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    5.4K 660 44

    NOW AVAILABLE THROUGH AMAZON: The year is 396 of the Ninth Era. The Twenty Year War has ended, giving rise to a new age of fear, oppression, and doubt. The survivors of this devastating conflict seek to make sense of an uncertain future... whether it be by going along with the sys...

  • Expiration Date (Books 1 and 2)
    20.3M 942K 170

    Now a digital pilot for SYFY The Society knows when we're going to die. They imprint it on our arms at birth. I was supposed to die yesterday. I'm the girl who's Expired. Cover by @Forcade

  • The Fifth Element
    4.2M 240K 100

    In Elemental magic you can be one of four magic types; water, fire, earth, and air. The only problem is Violet is none of these things. Is she what they call a magic dud, or is she something rarer, more powerful, and more dangerous than anyone could have imagined!? Teasers, "Em, most girls sneak out fo...

  • Novus Magus [Emperor of the Celestial Sun Mist 1] #OriginalLN [Prologue- Ep. 96]
    206K 10.3K 106

    How far would you go to achieve your dreams? Many dream of attending Nine Petal Academy, one of the most prestigious magical academies in the land. They must all leave their countries of origin and undertake the journey to Kyuu Seishin-- a nation which has long clashed wands with their own. Among those is a young man...

  • Orison | Celeste Academy Series BK #3
    7.2M 506K 82

    |COMPLETE| |Celeste Academy Series Book 3| As summer slowly comes to an end, the Festival of Ember begins. The Twelve returns to Celeste Academy with more questions as a strange infection spreads across each continent, turning the Guardian Beasts into demons. The Twelve are left with a strange riddle to solve and perh...

  • Cosmos | Celeste Academy Series BK #5
    3.5M 351K 103

    | COMPLETE | "Sometimes people will know of their true purpose only when they travel down a path alone." "Because to know where you're going, sometimes you need to walk down a path you've never taken. And getting lost is not necessarily a bad thing." Enter Varialon, boundary to all worlds, city of the lost--of consequ...

  • Knight | Celeste Academy Series BK #1
    7.8M 372K 61

    Life for Valeriana Kerrigan has recently taken bad turns; her father dies, her best friend leaves and her mother is fighting to keep their life together. But in spite of all the imperfections, there are upsides. She gets accepted into the university of her first choice and is walking down a path of her dreams. Until...

  • FROST- Jotun Chronicles #1
    16.6M 476K 75

    "*Completed*"I froze the first boy I ever kissed. And I don't mean he got cold feet..." Megan is pretty unhappy when she's forced to move to a tiny, freezing town in Canada. It's going to be totally boring, right? Things heat up when she discovers that she possesses a growing power that's becoming more and more diffic...

  • Warsong | Celeste Academy Series Book #4
    2.9M 276K 43

    |COMPLETE| |Celeste Academy Series Book 4| Demons and betrayal. The unearthing of a returning past and the unraveling of a future. A power with consequences and the clash of warring sides. A puzzle with missing pieces. The advent of a song. The academy faces a crisis with the recent demon attack and is dealing with th...

  • Legend | Celeste Academy Series BK #2
    6.5M 312K 55

    |COMPLETE| |Celeste Academy Trilogy BK #2| The Twelve has left the academy walls to explore the the Larkovian continent, seeking the enigmatic brother of the king. While getting the archduke to come with them was easier than they'd hope, his conditions pose as a challenge. His terms: retake Loquin from the hands of de...

  • Fire
    3.5M 112K 38

    **Completed**Can smoldering resentment and attraction exist at the same time? Jess Parker has made a number of mistakes. The first was burning her school to the ground. The second, getting caught by the handsome, yet maddening boy who calls himself Asher, who tells her things that can't possibly be true. Now Jess find...

    1.1M 83.7K 48

    *completed*The Jotun have been fighting amongst themselves for centuries. But now Valka, a young servant from the ice palace, is about to discover a new and terrible enemy has arisen. Note: FLOOD is a stand-alone book set in the Jotun world. It is not book 2 of the Frost series (that will be published by Patchwork Pre...

  • #Wattys2019 Rise of a Guardian Angel [Legend of the Five Knights 1] (Completed)
    40.8K 3.2K 79

    Rosalba Kuroriku, second princess of the wealthy Zionian nation of Kuroriku, is tasked to deliver a shield called Agnes. The shield is one of five weapons the Celestial Queen of Zionia commissioned to save their universe from extra-dimensional invaders foretold in prophecies both ancient and modern. While looking for...

  • Gaiden of Darkness [Prequel to Legend of the Five Knights]
    5.1K 314 20

    The Kingdom of Kuroriku has been in constant war with its neighbor to the east, the People's Republic of Kasai no Ki. Osamu has been tasked with gathering the newest generation of Seven Hill Knights, those with great talent who often grow up to be the strongest in the entire kingdom. After a long time of searching, a...

  • Descent of Darkness [Emperor of the Celestial Sun Mist 2] [Complete]
    28.3K 2.1K 131

    One of the 'pillars' of Xeleria has shattered. Now, darkness threatens to consume all that is in its path. As the umber forces advance, Lei and co. are busy taking their exams to advance to the rank of Novus Magus Secundus. However, they soon find themselves dragged into the mess caused by the foolish eight and the...

  • QUALIFY: The Atlantis Grail (Book One)
    990K 51.4K 55

    Series Optioned for Film! - WINNER - The Fiction Awards 2016 * * * The Asteroid is coming... Your options: die or Qualify. I am Gwen Lark. Nerd, klutz, loser, awkward smart girl. Somehow, I will save you all. * * * In 2047 an extinction level asteroid is hurtling toward Earth, and the descendants of ancient Atlantis h...

  • COMPETE: The Atlantis Grail (Book Two) - Preview
    449K 24.9K 33

    It's one thing to Qualify... But do you have what it takes to Compete? *** COMPETE: The Atlantis Grail (Book Two) continues the exciting story of Gwen Lark that started in QUALIFY: * * * With Earth about to be destroyed by an extinction level as...

  • WIN: The Atlantis Grail (Book Three) - Preview
    921K 21.9K 35

    The Fleet is now in orbit over Atlantis, Gwen and Aeson, stunned by the kiss, are in the Palace before the Throne of the Imperator, the sun glare of Hel is merciless, the excessive gravity sucks, and things are about to get insane for all the Earth Refugees! ************************************************** *** WIN...

  • Breeder Nation
    3.9M 189K 54

    Living in a world where the human race is dying off faster than it can reproduce, sixteen year old Maddie Ryan has started her period, an almost guaranteed sign of fertility. Knowing it's only a matter of time before the government finds out and forces her into the life of a Breeder, where her sole purpose will be to...

  • Snow
    636K 42.1K 99

    Nobody knows what day it is anymore. Nobody knows the month, the day of the week...and the only way to tell time is by the slight change in the color of the sky from grey to black every twenty-four hours. If a day even is twenty-four hours anymore. The planet is dead. The people are dead. Snow falls down u...

  • After Humanity
    1.3M 75.7K 63

    * 2017 WATTY WINNER!* Humans are at the top of the food chain and always have been. But what if they weren't? What if another took our place and decided to raise and exploit us as we have every other animal on earth? Welcome to a world after humanity... No one is exactly certain where the sibla came from. Some sa...

  • I'll Protect You
    10.7M 415K 55

    Whoever wished they could live the life of royalty deserved a punch in the face. Meet Park Sparrow, a feisty, sarcastic, and reckless outcast who's just a small-town girl, living in a lonely world. With an attitude and personality that gets her in more trouble than anything, she's a wild splash of color in the othe...