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  • head in the clouds | jd.morgan
    20K 944 21

    ❝ swear that girl has her head in the clouds ❝ [jdm x oc]

    Completed   Mature
    1.4M 54.7K 70

    sometimes, the world doesn't need another hero. sometimes, what it needs is a monster. [ #67 IN FANFICTION ] [ completed / editing ] BOOK 1 t. walking dead / daryl dixon ...

  • MAD WORLD ( rosita espinosa. )
    24.1K 981 19

    ❝ US GIRLS GOTTA STICK TOGETHER, RIGHT? ❞ (the walking dead season 7) (rosita espinosa x female oc)

    3.2K 172 13

    ❝I'll be your Beast, if you'll be my Beauty.❞ In which a girl gets dragged in the opposite of a fairy tale, but still manages to find her Beauty. 🌹 [©2017 | miskeen] [season 6 - ] [ cover by merewolves ]

  • 22 ☞ s. walsh
    256K 8.5K 72

    ❝ Well you're meeting me now. The pleasure's all yours. ❞ the walking dead [pre apocalypse - season two] oc x shane walsh [COMPLETE] 2016 © bxtchnuts

  • BLOODSPORT. ( carl grimes )
    228K 9.1K 49

    ❝i was so far gone. and then i met you.❞ [the walking dead] [seasons 4-7] [under editing] [completed] copyright © -celestials

  • THE WORST walking dead fan fictions
    34.3K 1.9K 20

    ❝carl winks and shows me his weed tree. creative child❞ -the weirdest book you'll ever read. MATURE - Just a piss take of some fan fictions I've read. I have got inspiration from them. This book is a joke my writing is way better than this shit. And I don't mean to offend anyone in this book.

  • Double Crossbow (Daryl Dixon) [The Walking Dead]
    2.8M 66.5K 70

    ❝When it was quiet, I didn't have to worry about a monster trying to make me its lunch. I did, however, have to worry about my wandering thoughts, and I'd have a different monster on my hands if I let them wander too far.❞ ↣ A virus has erupted, turning loved ones into mindless, ravenous, killers. Where the rest of th...

  • If TWD had IPhones
    76.7K 5.1K 44

    In an apocalyptic world where The Walking Dead™ had iPhones and where Ron's gay-ass tries to get with Carl. - Get ready for the funniest text messages you've ever seen in your life. [copywriting my story or my book cover is not allowed without my (chairhandlerr) permission] -chairhandlerr; 2016 ©

  • in reverse. | jeffrey dean morgan
    26.6K 1.2K 16

    ❝HOW THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT ME TO JOIN YOU WHEN YOU STOLE MY CAR?❝ call it a road trip gone rogue [jeffrey dean morgan x oc] [criminal au]

    Completed   Mature
  • wicked game . negan
    556K 22.6K 62

    ❝ oh, what a wicked game you play ❞ [season 7] [negan x oc] creds to @alicnstae for cover templates

  • (UNDER HEAVY EDITING) lost cause ⋙ Carl Grimes
    78K 2.2K 46

    Lost words. Lost cares. Lost memories. Lost smiles. Lost tears. Lost feelings. Lost worries. Lost bliss. Forever I will be your, Lost cause. -Amber Green {carl grimes x oc} {the walking dead}

  • Chasing Amy (Daryl Dixon/The Walking Dead)
    1.2M 47.1K 66

    Vulnerability should never equate to weakness. Amy Wilson had always relied on her older brother to keep her from harm. Even when the dead began to rise, this had not changed. She was not a fighter. Amy couldn't handle a gun, couldn't function around blood and gore, and certainly couldn't live with herself after killi...

  • King ☞ r. grimes
    1.4M 38.4K 140

    ❝ Well, Rick, it seems like we have ourselves in quite the predicament. Any ideas, Sheriff? ❞ the walking dead [season one- season seven] oc x rick grimes [COMPLETED] 2016 © bxtchnuts