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  • custom book covers
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    i created this using photoshop i am officially selling custom book covers for $25 each message me if interested

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    "When you grow up, also insecurities grow up with you" David Rivers is starting to face adult life, college, and living without parents. Also, he's trying to find himself. Because of his sister he joined a voluntary of the city and without a clue of what was gonna happen he ends up with a group of teenagers t...

  • Trickster
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    A teenage girl named Anaya meets a wolf and discovers something dangerous. Follow along for an action packed tale of werewolves and vampires- danger, mystery, suspense and maybe even love! This is not your typical cringey werewolf love story type book. I put genuine effort into a wonderful story. Once it gets going it...

  • Never Mess with the Devils Angel
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    Denis Wallace, heartless, soulless man. Leader of the most feared gang in all of Houston, The Silent Death. They re known for their murders ( as though non of them have ever gotten caught ) robberies , Jailbreak. He lives to kill, kills to live. It's his signature motto, Him and his gang members who are always loyal t...

  • The Train Lady
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    Sid, a young and successful businessman who lived in New York, had never found a perfect girl for him. Because of his busy schedule and more priority to his work, he was still single. This story is about him and a college girl named Ellie, who he met in a train station. What happened between these two and how they en...

  • Imagination
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    Is anyone familiar with the saying, "Everything comes with a price?" If so, I am currently living that price at the moment. Wherever I go, it is as if there are eyes on me, watching my every move. There is no way for me to do things the way that I want to do them. Everyone continuously walks all over me, and I let the...

  • The Winsome Awards 2018 (Closed)
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    Welcome to The 2018 Winsome Awards. Everything you need to know is in the book. Status : [CLOSED] Cover - (daftpunk inspired art)

  • Stories Of A Tortured Soul
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    Stories and poems that comes from a tortured and tormented mind. Cover art work done by Bryce lmholz @BryceI94

  • From My Heart To Yours
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    PO1 || "To feel is only but to know what lies within, flowing through the depths of your heart and soul, For who knows what holds the beating heart so strong, emotions as one and your being so whole." A set of original poems written on things that we all go through or live through at some point in time or another. [1...

  • Pinctada
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    PO1|| Pinctada (n.) - Pearl oysters Not everything found at sea is lost; Not everything lost at sea is found. 🌊 Second poetry book to From My Heart To Yours. ❤ [05.05.2018 - Ongoing] 🔥 Milestones: 🔥 1. #1 in Poetry - 01.07.2018 2. WP_Poetry Featured - 14.06.2018 Copyright 2018 © LadyMeringue

  • Once Upon a Time: Fan Fiction Stories #wattys2018
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    A fanfiction based on a role play group. This was the story of how we brought Milah back. Its a Once Upon a time fan fiction. Lucy was created a few years ago as Rumple's mom. She was a fairy who had lost her wings for marrying Malcolm. When she was young Lucy was attacked by Dracula and turned into a vampire. Fearing...

  • Birth After Miscarriage: A Spiritual Journey COMPLETED #wattys2018
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    I always wanted to be a mom. After my miscarriage, I thought this will never happen. God has a wonderful plan for my life; I have to wait, put my faith in Him. Many women suffer the tremendous loss of a miscarriage. They often believe they are alone, but they are never alone. It is not your fault! One in 4 pregnan...

  • Ramblings of My Mind (A Book Of Poems) #wattys2018
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    A book of Poems. Many of my poems may seem dark and depressing, but writing is how I cope with things life throws at us. When I'm frustrated, hurt, sad sad, I write. When I'm happy I live. 😍 3rd place in The Choco Awards in Poetry Text copyright © nancyann™ 2018 The moral right of the author has been asserted. All r...

  • Wendysculy #wattys2018
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    This is a blog that I have been writing for a while. I don't write blogs just about one topic, but many different ones. Wendysculy is a name that was made up for me when I was in college. Apparently I look like Wendy from "Wendy's" and Agent Scully from the X-files. Hence the name. I hope you enjoy all my musings a...

  • The Choco Awards
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    ~JUDGING~ Always felt that popular books got awards? That your book never got one, being an undiscovered author? Did your book never get the praise it deserves? Was it not given that praise because it was cliché? Or was it a new idea none has thought about, or a story that people thought as weird? Does your book need...

  • Nancy's life
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    This is about Nancy's life, through her ups and downs.

  • The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve (Book 1) COMPLETED #wattys2018
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    Someone cursed the Marks' family. Cursed and living a life controlled by the shadows and it began with Maeve. Maeve once was a loving mother and wife, but darkness transforms her into a creature of the night. She is at the mercy of the Shadow King and her vampire master. Do they love Maeve or is she another pawn in th...

  • The Shadow Realm Chronicles: View of a Melody #wattys2018 (Book 3)
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    A group out outcasts meet during choir practice and become fast friends. Together they grow and learn many interesting things about the town around them. What is this town hiding? What are the adults hiding? And what have they been hiding from each other? Most importantly who are these friends and how are they all con...

  • The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) COMPLETED #watty2018
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    Be sure to read "The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve" first! Matthew is the second book in the series. Cover made by @BryceI94 Matthew Highest Rating in Paranormal #25 5/6/18 When a man is taken from his family, he will do a...