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  • Fight for the Characters, Comedy for the Audience
    1.2K 12 1

    Copyright © 2013 lostbookteen & PorMaynTin Written by: Skullie Art All Rights Reserved.

  • Bad Gwapo Meets Good Panget (Short Story - Complete)
    1.7K 40 7

    Ayaw niya sa'kin? Ano ang gagawin ko? Gusto ko siya pero may IBA siyang gusto. At ang IBAng 'yun ay may gusto rin sa kanya. Pero paano kung ang IBAng tinutukoy ay AKO pala? Teka, ang gulo. Basahin mo na lang. Mahirap iexplain eh.

  • SECRETLY BEAUTIFUL (Completed) [Editing]
    790K 13.5K 72

    Masakit isipin na hindi ka pala gusto ng taong mahal mo. Bakit nga ba kung sino pa yung mahal mo yun pa ang taong hindi ka mahal pabalik? Ang hirap talaga pagdating sa ganyang bagay aasa ka kahit alam mong wala naman talagang pag-asa. Iaasume mo na may patutunguhan pa kahit sinasampal na sayo na wala na.

  • The Cold-Hearted Bitch Diaries
    33.3K 663 30

    Status: Completed "So you think you're mean? Then Darling, you might think I'm already evil,when I'm still being nice."-Megan Henrietta Seo A Butterfly's Revenge. Thank you so much @selenophilia for the book cover!

  • I'm 20 but still NBSB (Published)
    4.7M 41.4K 37

    PUBLISHED IN 2014 UNDER PRECIOUS PAGES CORP. ADAPTED TO TV5 WATTPAD PRESENTST IN 2015 Minsan, kahit gaano kaganda, kabait at katalino ang isang tao, hindi pa rin niya magawang maging masaya. May kulang pa rin sa buhay niyang "close to perfection" na. Georgina Agnes Steve, 20 years old, isa sa mga "almost perfect girl...

  • [Published Book] Three Words, Eight Letters, If I say it, Will I be yours?
    25.6M 304K 72

    Now a published book under Summit Media. Php 195.00. English. Available in all bookstores nationwide. :) 3W8L Book 2 is divided into two parts, so there are two books under Summit Pop Fiction! <3

  • The Manila Paper
    423K 7.6K 2

    What do you think will be the role of the Manila Paper in the story?

  • Loving You for No Reason (Kathniel FanFic)
    18.9M 219K 96

    The are thousand of reasons why I should hate her......but I end up loving her without any reason - Daniel PAdilla on Kathryn Bernardo

  • Hopeless Romantic 2: Bitter (PUBLISHED UNDER POP FICTION)
    13.8M 200K 51

    Season 2: What happens when a girl gets tired? We'll see!

  • Starstruck
    11.7M 196K 34

    humor #01 & teen fic #02 Alyssa Taylor is famous, well famous on Youtube, that is. Doing covers of popular songs and her sassy personality has gotten her from a small town in Northern California to the big city in Southern California. That isn't enough though, for Alyssa is striving for one thing: to make it in the m...

  • Behind The Cameras
    1.1K 18 2

    We all love reality shows, don't we? They give us a view of someone's personal life, but what we really don't know is that they don't show everything. Follow Kendall and Kylie Jenner's life behind the cameras, their ups and downs, and every single bit of footage that you never saw on TV. Who knew so much drama could d...

  • Keeping Up With Kendall, Kylie ... and Katherine? [Unfinished]
    38.6K 480 13

    You know Kendall and Kylie Jenner, little sisters of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. Yup, heard of them, right? But what about Katherine Jenner? Ding, ding, ding! Well, turns out there's a mysterious, or should I say, secret Jenner. That's right, little itty-bitty Katherine Mae Jenner is the last and final member...

  • This Is My Story (Kylie Jenner Fan Fiction)
    28.2K 333 29

    Jessy Will is a popular girl in her school, but one day everything start to change. Everyone start to hate her because of something. One day there's a new student in her school and that's Kylie Jenner. Can Jessy be a good friend for Kylie?

  • Highscool Heartbreak (A Zayn Malik Fanfiction)
    6.8K 173 10

    When Annabeth has to move to England along with her family, she doesn't like it and thinks that life there will be boring. One day that all changes when she meets and soon falls in love with the mysterious school badboy, Zayn Malik. Zayn's ex, Malia, doesn't like this though, so she tries everything to try to break th...

  • Minion Short Stories
    7.5K 74 4

    Hey these are just a few short Minions stories that I made up. Requests are accepted. Please vote and fan. Hope you enjoy them :)

  • Minion
    48.4K 1.2K 5

    This is a mini story I wrote about minions

  • May babaeng bine-Bestfriend, May babae ding gine-Girlfriend
    70 0 3

    Isang masayahing babae na hinde sinasadyang umibig sa kanyang best friend

  • Too late?
    383 9 5

    3 short stories, 3 different life... is it too late? --- pabasa guys! hahahaha sana magustuhan niyo :( hahaha kbye!

  • A Selfless Sacrifice (ON HOLD)
    3.8K 46 32

    Anong pipiliin mo? Taong mahal mo o yung taong importante sayo? Hiiiii.. First-time ko gumawa ng story. Kaya kung may problema, sorry tska pakicomment na lang po. Pa'follow na din sa twitter! thanks. Vote, comment and spread!! :)

  • My Sexy Kidnapper
    25M 500K 39

    Picture this: You enter the mall with your friends. As you're making your way to buy a strawberry smoothie, you notice something more delicious walking right towards you. As he comes closer, he gives you a heart stopping smirk then takes you by surprise. He pulls you into a headlock, jabs a gun in your temple, then ru...

  • Truly, Madly, Deadly
    4.4M 87.5K 23

    They Said It Was An Accident... Sawyer Dodd is a star athlete, a straight-A student, and the envy of every other girl who wants to date Kevin Anderson. When Kevin dies in a tragic car crash, Sawyer is stunned. Then she opens her locker to find a note: You're welcome. Someone saw what he did to her. Someone knows that...

  • Give Me Love (COMPLETE)
    764K 20.9K 31

    Charlotte Ferguson's dreams have shattered, and her hopes have drowned along with her broken heart. But William Montgomery helped her pick up the pieces and put them back together. But what happens when the person she thought she buried appears right in front of her eyes? Old memories, lies and feelings resurface and...

  • The Bad Boy's Dancer
    7M 20K 5

    [THE REWRITTEN VERSION AS OF 2017] Flo is struggling to get over the death of her parents, seven months ago. Her life is turned upside, and she struggles to make sense of the world, having the most important people taken away from her. Dealing with stresses of school, friends and her grief, it all becomes too much for...

  • Twerking With One Direction *ON HOLD*
    6.9K 186 21

    PART 1: Twerking with One Direction. Chevelle Anderson has never had the guts to try out for the X Factor, even though she really wants to. Nervous her friends make her. But once in. Life gets a little complicated. And One Direction? They make this all the more complicated...

    2.8M 27.9K 25

    Grace and Kya always do everything together, and nothing can get in the way of their friendship. But then Levi comes along...just as things are starting to shift. The girls have paintball and they have their other best friend James, but something is wrong between James and Kya too, and Grace needs to figure out what i...

  • Mr. PLAYBOY (KathNiel) DONE
    670K 8.6K 39

    All Rights Reserved... (Tapos na po toh, promise.)

    Completed   Mature
  • The Fairy Tale Bride
    5M 89.2K 27

    Miranda Fenster only wants to help her twin brother find his happily ever after with his true love. To ensure her brother's happiness, though, she must beg the Duke of Kerstone to intercede on her brother's behalf. Too bad the duke has other plans for the woman known in society as The Fairy Tale Miss.