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  • Golden (Book 1 of the Golden Series)
    1M 56.2K 82

    Do you believe in soulmates? "The Japanese have this saying; Koi No Yokan," he mumbles, his thumb gently touching my bottom lip, "It is a phrase which describes the sudden knowledge upon meeting someone that the two of you are destined to fall in love." Beautiful, popular, smart - Annabelle Williams is the golden girl...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Killer Was My Lover
    820 212 20

    The painful and sudden death of her father causes Madison to desire for sweet revenge despite being completely clueless of the murderer's identity. As she takes the quest of figuring out who it is, she meets individuals along her way, including a man who captures her heart. However, as the mystery starts to unfold, sh...

  • At the wrong side of Eve's apple✓ (Unedited)
    4.1K 1.1K 47

    She chewed till all his flavour was gone and even then, she chewed some more. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * For Lucas, all it took was a kiss for her signature. And by the time Evelyn realised the truth, her parents and innocence were already gone. And because her fragile heart couldn't take the pain, she...

    Completed   Mature
  • Children of the Plague
    1.4M 22.1K 27

    In the darkest corners of lower Manhattan, a battle like no other rages. The city is home to a hidden group of survivors of the nanite plague, and a brother and sister born to defend their race. With a touch that can destroy nanites, Lanni, sister of Alex, is their last chance. Can she save her brother? Can she protec...

  • Eleven
    1.2K 271 25

    Normal is quite boring... 1,2,3,...ELEVEN!!! Just eleven days to bring the entire universe under his feet. Sasha has to solve the puzzle before everything falls apart. But can she make it once she realizes so only like two days to the eleventh? It all begins once she meets an attractive stranger who claims she is his...

  • African celebrities News&Bio 📰
    1K 38 11

    You are wondering what this book is all about . Don't worry cuz I'm going to give you the juiciest news about the HOTEST AFRICAN CELEBRITIES right here on wattpad. Don't judge this book by it cover just press the read button and get into the world of beauty and good news. I won't say much,let...

  • Fitting in Black
    1.2K 416 17

    'I really loved you Diana, I really did, remember that'. He said bitterly as I stared at the moon, my eyebrows furrowing in confusion. 'What do you mean by love-'. I tried to ask but the words fell flat on my tongue as I felt cold steel digging deep into my neck. 'I'm sorry Diana'. I heard him say and with a quick fl...

  • Contra Crown
    1.7K 333 18

    #2nd Place in fantasy, Sweet and Spicy Awards. In a Kingdom located in the furthest South, some secrets are revealed by the one person who shouldn't know them. ____________ Cerissa's past life has been blotted out of her head leaving her to make decisions in a present that is sabotaged by her past, make friends her pa...

  • 3:00 am | on hold
    10.7K 2K 16

    ❝ It's hard to dream when you can't sleep and reality is a nightmare. ❞ Kaylee Thompson lost the ability to sleep the moment her twin sister died in a car crash. As their mother spirals deeper into grief and Kaylee's own grip on reality begins to shift, she makes a fateful decision and pretends to be her sister. Sleep...

  • Linked
    246K 18.4K 44

    For 17 year old Benna Denman, it's hard enough being the president's daughter. And when she develops a telepathic Link, life gets even worse. Her father isn't impressed with this new evolutionary ability. It means he could lose control over people's communications - in a world without cell phones, publicly accessible...

  • Karma's Hitman
    65.3K 2.6K 9

    Gavin kills people with his thoughts. It's a good business, but a lonely life. Until that is, Gavin meets the beguiling Divia, a woman he can't stop thinking about. Could this be love? Maybe. But before Gavin can answer that question, he has work to do. Because Divia has hired Karma's Hitman to murder her ex.

  • Pandora's Successor
    136K 10.6K 103

    [🌟Featured by Wattpad's official New Adult profile] Destined to release the seven deadly sins and bring destruction to mankind. --- Trapped within Penelope is the spirit of Pandora. An irresistible woman bound to take over her mortal body and soul. Penelope tries to thwart her fate and that's when things get worse...

  • Something Immortal
    2.4K 986 11

    Aria is living the life of a normal person and yet her world is about to change when she met Austin. The connection between them felt peculiar as they started to get along. Aria keeps dreaming of past events and Austin was there. She needed answers to every question, "Why was Austin there?" She had this feeling of kn...

    44.4K 4.8K 60

    HR. #6 in Mystery/ Thriller. "Some secrets are worth hidden, some enemies not worth fighting." An obsessed murderer. An obsessed ex Which is more dangerous? Three things were certain. 1. Someone wanted her dead, badly. 2. She can't trust anyone. 3. Not everyone seems to be who they are. Avery Ann Williams under anoth...

  • The Elevator [A HORROR STORY]
    325K 24.6K 13

    Laura is trapped in an elevator. She has been there for as long as she can remember. The elevator is going down. She doesn't think she's alone... *** A short HORROR story from the author of THE SEVEN DEADLY APPLE TREES, CUPID'S MATCH, and INK. ***PREVIOUSLY WATTPAD FEATURED!*** Follow me on Twitter @LEPalphreyman

  • Eliona's War: Hesitant Healer
    164K 13.4K 72

    NOW COMPLETE! In which a introverted healer learns to deal with the greatest horrors of his life - socializing, dungeons, and psychopathic NPCs. *** Games have been his escape from reality for as long as he could remember. So when Eliona's Gate is released - a Virtual Reality online game that's the very first of i...

  • Merry Sister Mary and the One and Only Killer
    205K 18K 36

    🏆Wattys 2019 Winner for Mystery & Thriller🏆 Sister Mary has lost her way, or so people think. Kicked out of her convent and sent away to be reformed, this jolly nun discovers her gift of glee is perfect for solving murders and the occasional naughty peek. ________________________________________ Merry Sister Mary is...

    869K 14.2K 8

    [Now published!] Snarky Angels. Bad boy Omens. Dangerous Demons. And a deal with the Devil. -- The past twenty-four hours have been pretty weird for pre-law student Rachel Mortimer. She accidentally sold her soul to the Devil. An Angel showed up in her bedroom. And an irritatingly hot Bad Omen has been following her a...

  • Four Walls
    1.8M 84.6K 40

    It doesn't matter how she ended up in this four-walled room. What matters is she gets out. ***** After a night out in New York City, Liliana Rossi wakes up in a windowless room with no recollection of how she got there. And she's not alone. The dar...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Girl In Black
    19.7M 911K 70

    Nova can't escape the rich town of Riverside, where a tragedy follows her every step, but she can work to uncover who's been lying to her all these years. ***** When seventeen-year-old Nova Nightingale returns to her late mother's hometown the last...

  • Bullied (Bullied Series #1) (SAMPLE)
    18.4M 1.6K 7

    ***Please note that this book has been taken down because it's been published, and you can see only the sample chapters of the published version. You can find the links to both ebook and paperback in my profile bio. ------------- I have always been bullied and trapped in darkness. I hoped life would get better when...