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    Shivaay singh oberoi who started falling for his wedding planner. When he was confused with his feelings.... His wedding planner threw a bomb stating "tia is cheating".... What happens when he decided to listen to his heart unlike his policy to keep heart in backseat. Cover credit - @Meera_Oberoi

  • Shivika - An Love Arranged Marriage
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    The credit for this beautiful cove goes to @grapgicassembler thanks for lovely cover ................................ . .............................. This story is all about Shivika's arranged marriage... Or you can say arranged love... Peep in guys to read more...

  • Love With An Innocent Villager
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    Book 1 ) Love with an Innocent villager Every infant grows to become a toddler that is early childhood then middle childhood then reaching to the stage of adolescenc then early adulthood then middle adulthood and then old age. From the period of innocent child to an adult indiviual the difference comes is A child is n...

    Completed   Mature
  • Meet Mrs SSO
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    Shivay Singh oberoi the great wall,he used to love his family more than anything,his brothers om ,rudra are his life.oberoi family break every relation with shivay and throw him out of oberoi mansion because of misunderstanding create by Svetlana.oberois regret for not trusting shivay but it is too late to ask forgive...

  • Anika's secret life
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    story starts from forced marriage track,many scenes are same as show but with my twist. Here daksh is positive and possessive for anika. Many secrets are there.........

  • Shivika - Billu Aur Paanika Ki Beti ✓
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    •~{ COMPLETE but unedited }~• " Jinki mohobbat Ishqbaazi kehlayi, Kya unki beti apne pitaah ka pyar jeet payegi ? „ Everything has changed in Oberoi mansion. Annika isn't there anymore. Shivaay isn't Shivaay anymore. One incident, just one incident was enough to change the 3 lives. One incident which made Shivaay...

  • ShivOmRu : A Bond Beyond Brotherhood
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    ShivOmRu : Shivaay Singh Oberoi, Omkara Singh Oberoi, Rudra Singh Oberoi. These 3 brothers belonged to a Rich family. Something went wrong and the family wasn't famous and respected anymore. What happened ? The world knows but not the three innocent brothers. They don't know why suddenly their elders started running a...

  • Endless Tears✔
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    A girl who dreamt of a husband who will love her till infinite . but what will happens when her all dream will killed by her family Who will make her marry with her own sister's fiance ... if u wanna learn more then peep inside

  • Promise to love ✅
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    Anika a village girl living alone without anyone beside her. One day her uncle comes and tie her in promise which lead her to marry with his son.

  • our weird marriage ✔️
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    shivaay who supposed to get marry to his love but suddenly his life will take U turn and he will tie to that girl whom he never seen before...

  • Fault in his Love✔
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    It's start from where pinky blame Sahil for being thief but what will happens when Anika will take all blame over her head without doing anything and will go in jail behalf of her brother. Will shivaay able to get her love or he will lose her for whole life...

  • Os belongs to shivika
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  • Anika's Secret
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    Shivaay always believed in Naam Khoon Khandhan......finally leading Anika and Shivaay to separate. But what happens when Anika is the Missing Rana Princess. Will she forget her pain and go back to Shivaay or will he just be left waiting for his princess? Cover credits: @EnigmaUnseen Rankings #36 in General fiction - W...

  • Love of our life
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    Hmm, so description about "Love of our life", it's a simple love story. But not just between the main lead but it's about a mother and daughter love, a father's affection, a brother's protectiveness, boyfriend's possessiveness with lots of love. It's about a girl who is lucky to have been loved by one and all. This...

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    what will happen when an unexpected bus ride bind two strangers together .... & Will that bus ride give them the journey of lifetime or will effect there life forever ?????? JOIN THERE JOURNEY !!!!! this is a short story ......

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    What if Shivika consummated their marriage before the separation and story took a leap of 7 years and in these 7 years Shivaay became hard hearted version of SSO, Anika have a last token of love of Shivaay, their daughter Shivani.Omkara sorted his relationship with Gauri and had a boy three month younger than Shivani...

  • Queen of his Heart
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    it's a story of circumstances marriage where shivaay n anika understand themselves n start there marriage life

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  • Much needed time-Shivika SS
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    Short Story of the time Mahi living in oberoi mansion....

  • Being His Doting Wife
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    It's a shivika fan fiction In this Shivika are already married and they have two kids together But do they love each other ? Annika is from a middle-class family and Shivaay is filthy rich They had an arrange marriage All characters are same

  • ISH 2
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    This story starts from the point ,where Shivay married Annika forcefully and was about to announce Tia as his wife Infront of the media..... here you can witness a strong and powerful Annika who bravely backfires Shivay and his egoes...and finally makes him feel guilty about what he did....and then their love life...

  • Tears Of Pain
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    Revenge story

  • Tu Hi Mera✔
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    Cover by @ImLilMissComplicated He was broke.She was alone. He was silent. She was chirpy. He was angry. She was fun-loving. He had tears. She had smiles. He had his family with him but he needed someone, someone special by his side and she came as a saviour.Just on time. He cried. She pacified. She cried. He pacified...

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    This is the story of, Anika Malhotra a girl with broken heart and Shivaay Singh Oberoi who is waiting for his love. What will happen when a Shivaay will be Anika's Humdard. To know more read the story.

  • Arrange to love
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    shivika story of arrange marriage to love marriage

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken souls
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    #185 in fanfiction Story about our favourite couple shivika In this story Anika is already married to daksh khurana but is a abusive realtionship Shivaay singh oberoi lost his wife shefali has a 7 years old daughter sara Sara singh oberoi (jnr sso) loves his father the most misses her mom alot Their hearts are broken...

  • ❤Missed Me, Sweetheart?❤✔✔
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    This story is about Shivaay and Annika who got separated because of annika. When they meet after seven years, shivaay plans to take revenge from her. How will the love blossom again? Just peep into it to know... Credit for the extremely beautiful cover goes to my very own @SSO_8389 aka my tutu aka Mrs. VijayD (only in...

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    COPYRIGHTS : *My all stories only belongs to me. All Rights are Reserved. I don't give any rights to copy my stories & Modify them. * Don't copy my work * Don't translate them in any other language * Don't post them in any other websites. * Don't Rewrite it If I find that anyone is plagiarising my work then He/Sh...

  • Her Nanny's Son - A Shivika fanfiction - Complete
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    Annika Davis has everything she needs and that too love from her dear nanny. But she also found an enemy in her nanny's son Shivaay. Behind the appearance of a perfect life is hidden a horrible reality. Peep in to read more :) Slow updates for the moment but I will try to update more often

  • The Pages of your heart ||A Shivika Fanfiction
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    Let me read the pages of your heart' Let me soak in every word that you breathe' Let me drown in your fears' Let me be the light to your darkness' Let me fly with your dreams' Let me read between lines of your eyes' Let your story be mine' ...

  • When responsibility became Love❓ ✔✔️
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    Cover Credit - Graphic Assemblers A mentally unstable Annika. A famous businessman Shivaay A mentally unstable Annnika is being given to Shivaay who is a famous businessman, an arrogant man who only thinks about himself and his family. She is being given to him to take care of, in short, his caretaker. She is his res...