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  • Poison flower
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    Poetry...... tell me if you want more❣

  • for the clouds
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    this is my second poetry book~ none of these poems are connected, and they reflect my thoughts, pieces of my life, etc. welcome to the realm of my mind and the cemetery of my secrets i hope you enjoy! -all photography is miNE -lowercase is intended for stylistic purposes -i found the cover picture on pinterest

  • Letters written at 3:23AM
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    Poetry... More to come if you'd like!!

  • maybe i'm dreaming (COMPLETED)
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    a sky full of poems, none of which connect (stars without constellations) this is a compilation of almost every aspect of my life in poems, as well as some fictional elements too i hope you enjoy my cemetery of secrets -lowercase is intended for stylistic purposes -aLL photography iS MINE -title was inspired by the ow...

  • Mentalphorical [Short Poetry]
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    ❝We were living minds with dying hearts.❞

  • bees
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    i think i love it // poetry rants