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  • Something Enigmatic
    66 4 6

    He doesn't wear a cape, but he's a hero in his own way. When Kyst Salvador had awakened from a deep sleep, strange things happened to him unexpectedly, yet he uses that strangeness in helping other people without asking for a return. - - - - - - Kyst was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but his parents still g...

  • The Baklush Has Fallen
    24.6K 1.7K 44

    "Definitely, love has no gender. Every one can love and can be loved no matter what kind of sexuality or gender preference you have." He's a she, a businessman in the morning, but a lovely feeling woman in the evening. A gay since birth, but he can never stop a Cupid's arrow whom to hit. She's a straight, pure-bloode...

  • She Stole The Gay's Brief (Completed)
    18.3K 1K 44

    Gays may be loud and frank, but they have been placing a smile on everyone's face. Ara Cee can't deny it, women love Gays for the mirthfulness they're giving, but some women will end up loving them romantically. ------- Merely a spoiled brat, that is how other people define Ara Cee Concepcion. But in reality, she's s...

  • Humanga Sa Maling Tao
    147 73 1

    Si Junette ay isang senior high school student na nagkaroon ng isang text mate noong nasa Junior high palang siya. At iyon ay si Jason. Dumating ang araw at nakita niya na rin sa wakas si Jason. Mas lalo pang humanga si Junette kay Jason dahil hindi lang ito mabait sobrang gwapo din. Isang araw nalaman ni Junett...