I was taking a shower.

    621 212 32

    ❝ TO THE MAN WHO LOVES ART FOR IT'S OWN SAKE, IT IS FREQUENTLY IN ITS LEAST IMPORTANT AND LOWLIEST MANIFESTATIONS THAT THE KEENEST PLEASURE IS TO BE DERIVED ❞ gorgeous cover by @L-S-Willow art is a way to express the emotions you don't realize you feel and it brings peace to you in the end . [ i mainly switch...

  • poetry And Quotes
    886 344 42

    Poetry Some are original and some are those that i heard or read and really loved.

  • Revium
    78.4K 6.8K 50

    There are no such things as heroes. There are no such things as saviors. But there are such things as criminals, and the monstrous ones belong somewhere worse than hell. Within a broken empire, gears whisper secrets as magic tears through bone and soul. An empire in which rulers reside behind their wall...

  • The HOPES Project
    850 113 24

    Jason Stark always thought his family was normal. They're not. Rachel Carson just wanted a life away from violence. She won't find it. ---- As an all powerful organization tears away everything Jason loves, he must rely on Rachel, a volatile thief with wicked aim, to get it back. He's playing a game he doesn't know th...

  • Frostbite
    122K 6.1K 29

    The world is unfair-a fact Eira has known all her life. Some people are lucky, some are not. She is one of the lucky. Her adoptive brother Cerin is not. In a world ruled by winter, there are chosen individuals who manifest powers that let them channel the ice and snow to their will. They are known as Permafrosts, or...

  • The Black Hearts
    215 77 8

    A psychopath and a sociopath, both craving revenge. What could go wrong? Let me tell you, a damn lot.

  • Seth Luxamos and The First Elements (Book 1) [Completed but Editing]
    2.7K 635 37

    "I will never embrace the darkness." Cover credits to Ocean_Breeze check them out they've got good stuff. Seth Luxamos is an orphan boy who is bullied by the others and tortured by the nuns his only solace was a letter from his father and a recurring dream of his mother. He was always different and strange occurrence...

  • HAWK
    865K 82.3K 167

    *** New draft now available on Amazon! *** Kas Balera is used to a bit of chaos. As a space bounty hunter, capturing three Class-2 criminals should have been the most difficult part of her week, but when a disaster of epic proportions rocks the entire solar system, Kas is thrust into the midst of an adventure far bey...

  • Aere Perennius
    4K 1.4K 176

    "Beauty will save the world." -Fyodor Dostoyevsky, 'The Idiot'

  • A New Warrior Joined The Game || D.J & S.R {1} •{✓}•
    16.9K 617 19

    •{7/31/19} 1 in #teamcap}• •{8/9/19} 3 in #quake}• •{MARVEL}• Between getting controlled by hive and One of her inhuman Friends dying to save her it had tipped over the edge and she left the organization she worked for. She's being hunted by S.H.E.I.L.D and an inhuman terrorist organization called the watchdogs. Goin...

  • A Nameless Alleyway (ON HOLD)
    1K 42 5

    STORY IS CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. --------------- Nineteen year-old Alma Ingrid moved to Avalon, a city renowned for its glimmering and inviting presence, to chase her dreams of being an artist. But it seems the city has other plans for her. After almost two years of attempts to adjust to the city'...

  • Red Rose Petal Puzzles
    60 6 1

    "My life is a simple one. I drive myself to school every weekday after dropping my younger sister off at her school, and then after school head over to the best florist in town for my shift. My dad owns the lease to the house my sister and I live in, and he lives in the city kilometres away from us. But that's ok, it'...

  • Lost Nor Found
    263 62 19

    (Thank you @Oceane_Breeze for the outstanding cover!) Laelynn is losing hope. Her entire world is crashing down - everything getting worse by the day. The bullying. Her mom's mental condition. The pain and heartbreak. But when her fate intertwines itself with two others, Kayden and Elena, Laelynn finds she might not...

  • Depths of a River #Wattys2019
    1K 279 47

    **NOT FOR SENSITIVE READERS! A story about how love stumbled across Adelynn Brooks' life. Being a fashion designer is great with all the glamour and formal events. She thought the guy she met in a bar was nice until he showed a completely different side to him and things turned ugly. Galilani and Jason are her best...

  • Mirror of Medusa
    379 122 5

    Ever turned your mom to stone? Plans for Summer °°°°°°°°°°°°° Vacation? Yes! Chill with friends? Of course! Turn mom to stone? Yea- what? Grow fangs? Of course not! Too bad, happened anyway. I definitely doesn't expect to get daggers on my 15th birthday. Or jump into Tartarus. One thing for sure, I need to get a grip...

  • Unsaid
    3.3K 402 50

    these are the things i wish i was able to say out loud. but because i can't here are the words that pass through my mind the words no one listens to because they'll never get the chance. . {highest ranking #98 in poetry}

  • Mad Nights
    1K 66 1

    After waking up in handcuffs three hundred kilometres from where he's stationed, Samson cannot remember what happened. And what happened might kill him. A British soldier in The Great War, he has been accused of desertion, a crime punishable by execution. Before he can face a trial and firing squad, though, something...

  • 100 Ways To Annoy An Artist (C O M P L E T E D)
    714 171 25

    I mean, why not? I'm an artist, I think. I know how to annoy me. So now you can annoy me too, yay! No seriously if you read this you will master the art of annoying an artist. Why not add an extra power to your never ending list, huh? No like seriously you could count this as a strength. I mean if you don...

  • Welcome To Oregon
    98 45 4

    Samantha Tucker cannot deal with her controlling parents anymore. She is a 17 year old teenage girl that wants to be on her own, and play by her own rules. So, she decides to run away. And never come back. She hitches a ride with a guy by the name of Adam Ewing who is on his way home to Oregon. Samantha decides to mov...

  • Within the Forest
    3.8K 565 25

    **Highest Ranking: #120 in Adventure 2/7/18** A SLEEPING BEAUTY RETELLING When Diarmuid returns from a hunting trip, finding his home in ruins and his mother nowhere to be found, he leaves all else behind, going on a search for her, little knowing he is about to stumble upon the greatest journey in his life... ...

  • Daughter of Ice and Bone
    1.1K 139 21

    After Aino is blamed for the death of a bear, she must go on a quest to clear her name, and retrieve the people of her village who were taken to the land of the dead. All the while, she must deal with her tricky guardian spirit, and evade the god of the forest, Tapio, who is hunting her. Along the way, they will lear...

  • As They Fall [First Draft] ~ Currently Editing ~
    7.1K 707 38

    Highest Ranking: #115 in Fantasy The niece of a nobleman leading a double life. The son of a blacksmith overlooked by those he loves most. In a time of dragons, castles, thieves, bards, myths and legends. A tale of betrayal, love and sacrifice in a world where anything is possible. This book is now finished yay! Thou...