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  • Avadel Ink - Graphic Design Shop III
    619 117 21

    [O] Commercial Covers [O] Premades [X] Non-commercial commissions *~*~*~*~* Sleek. Polished. Striking. In this graphics shop, we strive to provide you with an image that embodies all of these qualities, along with a fantastic customer experience. Costs are flexible and forms are minimal, so scroll through. See what w...

  • celestial graphics vol. II | open
    5.7K 1.4K 59

    " insert aesthetic, motivational, art-related quote here " [ ☾ ] volume II of my cover shop. currently open for requests. copyright (c) -wanderes

  • That of a Nostalgic Future
    631 84 10

    A barista by day, a writer by night. That is the life of Chester Downs - someone who pours coffee for the locals and offers beer to the drunken. And when no one was watching, he wrote books that reached millions. One would think money, recognition, and a taste of pride is every writer's dream, but not for Chester. Fo...

  • thoughts on paper
    40 5 2

    ❝ dripping out of my dreams, these thoughts on paper ❞ a scattered collection of my poems and dreams

  • Ursula and the Deep
    28 8 2

    In a world where witches are deemed wicked and evil, a hidden witch is trying to hide her secret for as long as she can... Mara is a young woman singing in the streets to keep herself alive. All she wants is to sing all day and dance all night. One day, she meets a young man and becomes entranced by his beauty. She c...

  • Into the Wildlands
    17 3 2

    Twenty years ago, Isla Hart was left on Annette's doorstep. And for twenty years, Isla was kept in the dark. She would soon discover a light. In a world of the mundane and the magickal, the human and the monstrous, Isla had no idea who she was, or who her parents were. But in the Wildlands, well, that's a different st...

  • I'm No Van Gogh ⇒ Art Book
    1K 284 18

    Here's a place where you can see my art. It's not the best, but it's mine.

  • My Graphics
    179 36 10

    This is where I exhibit my collages and other graphics I'm beginning to learn. Constructive criticism is welcome. Note that, unless otherwise stated, I do not own the graphics in my collages, and all credit goes to the models and photographers of those pictures. So pour some coffee and enjoy the work of an amateur ar...

  • Dark Poetry
    39.7K 2.4K 64

    War breaks out, Or so they shout. The odds of winning Are in doubt. We have no clue What the war is about, Yet we fight On and out. I'd like to get some stuff off of my chest. Some words I'd like to say. Some thing I want to admit. All can be said here. STARTED: The second of January, 2018 COMPLETED: The sixteenth o...

  • black roses | ʰⁱªᵗᵘˢ
    919 201 8

    ON HIATUS ❝ through every city he will hunt her down until he has driven her back to hell, therefrom whence envy first did let her loose. ❞ as Pandora Ravern breathes her last, she is startlingly visited by Death himself who tells her that because of her careless reckonings in life she has been dammed to the ninth cir...

  • Sea Storm- A Graphic Shop (CFCU)
    32.8K 5.8K 62

    [ ] O P E N [x] C F C U [ ] C L O S E D F O R E V E R I finally opened a cover shop! Details inside. Started: July 26, 2018 Ended: - Cover by me, @storms_and_seas All Rights Reserved © 2018 storms_and_seas [Do not steal, copy or repost any of my graphics from this book without permission]

  • My Diary
    291 71 22

    A daily diary insert which will explain the highs and lows of my days, especially the thoughts that I'm burning to tell! Will definitely include talk of depression and anxiety, Jesus Christ, friendships and work relations. To find out more about me and my life, stay tuned in! © My Diary

  • What Goes On in a Poet's Mind
    790 155 30

    Enjoy the poetry my friends!

  • Illegible | poetry
    3.5K 1.6K 93

    ❝ i just see blood, crimson & a word i don't remember writing ❞ ⎯ kris fylan (an excerpt from ❛illegible❜) poetry - copyright 2018 kristi fylan. all rights reserved. cover - MOI

  • Ayana's Reverie
    116 17 5

    Climb up your terrace, close your eyes,take a deep breath, recollect those little things and the best moments of your day.

  • Sacrifice • complete
    1.3K 299 42

    In which I showcase some of my good, and not so good graphics. highest achievements #4 in #graphic portfolio 12/12/18 #2 in #graphicportfolio 12/19/18 #1 in #graphicportfolio 12/22/18

  • The Witch's Hut []Graphic Shop[]
    1.1K 265 22

    🔹🔷 This, is a book in which an oblivious Ravenclaw witch makes graphics for you people. 🔷🔹 🔹🔷🔹🔷🔹🔷🔹🔷🔹 STATUS : OPEN ❎ CLOSED ❎ CFCU ☑️ ©anaxitia

  • Poems about...stuff | ✔
    28.8K 7.3K 61

    If you're a happy person, better stay away from this depressing af poetry book. And to those of you who relate to my poems...I'm sorry...I'm sorry we had to go through this shit :( (cover is not mine)

  • Emptiness • closed
    1.1K 108 28

    -Just making covers status [ ] open [ x ] closed [ ] closed for catch up

  • #greylivesmatter original quotes
    1.2K 552 141

    this will be a book filled with inspirational proverbs but I want these proverbs to be posted by others who support the cause

  • Insomniac | ✓
    128K 16.7K 84

    [ THE FICTION AWARDS 2018 WINNER FOR BEST POETRY BOOK ] ❝He spent his life chasing butterflies, never noticing how he trampled on the flowers.❞

  • One Shots (A Collection Of Thoughts From the Mind of Tearius Plot Twist)
    402 69 22

    A Collection of disjointed "one shot" thoughts, feelings, poems and missives from the mind of Tearius Plot Twist

  • Color (Completed)
    36.1K 4K 124

    WATTYS 2018 SHORTLISTED! During World War I, a black baseball player gets a second chance to play ball on an all-white steel mill baseball team, an action that shocks and divides an entire town. Targeted by opponents, his own team, and mysterious vigilantes, Henry Louis finds himself facing levels of anger and racism...

  • My Poetry Journal
    397 76 13

    Poems and other tidbits of thought. Enough said. Cover accredited to Oceane_Breeze!

  • Book of Panacea
    1K 100 23

    Never having met any other Gods then her parents and her Aunt, Panacea is like a fish out of water when they dump her butt on 'The' training island. She never expected to end up there, but the environment is safer for others to practice any new powers coming her way. However, is it safer for her? This is the Book of...

  • Dazzling Poems
    3.1K 2K 22

    Read or not... It is what it is. The poetry of my alone thoughts. Evidence of my world Comments to my observation The rhythm of my youth. Blessings from my muse. Be enthuse...

  • Of Men and Monsters
    2.4K 97 4

    In a world turned white with snow and darkened by war, how can one young girl survive alone against the forces of the world which are out to get her? Book 1 in the 'World of Winter' trilogy. Loosely inspired by the songs of Icelandic band 'Of Monsters and Men,' this story interprets the lyrics of many of their songs t...

  • The thought and musings of an apathetic teen
    237 26 8

    A collection of articles written by me to those of us who struggle everyday with darkness. This isn't a book, it's more of a journal chronicling my thoughts and feelings. If you wish, join me on my fight against depression. I hope some of you will identify with my rambling and perhaps feel a little less alone. Read aw...

  • Celeste Artimera: Masters of the Elements
    660 244 20

    Celeste Artimera has just turned sixteen, got her drivers license, and has her own car. Just when she thinks everything could never go wrong. Celeste is kidnapped at her sweet sixteenth party and brought to a top secret base where she finds other people just like her. Taken away at the age of sixteen... Will she let m...

  • Dance Of The Light And Shadows [Being Rewritten]
    2.2K 483 18

    Book 1 of the Prince Of Darkness series. Evil has always existed. It was just hidden from the sight of those too blind to see it. As it awakens from its ages-long slumber, its once disbanded armies reunite under a dreaded banner. Powerful yet unknown forces are in play. History is doomed to repeat itself as...