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  • DRV3 Girlfriend Scenarios
    22.5K 814 53

    For the small% of guys on Wattpad or the other% gays (aka me) that just want some female drv3 love, welcome!

  • Danganronpa X Male Reader!
    21.7K 161 17

    Always wanted to make this!

  • Komaru Naegi x Male Reader
    3.5K 51 5

    You wake up in a world of chaos with little to no memory. What happens when you meet two girls who are trying to survive like you?

  • Babyface and heel [Danganronpa v3 x male! Reader]
    3.8K 58 5

    (M/N) (L/N), also known as Ultimate Liar He is a sneaky lil' bastard who sometimes break the fourth wall.

  • UltimateLuck!M!Reader x RWBY
    23.9K 496 10

    "Hope? What a Very Peculiar Word"

  • The android of hopes peak academy
    1K 33 3

    You are Y/N, you are the android sent by cyberlife

  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc x Male Insert
    88 1 2

    You are the new student of Hope Peak. Your talent is Ultimate weapon, and your best friend is Makoto Naegi. But this is just the very starting of your life of hope to the life of despair.

  • Another Class (Hope's Peak Academy Fanfic)
    599 13 3

    Another class of Ultimate students is formed.

  • Not what She Seems✳ (IruHara)
    338 10 2

    Miu Iruma is rumored to be the meanest delinquent in School. Shuichi Saihara keeps his distance from her at all times. however....Miu's Reputation changes when Shuichi and Miu have a faithful encounter.

  • Danganronpa: The Ultimate Warrior
    125 6 5

    Alex Bass wasn't that smart. He was home schooled and learned everything from his sister, Mina. At night he and his sister would train to defend themselves and by day Mina acts as a teacher for Alex. Then one day Alex finds an acceptance letter to Hopes Peak Academy as the Ultimate Warrior. (I do not own any Danganron...

  • The Ultimate Thief (Hiyoko Saionji X Male Reader)
    678 20 2

    You are the Ultimate Thief. And when Hope's Peak scouts you, you decide to do it out of sheer boredom.

  • Hero's Peak Academy
    122 8 10

    In a world of superheroes and supervillains, Makoto just wants to make the cut for Hero's Peak Academy's Sidekick Course. How did that get him inside the prestegious Hero's Peak walls? Well, that's a story all in itself.

  • Toxic Hope (Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls x reader)
    1.6K 32 12

    It's been half a year since my classmates of Hopes Peak High succumbed into a world of despair. I haven't seen any of them since that day...well until today. Today marks the start of a whole different life. All of my sorrows don't compare to the feelings I get when I hear that my classmates-my friends have fallen vi...

  • The Glitch In The Game ( Male Glitch Reader x Danganronpa V3)
    1.9K 24 4

    Your are (Y/N) (L/N) a normal high school student and your a huge fan of the Danganronpa Trilogy and side games. You have just finished completing DRV3 and went to bed; but you left your computer on and a powerful thunderstorm came to your area and shocked your house with lead to you getting sent into the Game. So wha...

  • New Danganronpa V3 Anthology Comic - Vol. 2
    26.1K 432 17

    The Official Anthology Comic's Second Volume from NDRV3 licensed by Spike Chunsoft Copyright goes to Spike Chunsoft and all the Mangaka's making the Anthology Comic.

  • New Danganronpa V3 - Anthology Comic Vol. 1
    29.4K 611 17

    The Official Anthology Comic from NDRV3 licensed by Spike Chunsoft Copyright goes to Spike Chunsoft and all the Mangaka's making the Anthology Comic.

  • -Dodging her Despair- (Junko Enoshima x MaleReader)
    2.5K 43 4

    [F/n] [L/n] gets accepted to Hope's Peak Academy for his skills in avoiding projectiles, obstacles and melee combat attacks. But he didn't know that he captured the Central Antagonist of Danganronpa.

  • Despair Central
    27.2K 3.8K 201

    welcome to despair central your home for danganronpa craziness of all kinds and flavors

  • Give A Little Luck
    11.4K 196 6

    The "Super High School Level Luck" Makoto Naegi is probably the most unlucky student at Hope's Peak Academy. Getting hit by balls, walking in late at every class and embarrassing himself in front of the girl he likes, he could never win. Join Naegi and his friends in their incredible hope filled high school lives. (Re...

  • Danganronpa theme songs
    1.6K 60 32

    A book full of theme songs for characters Will feature ships feel free to request.

  • Danganronpa x Reader Soulmate! AU's
    70.8K 1.6K 23

    Hey guys so I decided to make a one-shot book that only contained Soulmate! AU's, hope you enjoy and requests are open!

  • Childhood (NaeJunko)
    5.6K 109 6

    This is a NaeJunko story. Junko Enoshima was being bullied before, people always call her "Despair Girl" because she never makes any friends, Naegi Makoto was the only exception. Naegi Makoto was Junko's only friend....Now Naegi goes to Hope's Peak High, with Junko Enoshima, and Junko is now the prettiest model that...

  • Nurse Me (HinaMiki)
    1.5K 52 9

    Hajime Hinata attends Hope's Peak day during P.E class he trips and falls...he then awakens in the nurse's office, where he met a strange girl, both of them get comfortable with each other...and they are always together...

  • 壊れた少女 (NaeZono) ENG
    503 20 2

    Naegi had a childhood friend named Sayaka Maizono, They were separated after Naegi moved, Naegi returns to the town where they met and attends Hope's Peak High and realizes that Sayaka goes to Hope's Peak too. Sayaka has always been weird ever since they were kids, she always treats Naegi with care. now....... whenev...

  • My Roommate (Naegiri)
    13.3K 213 13

    (This is a Naegiri FanFic I decided to make) Naegi is your average boy who you might likely come across. Kyoko Kirigiri is an elite detective and the grand daughter of the "Detective God" will these two match or are these two just so different that it just will not happen

  • My Little Pet (Naeceles)
    529 12 2

    Celestia is a very wealthy girl, Naegi Makoto is your average boy, They both attend Hope's Peak High, one day Makoto Naegi happens to cross paths with Celestia, he sees her gambling, then her father spots Naegi, then orders him to keep this between the Ludenburg family and to Him and to be Celestia's so called "Pet".

  • M'Lady!! (Sonia X Hajime)
    683 27 6

    Hajime Hinata is a student of Hope's Peak Academy, One day he meets a girl named Sonia, then she said He was her Prince, the next thing Hajime smells when he wakes up is pure European Air

  • Danganronpa: Kindergarten AU
    1.2K 34 11

    [Do not own art] Imagine the cast if all Danganronpa games went to the school as children. Read as all of your favorite danganronpa characters from the first game till the very last one. Read knowing that in this universe ANYTHING can happen for the better or the worst. This story is totally unoriginal but who cares r...

  • Danganronpa X Kamen Rider
    1.5K 14 7

    Akuda, a 14 year old boy who like's anime and tokusatsu fell ito a portal that took him too one of his favorite anime which is danganronpa, but he wasnt the only one that was fell into the danganronpa world I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE PHOTO'S!