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  • They're twins!? {COMING SOON}
    158 6 1

    Damian Thomas Al Ghul and Dahlia Marinette Al Ghul, heirs to the Demons Head of the League of Shadows and the twin children of Talia Al Ghul and unbeknownst to them Bruce Wayne as well. When the two are separated as children, Dahlia unable to be found is pronounced dead within the League and is never spoken of again a...

  • The Children Of Who Now!?? {COMING SOON}
    62 4 1

    MLB/Marvel Nino and Marinette are the adopted siblings of Captain America and Black Widow, with Peter being adopted by Iron Man it meant Marinette could still be in contact with her cousin Peter as their new parents work together as part of the hero team known to the world as the Avengers. However, this happiness doe...

  • The Shadow Legion {COMING SOON}
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    ~"What Began With 6 Soon Doubled in Size Only to Lose 3 More And Now Remains at 9"~ Young Justice, Teen Titans, Danny Phantom and X-Men Evolution/Marvel characters mashed together into one universe just for this 1 adventure. A better description will be with the disclaimer! Also please be mindful this is my first majo...

  • The Bat Adopts A Super!? ✔️
    657 27 8

    ~COMPLETED~ The Justice League has formed as usual along with the Young Justice team the only difference? No one knows that the Bat and his many protégés exist at least not until they hear rumors of this Infamous Batman during a covert mission in the Bats Territory. Deciding to test out this myth and see if Gotham's...

  • Miraculous Descendants
    140 2 4

    Marinette and her VK friends get the chance of a lifetime and get accepted to join Auradon's Prestigious Miraculous Prep How will they fair surrounded by kids of those who locked their parents on an Island? ARC 1~ Heroism 101 "Burning Ember Blue and Bright, Show These Heroes Hades Might!!" ARC 2~ The Past Bi...

  • A Young Heroes Justice
    409 11 9

    This is a story idea that came to me..... Well more like a couple that came to me most of which were one-shot ideas I probably wasn't ever going to write... Anyway~ this is going to end up being a mix of a few different au's I've seen lying around and have read during the time of which I should have writing my other...

  • My Book Of OC's
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    My OC's (original characters) for the many different fandoms I am a part of Please note that just because I have an OC for a certain fandom it does not guarantee that I'll write a fanfic for said fandom

  • Missing.... (A Fairy Tail Fanfiction)
    2.7K 88 18

    It was just a regular day in Fiore and the Fairy Tail guild throws itself a party for no reason at all. But. What happens when they find out that six of their top female mages have gone missing? What happened to the girls? Why did they dissappear? Will they come back? Read more to find out... ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ DISCLAIMER : I...

  • The Tempest Of Truth
    9K 139 21

    Hiccup and Valka were taken and "killed" by dragons. Astrid and Fishlegs are runaways who were claimed to be traitors for befriending dragons. The two traitors make friends with three others. Astrid gets captured by an unknown rider. Gobber takes the last three teen-adults on a survival trip. Can the small band of dra...

  • The Lost Girls (A Fairy Tail Fanfiction) {ON HOLD}
    2.5K 83 11

    {~This is gonna be On Hold for a little while longer as there are still parts of this story that I haven't figured out yet and I want to get that done first so there's not a giant hole in the middle of it~} When six girls unwillingly become lost girls. Will they be able to escape? Or will they get caught? Will they ac...

  • Dragon's Heart (Fairy Tail Fanfiction)
    7.3K 139 29

    What happens when a few male dragon slayers get on a few female mages bad side one too many times? What happens when these certain female mages leave for oh I don't know 2-3 years? What's happened to the rest of the guild's? What do these male dragon slayers do? What happens when the girls come back and challenge the...

  • Runaway Riders
    29.1K 479 22

    Hiccup has the honor of killing the Monstrous Nightmare. That night he leaves Berk for what he thinks is forever. However, something pulls him back to Berk. But not just himself but also two other dragon riders are also pulled back to Berk. Because you see Hiccup wasn't the only one to leave Berk. I know there are ba...

  • Royal Secrets {ON HOLD}
    3.4K 93 10

    There are quite a few ~or many~ of these. You'll have to read to find out more...