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  • Official Battery City Citizen Handbook
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    "Welcome to Better Living Industries, where dreams can be fulfilled, if your monetary ranking is deemed acceptable. We at Better Living Industries have been dedicated to a clean and structured lifestyle since the great fires of 2012." {Includes exclusive documents on the "Fabulous Four"}

  • Panic! At The Emo Joke Center
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    mama, we're all trash

  • The Emo Bible
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    Yes, I'm copying and pasting and editing the Bible for your emo needs. Dm me if you want to contribute. (#616 in Spiritual 9/20/17)

  • Princess, You're Mine [Brendon Urie x Reader]
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    Key: Y/N means Your Name Y/A means your age •••• [Y/N] is a [Y/A] year old girl, who was pretty average. Normal family, above average grades, normal school life, normal friends, and a normal (actually non-existent) romantic life. Although she never realized it, there has always been someone watching her. Every movem...