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  • Give Me Therapy
    416K 24.6K 57

    Therapy comes in many forms. Like a shapeshifter it appears as a pill; a circle of broken people in the basement of a church; chocolate brown eyes and curly hair; and paint stained hands. Things get complicated when the pair of eyes and their matching curly brown hair don't belong to the person who owns the paint sta...

  • Anything But Normal
    681K 46.6K 26

    Matt has a poster of a girl in a bikini above his bed. Cash Ryder has the scores for every one of Mozart's pieces glued to his walls. Matt plays soccer. Cash Ryder hates organized sports. Matt has two best friends. Cash Ryder hangs around with the kids who ride motorcycles on the weekends. Matt's family is conservativ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Black Lights Bright Rainbows
    2.1K 99 5

    The continuing story of Billy Bradshaw and Ethan Grace. If you haven't read Bright Lights Black Rainbows, well then you're missing a great deal of the story, so you really should read it before continuing this one. It picks up shortly after the end of the first book. Their relationship is stronger than ever and the...

  • Can I Stay The Night? [BoyxBoy] (Completed)
    261K 10.4K 23

    My life is pretty normal. I have a hot girlfriend, nice friends and everything around me is just chill. But then this guy comes along. He ramms my back with his shoppibg cart and i drop all of my things. While helping me pick them up, he stripes my hand with his and smirks at me. Weird. But the same night, this cre...

    Completed   Mature
  • Top and Tail [boyxboy] [slash]
    8.3M 300K 25

    Forced to share his bed with an attractive stranger, Ash Jamieson suddenly finds himself confronted with feelings he thought he'd repressed. ***** Riddled with adolescent angst, lavished with profanity, and adorned with more cheese than your favouri...

  • Novelties ✔️ [SAMPLE]
    988K 745 12

    [SAMPLE READ THE WHOLE STORY ON RADISH] Kyle Favre is a homophobe. No, no, not that kind of homophobe. He doesn't sneer at people in the lgbtq+ community, nor wants them to lose their rights. Kyle is the other definition of phobic. The type who gets nervous, especially around attractive guys. Why? That's a long, humil...

  • Faceted
    449K 28.5K 43

    Being in love with a straight boy is a straight-up nightmare. Especially if it's been like that for years. But it's even worse when he's your best friend's brother, who has a girlfriend that's there to remind you how straight he is. That's when it becomes torture. (Standalone | Book 3 of the Full Spectrum series) Writ...

    Completed   Mature
  • This Winter
    280K 12.5K 50

    Ethan Calaway has spent his entire life hopelessly in love with his best friend, Noah Anderson. Due to unfortunate complications, his love for Noah's ocean eyes has been locked away from the world- especially from Kurtis Anderson. Fast forward to many years later when Ethan receives an invitation to Mr. Anderson's mem...

  • Fix Me
    106K 7.9K 15

    Jax isn't happy; he hasn't been for a long time. After a suicide attempt, he lands in the psychiatric ward. Oliver has been in the psych ward for longer than he should've been. The new boy with too thin shoulders and no voice intrigues him. The two must find their way along the road to recovery together. ***** "You pr...

  • Brought Down
    122K 9.1K 40

    When the youngest son of the ruler of post-apocalyptic Earth is captured by the rebels who hide underneath its barren surface, it seems at first that escaping and trying to reach his people is his only chance at survival. Yet as he navigates the dangers of the radioactive and unfamiliar world, he finds unexpected help...

    Completed   Mature
  • All Boys Foster Home (Boyxboy)
    1.4M 45.9K 38

    Ash Stymest has been to foster home to foster home. No one ever wanted to keep him, but most of the time he was taken out of homes because of the abuse. He is now currently being put in a all boys foster home. Ash's rude behavior and not listening may cause him to be put in another foster care home. Will his attitude...

  • Leading Love [boyxboy]
    117K 5K 42

    Quentin Collister. One of the six sons of the popular Collister family is the youngest son Quentin. And that family he grew up in is everything but normal which Quentin was forced to deal with at a very young age. Growing up, the eighteen year old experiences too many memories he rather prefers keeping to himself and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Avoiding The CEO
    13.3M 496K 42

    Zander Storm is the CEO of Storm Enterprises. His company deals with a bunch of different things from casinos to malls, planes to boats and mergers to takeovers. He's made himself a billionaire at the young age of twenty-seven. Everyone wants a piece of the man even though he's never shown an interest in anyone trying...

  • Reality Check (BoyxBoy)
    2.2M 110K 32

    I just smirked at the way they all looked down on me. The way they all try to trip me down and glare like they can kill me with one look. I could easily laugh their stupidity and small minds as I make it through the day the way I've always done it. By myself. With no friends. No family. I don't cry myself to sleep ho...

  • Suppressed [boyxboy]
    261K 10.1K 27

    Nikita Mecale, short Niki, a seventeen year old boy known as being the hottest gay guy in school who rocks girl clothes more than girls. Rumors about him belong to his everyday life and even his mother is over supportive of him wearing girls clothes since she had always wished having a daughter, so she has taken advan...

    Completed   Mature
  • Amatory
    91K 8.1K 45

    Being gay is a curse when the homophobia you grew up with was so bad that you're homophobic yourself. Especially when you're into unavailable guys like your roommate, whose girlfriend is everything you're not (though appearances can be deceiving). So why on earth would you be interested in going out and meeting other...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Help (BoyxBoy)
    595K 24K 25

    Caspar Newman. The name that everybody loved and nobody knew about. Caspar, the always positive, star of the basketball team and the always stylish and funny boy of everyone's dreams, the one with the weird group of friends, the one who couldn't hurt a fly. And Gavin Westfall just happened to catch his attention. #ta...

  • Gay Short Stories
    42.1K 1.1K 8

    A collection of mini stories of some of my characters from my books. Read the ORIGINAL stories FIRST or you will be confused, and it'll give away some endings. So yeah read those first or you'll be disappointed later on. I'm open to request/ideas. If I like them and can think of something to write, I might do them. :)

  • Breaking The Jock
    1.9M 55.8K 27

    Meet Jordan, a shy eighteen-year-old boy, who had just started senior year in the sunny state of California. He's a quirky, nerdy boy who happens to like other boys and that's why people don't like him there. Enter Nathan, the star quarterback of the high school Jordan attends, he's a solemn and mature man respected b...

  • Myles and Cole
    8.7M 315K 41

    Quiet and anxious, Myles is a bundle of nerves entering his sophomore year of high school after being homeschooled for years. With his supportive, older brother by his side, he knows he won't be alone. But ultimately, Myles is hopeful to make his own way through high school. Carefree and slightly arrogant, just about...

  • Social Suicide (BxB)
    400K 15.1K 31

    There was no denying that Ashton Spears was handsome. His obsidian dark hair, strong jaw and deep stormy eyes seemed to make every girl melt on the spot. Well, every girl and Alexander Winters. Alex was the schools social outcast; the anonymous, closeted reject that everyone either ignored or tormented. Fate had dee...

  • Deep Under {ManxMan}
    3.4M 148K 45

    *NEWLY EDITED AS OF 11/12/20, ALL MISTAKES FIXED* Mates of the Ocean Series: Book One Aquarius is a merman. He lives in the ocean, helps his tribe out, and enjoys life as much as he can. Being in his tribe is hard though, especially when he must see all the happy mated couples. Eventually enough is enough and he lea...

  • Romeo and Romeo
    970K 50.3K 25

    "If you don't try something tonight, you may never get another chance. And if you try something tonight and it doesn't go well, you probably won't have to worry about ever crossing paths again. So just go for it." ~~~ Now, I'm not the kind of guy to go around kissing people I'm not dating. I'm definitely not the kind...

  • Short Stories (bxb)
    364K 20.7K 29

    Warning: Sparks will fly 1. Twenty-Four Hours (completed) 2. Remake (completed) 3. Skin and Bones (completed) 4. Happy Place (completed)

  • When A Jock Loves Hard (BXB)
    1.1M 34.2K 70

    BOOK ONE OF THE LOVING HARD SERIES Kai Jackson expected nothing more than a regular college life. Parties, football games, homecoming, brand new friends, but what caught him off guard completely was this tall, muscular, and tan football player named Payton James, who takes interest in Kai. Not only is he the popular...

  • Who Would've Thought?
    91.7K 4.3K 14

    (Slow Updates) Rio and Declan. Declan and Rio. No one could ever catch one without the other. They've been best friends as long as they can remember. Both are 17, both go to school together, both play football. But they have their differences. Rio Calderon has always been playful and goofy. He can never concentrate...

  • Brandon. Yes, THAT Brandon.
    178K 9.7K 40

    At West Crimson High, student population 500, one person's business is everyone's business. This is no exception in Brandon Shay Owens' case. The athletic, popular, top grade boy has no care in the world besides his father's acceptance of him and undeniable hatred of football. Until autumn of his junior year, of cour...

  • Wandering Fireflies
    154K 6.4K 47

    One road trip. That was all that it took to tear Zaavan Fleetwood and Vance Dallas's lives apart. It wasn't fair - walls are always built for a reason. The two smoking hot, incredibly athletic rivals were two of the most popular boys at school. If anybody got word of the dark and dirty secrets they were hiding, their...

  • Don't Touch Me ✔ {BxB}
    126K 3.3K 17

    Corbin has been at Desperado, An all-boys school for delinquents, For almost a year and a half. He hasn't had a roommate due to the fact that the school was afraid to put someone with him. Sebastion is being brought to Desperado by his parents, Where he will stay until he reaches eighteen. Follow along with Corbin an...

  • Prince Charming's Prince (BoyxBoy)
    728K 27.9K 18

    Kade Eman is your average sophomore, except for the fact that he's gay. And falling for his sisters boyfriend. And he's falling hard. Elias Excer is every woman's dream. He is a 16 year old football player that is dating the beautiful Danni Eman. But is Eli starting to develop feelings for the sarcastic junior nam...