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  • New Life, New Friends {The Biters} (MS Boys X Reader)
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    (Does not connect to any of my other books!) (Y/N) has been living this life for 2 years. Has not seen her old friend in those years. She is with 3 new friends and her brother. Vampires have always had half of the world. 2 years ago zombies some how go out of the under world and made it the upper world. They took the...

  • The Protectors of Lady Irene
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    I was really bored and I had an idea a few weeks ago so I decided write for some fun. This book is about me and my friends there is 4 of them and im one of them. Im not copying anything. This is based off of a show called Minecraft Diaries. Though the main idea of protetors and such is morally my idea. PLZ DONT COPY...

  • Phoenix Academy of Magiks and Scaleswind School of Attack and Defence.
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    This is a story about a girl y/n joining the school of Phoenix Academy of Magiks since you have a power called elemental (i got this elemental idea from an awesome book im reading i don't own it) you only have the power of water though. Please check out my friend NicholeGamingYT she is writing a story called Star Diar...