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  • Countdown To Destruction, Pt. 1
    1K 21 14

    [FIFTH BOOK IN MY "Power Rangers (2017) Series]. The father of Rita Repulsa and Rito Revolto has a bone to pick with with legendary Zordon of Eltar, for his foolish and rebellious actions for when he was leader of the Power Rangers nearly cost the lives of Drakkons children. Now he's come to exact vengeance upon the m...

  • Ninja Quest {Under Construction}
    2.8K 102 39

    [FOURTH BOOK IN MY "Power Rangers (2017) book SERIES] No one to rely on other then each other...... After our heroes barely escaped global catastrophe, it results in the loss of not only their zords, but also unbeknownst to them, their powers. With the Zeo crystal shipped off and sent to be...

    Completed   Mature
  • Passing The Torch {Under Construction}
    1.8K 64 22

    [THIRD BOOK OF MY "Power Rangers (2017) SERIES] Once again, our Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers have overcome adversity in the form of the menacing Lord Zedd. Everything once again goes back to the way its supposed to......or so it seems....... ......because there's still the menacing Rita Repulsa still on the loose. Af...

  • M.M.P.R {Under Construction}
    2.4K 83 26

    [SECOND BOOK IN MY "Power Rangers (2017)" SERIES] Rita Repulsa has, ONCE again, failed to carry out the task the Dark Lord had given her, even when she had all the cards stacked against Zordon and the Power Rangers. NOW......the all menacing LORD ZEDD has now taken back control and is behind the reins. What new terro...