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  • The Christmas Jewel
    1.3K 267 10

    When Sutton gets dumped right before what was supposed to be a romantic Christmas weekend getaway in the mountains, she makes a Christmas vow: a man free Christmas. She's going to finish writing her Christmas novel in peace and have a nice time skiing and reading books by the fire. But the Christmas fates are against...

  • Redemption's Song and other short stories
    256 44 4

    My second collection of short stories, but longer than the works in my Read my Shorts collection. This volume consists of anything more than 1000 words and includes new works, re-writes of a few older pieces and anything else I found on my computer that I'd forgotten to post before. It will contain steampunk, historic...

  • Because Life Should Be Unruly
    846 48 7

    So, it seems one can only write 2000 characters in this space, but I exceeded that on the first go because, apparently, I can't shut up. Mostly, this is a space is used to showcase my bits and bobs, contest entries, and stuff I don't know what else to do with. If you like your writing with no agenda, read on Macduff.

  • Read My Shorts
    78K 3.4K 65

    READ my SHORTS! ('cos eating them isn't very tasty) - A collection of very short stories, micro-fiction, one-shots, drabbles, flash-fiction and other random stuff. Call 'em what you will, they're bite size little morsels from the brain of me. Crossing all genres, and of lengths up to about 1000 words.

  • Not Safe For Work: A Heywood Jablowme Fiasco
    92.2K 6.2K 61

    ~!*WATTY WINNER*!~ Heywood Jablowme (not his real name) is the newest reporter for The Daily Pornographer, the industry's second best trade publication. Pumping out puff pieces on porn's premier players wasn't Heywood's original plan. He wanted to be a serious journalist, the kind who frowns on cheap alliteration. Wh...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Tavern at the Corner of the Multiverse (An Edgewise tale)
    1.5K 181 1

    The story that started it all. First featured in Tevun Krus's Punk Wars issue on @ooorah the characters of Edgewise make their grand debut. Hi-jinks and Hilarity ensue.

  • A Gift in the Dark
    318K 3.9K 24

    An award winning collection of paranormal, horror and fantasy short stories woven around old legends, odd characters, the occasional werewolf and the darkness within. There are things you cannot see unless they want to be seen, and some legends linger on despite the modern world. A Gift in the Dark is a compilation...

  • The Devil's Master
    591 102 11

    It is the mid-1600's and Britain is plagued with rumours of devilry and witchcraft. Laura Sheridan, a bee-keeper in a small hamlet in Essex, is drawn to a stranger who offers to unlock the secrets of her magical lineage. To unravel her 'gift', and to avenge the deaths of her loved ones, Laura travels to London - a sup...

  • Shades of Summer |A Short Story Anthology|
    5.6K 261 19

    In a mission to entertain members of the fantasy and sci-fi community, a team of champions must rise up and defend the beloved genres of Wattopia. Join them on their journey as they weather the elements through their short stories inspired by a prompt sent by the Gods.

    5.1K 595 25

    The place was desolate and the weather was dark and low, but the only sound that echoed was the laugh of a CROW. The CRYPTIC presents a fresh set of blood curdling stories, penned down by some of the most exquisite, famed and award winning authors of Wattpad to celebrate the festival we all love, HALLOWEEN! Dipped in...

  • Jack
    14.9K 1.5K 29

    Do you know Jack? The Ripper? Saucy Jack? Leather Apron? The most infamous serial killer in history has long been fodder for the imagination of authors and artists alike, but his true identity remains an enigma to this day. Take a fresh look at the notorious Murderer of Whitechapel through the eyes and quills of Wattp...