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  • ✅🎊3️⃣ | Hypnosis Won't Change Me Like That
    19.9K 360 129

    A continuation of «Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That!» and «Hypnosis Still Doesn't Work Like That!». If you're impatient to get to the good stuff, it might be worth going back to the second volume and starting at chapter 340, so you know what's going on. Adelaide Spenser was sure she was too smart to be hypnotised. Then...

    Completed   Mature
  • ✅🎊2️⃣ | Hypnosis Still Doesn't Work Like That!
    110K 1.8K 200

    A continuation of Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That! - now in a second book, because Wattpad seems to have a limit of 200 chapters. If you want to catch up with the latest chapters quickly, around chapter 340 would be a good place to start. Adelaide Spenser knew she was one of the smartest girls in school. she had every...

  • ✅1️⃣ | Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That!
    508K 3.6K 201

    Adelaide is a very smart girl; certainly smarter than anyone at her school. And she knows she's both too intelligent and too strong-willed to ever be hypnotised, especially by some lame "baby name trigger" file off the Internet. Maybe she peed her pants once, but that's just a fluke. It caught her off guard, but it de...

  • A Fluffy Tail: The Wolf Sitter
    5.8K 24 4

    Warning: This is not for children. This isn't that dirty but the average person might find this very weird and very sexual. Cecilia Basilsmith is a young teenage faun who thinks that other fauns finding out that she has to wear diapers is the worst of her problems. Things get much worse when a young female wolf named...

  • Quiet Time
    180K 2.5K 36

    Emma has hit rock bottom. She's lost her job, and has nowhere else to go. Things are looking down for her when she's suddenly taken by a couple to a strange new town, where a new life as their baby awaits her. Soon she starts to sympathize with her captors, and especially her new "baby sister"

    Completed   Mature