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  • Newscapepro crew one-shots
    25.5K 366 39

    I got bored and I have to many ships. Please request ships.

  • Okay, Fine (A Ryan x Sabre Vampire AU FanFiction)
    92 4 1

    My favorite ship... And AU. (COVER FROM SarahLOVEMESENPAI352)

  • Youtuber T or D (Truth or Dare)
    858 24 8

    These youtubers include: Ryguyrocky, Ash503(TinaTheTiger), Goldy, Unicorn Mann, JeromeASF, BenFrizzlenpop, Bajan Canadian, Ssundee, Crainer, TheaNicka, FavreMySabre, and 09SharkBoy. Hope you enjoy! (This goes on until part 1000...SAVE MEH :( )

  • Goldy X Ryan (Complete)
    4.7K 68 21

    Just for people that ship them and for me little.

  • Favermyryan one shots
    68 3 1

    Gay cuteness because gay ships are the best ships!

  • Our Fate (FrozenGargon Fan Fic)
    4.2K 182 17

    "I was walking down the street, it was a normal day. Coffee in one hand. My bag in the other. That's when my life changed..." She's just a girl, a girl that wants her coffee, getting pushed to the side by a guy with a guitar case she spills it. Getting a new one and walking home she hears a loud noise BANG... Tommy i...

    9.5K 394 37

    Random drawings I do, I'm not taking requests right now.

  • Come And Go (Adopted By Mithzan/Max)
    62.7K 1.7K 54

    Your name is Adriana or Adri. Your parents didn't want you so you were given to an orphanage. You were always picked on. You finally got adopted. They person who adopted you, was someone famous, but you never heard of him. Trigger warning! There is some cutting and such.

  • I'm in love with a gamer (Cory/NewScapePro Xreader) {Complete}
    34.6K 1.1K 60

    You move in with ur older brother and meet the one To be honest...this book probably needs a lot of editing do to spell corrections and auto correction XD

  • Fallen Angel
    485 26 7

    Angelica, or Angel. Is the most sweet, kind, caring, sassy, sarcastic, bussy, girl you will ever meet, and one day. She gets adopted by none other then her Idol. Moosecraft! But, What happens when questions arise, and the truth is brought to light. Turns out The Squad isn't the only one with a secret.

  • The outcasts
    6K 290 12

    The world is broken, the districts are poor and starving so the world goes insane.. war, destruction and disease. This is where are story begins with two boys ill, starving and poor but still managed to escape the slave game but it left poor Tommy broken after the torture and his past...but everything is about to chan...

  • Stuck Inside?!
    6.3K 398 62

    Moose, Unspeakable, shark, sabre, cyclone, and Preston are playing on minecraft. they type in the seed 391... the seed is told to be haunted and they want to see if that's true. they all hop on the world and start playing in survival. They find a netherbrick road and follow it to a cave. Inside they find herobrine who...

  • The Knights: Minecraft Youtuber Fanfic
    127 12 2

    Chapter 1 It was a day, in the kingdom of Woodwin. The villagers greeting one another, smiling, trading, any normal day. Until, the darkness came. Shadows, mists, dust of darkness covered the town. Collapsing into despair, sadness, and hatred. The source of the darkness laughed. "Those knights, that prophecy, all a li...

  • The Big Bad
    15.8K 1.2K 3

    A story about a bad. AND THE GOOD WHO DEFEATS IT!

  • Human Toothless X Reader
    171K 5.6K 63

    A young teenage girl is running away... What is she running from? What does Fate have in store for her? Will she meet her true Destiny or be doomed to keep running forever? Or will her life get twisted into drama and heartbreak? Read to find out.

  • SGC
    35 3 1

    our lives here at sgc have been lit and awesome"

  • Assasins Creed
    473 23 16

    Huntress has had a very bad childhood. Her father and mother died from the Templars for low money given. Brother,uncle,aunts and grandparents excicuted for fun. But now it's just Her. Huntress one day got tired of the Templars ruleing everything and everyone. So she became an assasin. From that day on she has become t...