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  • Alphas Claim
    7.8M 252K 42

    "You were made for me," he says while stroking my cheek. "You belong to me." He threads his fingers through my hair, then yanks my hair back making me gasp and look into his amber orbs. "But if you so much as talk to another man, I'll punish you. Then you will sit and watch me kill him. Slowly." I knew he was serious...

  • The White Wolf (Complete)
    735K 30.3K 24

    He teaches English, but all she cares about is Chemistry. After finding out that her mate is a English Professor, Beth quickly enrols herself in University to get closer to her human mate. And even though he knows its wrong to date a student, Kellen Waters can't help but feel a certain attraction to his new student.

  • The Alpha Meets The Rogue
    50.1M 1M 41

    Leila lived with her pack all her life. It was until she was forced into an arranged marriage that she ran away from home. She turned into a rogue and while running away from an Alpha, she ends up kidnapped by another one. The exception for this was one: this Alpha was her mate.

  • My Inner Demon
    456 14 24

    Everyone's got a bad side. Do you give into it and let it destroy you, or fight through to see the light?

  • Denying Fate
    193K 6.2K 44

    Raven Hilton is unloved. With neglect and cruelty come insecurity and pain, and she grows up bearing the burden of her inner turmoil. After she finds her mate, the cruel, feared Alpha Alexander, this doesn't change. She is cast aside and treated like filth by the one she is destined to love. Raven soon becomes tangled...

  • Glitch
    8.3M 275K 68

    (Cover by @AlberteStoev) Turning around Im met with bright red eyes surrounded by a grey mask. He has jet black hair that swirls up and back, his face is freshly shaved but that is all I can really see. He is tall and God is he built. He looks so strong and holds so much power. I then blink and breath when my lungs fi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alpha to Alpha
    215K 6.5K 43

    A new alpha shows up out of nowhere- a whole pack for the matter of fact, leaving many other packs confused and curious to see just who and what this new pack is all about. Hazel has had her fair share of shit, especially since she has been a rogue up until the last five years, where she has gained many followers. Whe...

  • All It Took Was One Look (BoyxBoy) {Book1: Blue Moon Series}[Sample](On Amazon!)
    28.5M 551K 59

    The last 10 chaps will be taken off from the book so it will be a really long sample lol. Find it on Amazon! =^.^= [WARNING there is BOYXBOY action in this story so if you don't like it DON'T READ IT!] Awesome cover by AEBauer! Aiden is your average seventeen year old senior with crazy best friends and a very suppor...

  • Top and Tail [boyxboy] [slash]
    6.9M 238K 25

    Forced to share his bed with an attractive stranger, Ash Jamieson suddenly finds himself confronted with feelings he thought he'd repressed. ***** Riddled with adolescent angst, lavished with profanity, and adorned with more cheese than your favouri...

  • The Alpha's Unwanted Mate (BoyxBoy)
    157K 5.5K 12

    Mark laughed. "Everyone hates you, no one wants to be your friend and no one would want you to be their mate!" Sobbing I pulled my legs into my stomach and just stayed there crying. I could move the numbness around my body continued. I look up through my tears, the whole pack was there watching and laughing with the...

  • The Rogue Society
    35.8K 1.2K 15

    Fifty years ago, werewolves made themselves known to the human world. The humans took it surprisingly well, or so we thought. It took them twenty-five years to build an army to attack us. It took them another fifteen years to exterminate or enslave almost ninety-five percent of the packs in North America. If you're no...

  • Karma, Bitch! -bxb-
    38.7K 1.7K 14

    Robin hates his alpha, mostly because he was an inconsiderate jerk that he's known for 15 long overbearing years. Derek was basically a constant reminder for him, with his own words, "You're not worthy of having a mate!" When Derek's 18th birthday came, the day he'd waited for all his life to finally gain the alpha p...

  • Jason (bxb) [ON HOLD]
    3.4K 76 5

    Day is a werewolf. He has a rough life and he can't wait to find his mate. When he finds out his mate is his sister's boyfriend, he freaks. ----------------- A/N: Guys, I suck at descriptions, just give it a chance please.

  • The Alpha and the Mistake
    2.7M 110K 37

    Brooks' life was never the same after her father died. When her mother remarried, she thought the worst was over, but it was only beginning. Her stepdad is a werewolf, and among his people, she's known as "Missy Mistake" because, to them, she should've never been born. Now five years later, Brook dealt with the bully...

  • His Alpha Queen
    22.7K 622 8

    Alpha Arabelle is one of the twenty female alphas in North America, and the youngest. But she is the strongest, with her pack, SilverTide, at number two in the ranks. She is loved and feared, and everything about her contradicts itself. But one thing is for sure, you don't cross her. Derek is an omega for Redmoon pack...

  • My Beta Mate
    163K 4.3K 27

    Maddie Jackson hasn't had the best start in life. Her parents were killed in a gang attack when she was just a baby. She's been shipped from foster home to foster home and sent to various different families and homes but sent away because families couldn't deal with her temper. That is until she is sent to Mrs Greenwo...

  • His Alpha Female
    234K 9.5K 26

    "Life is like a food chain, people will do anything to rise to the top. Lie, steal, cheat, and even go as far as to murder." Owen Ravor Parmus always kept to herself. Blinded from the cruelties of the world, due to her father and brother's overprotectiveness. She became so accustomed to being ignorant towards the wor...

  • She Knows It All
    26.8K 682 10

    Khilan was the new Alpha of the most feared pack in the country. The DarkMoon Pack. To everybody she has no heart or love for anyone but her pack.

  • Black Luna Old Copy
    1.9M 41.3K 57

    There is a new version being created Please comment :) I would like to improve my writing skills.

  • Love After Rejection
    447K 3.8K 9

    |Highest ranks #1 in WEREWOLF 4/2019! #4 in Romance #3 in Action| Zoe Grayson never expected her mate to reject her. She also never expected her mate to be dating the same female that rejected her best friend, Wyatt. Zoe and Wyatt devise a plan to get back at their mates for rejecting them. But what happens when thing...

  • Rejected Princess
    495K 23.5K 49

    Davina Andonov hasn't always had it easy, being the eldest princess of the entire werewolf kingdom and all. So when her parents decide that it's time for her to start looking for a potential mate to rule with her when she assumes the throne, she is more than happy because it finally means she'll have someone to share...

  • My Very Own Alpha
    2M 43.6K 44

    Being Mates mean learning to love each other flawless or full of it. This is the story of Nicki and Royal.

  • My Rouge Mate
    12.6K 352 5

    Kayla Steele is a 16 year old werewolf, but she cant shift. Ever since she was little her father, the alpha of The Silver Night Pack, hated her, his only daughter. He blocked her out, ignored her. Her mother loved her, she didn't care that Kayla couldn't shift. Her brother was the same as her father, he hated her. He...

  • His Unwanted Mate
    12.5M 304K 46

    "And what are you to me?" He was mocking me. "Your mate." I answer. Chandler rolls his eyes and chuckles. The chuckle sends shivers to my skin. In a heartbeat, Chandler was in my face, a little too close. I could smell peppermint when he started speaking. "Sweetie, You're my unwanted mate." {Note: yes I know t...

  • My Gym Teacher Is My Mate (ON HOLD)
    58.1K 1.9K 9

    Lauren Jackson is just a plain ordinary girl who does nothing out of the ordinary. But that all changes when she moves halfway across the world and into a completely different pack. What will she do when the alpha happens to be her mate? Oh and did I mention he's her gym teacher as well?

  • Mated to the Alpha
    804K 22K 33

    My name is Ember Daniels and all I do is run, running until my legs burn running until I can't go anymore to get away from my past. finally escaping the clutches of my so called family Who hate me for the 'curse' bestowed onto me at birth, fire runs in my veins along side blood sealing my fate in the hands of distract...

  • The Alpha Rejected Me
    217K 5.4K 27

    Naomi was just a girl looking for a mate. When she runs into Alpha Brandon , she thought he would be hers forever. Brandon loves messing around with girls, having sex and sleeping with them. What happens when Brandon rejects his true mate? "I Alpha Brandon reject you Naomi of being my mate, or Luna." His voice...

  • The Rise of The Royal Rogue
    2.7M 91.8K 80

    "She was running and he was hunting. She was hiding and he was conquering. She was a spirit full of of fire and would he stop at noting to put out the flames." After finding out that Alpha King Xander is her mate, Rebbeca Bluewood will stop at nothing to free herself from the clutches of the ruthless and cold-hearted...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha's Huntress (Book1)
    495K 17.3K 37

    Artemis King. That's her name to her family, but to werewolves she is known as Robin Hood. She is NOTHING like the fairy tale. She hunts rogues, but to all werewolves, she's a dangerous killer. One day hunting rogues she has an encounter, with the alpha of the Midnight Fire pack, Blake Lockheart. She spares his life a...

  • Betas beauty
    197K 5.9K 34

    Prologue nerd ~nouninformal-a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious. Thats who I supposedly am. Julia Stecker at your services well not really I am no servant nor will I ever be I am just a small yet rare 'nerdy' werewolf. Let me explain myself and my story well I have long b...