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  • The one that got away
    16.3K 1K 29

    What happens when a blast from the past comes back after not seeing each other for 10 years? Will a chance meeting change the future for two people that have waited longer then they realised for their second chance. Disclaimer: We own none of the Characters or original story lines, just the ideas we came up with in th...

  • Laws of attraction
    13.6K 1K 29

    Rory lost the love of her life Tristan Dugrey when she was 23z she's now 27 and a successful lawyer. Her cousin Logan needed a favor when one of his friends need help he goes to her. What Logan doesn't realize is that he just brought her protector and next love of her life. What will happen when someone was promised...

  • A new life
    9.6K 699 25

    Rory has just graduated law school at the age of 24. She fast tracked through school. When she graduated Yale she lost her parents. Now what happens when on her Harvard law graduation someone comes after her. She thinks of the one person who can protect her and that's her godfather Keith Scott. Will she run into someo...

  • Chance meeting
    9.1K 688 29

    On the campaign trail Rory runs into the three stooges. Love will blossom with one of these men. How will they face the challenges that come their way. Disclaimer: We own none of the Characters or original story lines, just the ideas we came up with in the story and any new characters not in the story.

  • Run away
    21.7K 1K 26

    What if Rory realized to late that Lorelei had her brainwashed to what she wants her to be. What will happen when she realizes it? How will she go about fixing herself to make things right for herself and make her happy. Disclaimer: We own none of the Characters or original story lines, just the ideas we came up with...

  • It Was Never Really Goodbye - Gilmore Girls
    23.8K 749 19

    Logan told Rory goodbye at her graduation, and he meant it. Didn't he? She wouldn't compromise for him so he couldn't for her in the end. He moved to California, and she hit the campaign trail. Their lives moved in separate directions, and they worked hard to get over each other. But what if their lives take them...

  • Superwoman! Life as a heiress, mom and a Huntzberger wife!
    7.9K 393 11

    Lorelai Leigh Gilmore Hayden Huntzberger's life as a CEO of a major conglomerate company, a mother of a 3 year old little girl and the wife of the CEO of one of the most popular newspaper and publishing houses of the world, HPG. See how she juggles it all. Alternate Rogan. rated M for slight mature content.

  • In Omnia Paratus
    35.3K 669 20

    A continuation of A Year in the Life. This just how my overactive imagination, hopped up on coffee sees the future. **I do not own the rights to any of the characters or photos**

  • I loved you since the jump!
    5.8K 338 15

    Logan and Rory have been dating for 4 years. They live in California together and tomorrow night he will be proposing. This is a very short Alternate Universe Rogan.

  • Monumental Valentine's Days!
    3K 229 14

    Logan tells Rory all his favorite Valentine's days. Totally alternate universe short story. Total fluff.

  • Precious Ties: The Gift
    25.4K 1.5K 44

    Precious Ties:The Gift, is the sequel to Gilmore Girls: Precious Ties which followed on from A Year In the Life. It picks up the story from the birth of Rory and Logan's child in Sydney, Australia and the new life that follows for them as a family. Heading up Huntzberger Media after Mitchum's health crisis is a challe...

  • Gilmore Girls: Precious Ties
    66.9K 3K 74

    Following Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life, this fanfic focuses on the many precious relationships that flourish as a result of Rory's pregnancy. Her love life has been unconventional up to this point and things are about to rise to a new level of "complicated" as this story progresses! Will she find love? The best an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Thank You Paris!
    15.5K 861 31

    What if there was no Asher? The older man that Paris dated, turned out to be the widower Mitchum Huntzberger. Can a set up for Rory from her best friend with Paris boyfriend son, turn into real love? rated M AU Rogan or Sophie

  • Two Halves of One Whole
    3.2K 150 17

    Rory is on the campaign trail with Senator Obama working for what is, in my head, somewhere between Huffington Post and Politico- she's writing political pieces and has a blog for the site Reporter Girl: Life as a Rookie Reporter, Logan did propose and walk away- went to California. This story picks up towards the end...

  • Logan's graduation day
    345 19 1

    What may have happened the morning of Logan's graduation!

  • It all started with New Hampshire (A Gilmore Girls Revival Fic)
    6.3K 191 8

    ROGAN. What if she had already told Logan about her pregnancy before the final 4 words took place? What happens next? A few missing scenes from Fall then the rest of it is post AYITL. Picks up a few hours after Rory visits her dad in Boston. Story will mainly be told from Rory's POV with a few chapters being in Logan'...

  • Made With Love ~(With Love Series)~
    64.7K 3.8K 73

    First installment of the With Love Series. What if things happened a bit differently between Rory's graduation and the night at the Inn in New Hampshire? All characters belong to Amy Sherman-Palladino.

    Completed   Mature
  • Alternate ending (after season 7)
    8.7K 329 19

    I'm going to take us somewhere other than a year in the life as if season 7 wasn't the end I'm going to forget about a year in the life altogether, hope y'all like it.

  • Letters From Logan
    1.5K 55 2

    Sequel to Letters To Logan. A/U

  • Paris
    7K 342 14

    Rory Gilmore is on a work trip in Paris when she runs into a familiar face. A face that she has been thinking about for the past 9 years.

  • Two Years Later-Oneshot
    1.2K 45 1

    Post Season 7--a what if story of Rory and Logan being thrown together again.

  • Until I Heal
    24.5K 1K 25

    AU. Rory never forgave Logan for the bridesmaid's incident. Now, four years later, Rory is a successful journalist and life put them together again at the same page. She is so divided, he is so determined. It's a flirt, it's a fun chase. Old fashioned Rogan, like in their first years at Yale. Will she flip the page ov...

  • 8 years in the life
    29.9K 2K 63

    This story starts a year after season 7. Rory is on the campaign trail and is looking for another job when she runs into someone from her past. Inner thoughts are in italics

    Completed   Mature
  • The Aftermath - A Gilmore Girls Revival Fan Fiction
    218K 4.4K 73

    A story that starts immediately after those fateful four words. How will things pan out for Rory and Logan? Will he be involved in his child's life? Will he still marry the French heiress his parents have matched him with? Will Rory fall for Jess again instead? How will everyone react when they find out Rory is p...

  • Omnia Causa Fiunt
    9.3K 483 8

    It's been three years since he saw his college friends, five for her. A tragic event pulled them together and now they reveal all.

  • The One - Gilmore Girls
    75.6K 2.9K 45

    This story picks up six years after A Year In The Life ended. Rory and Logan's son is five and starting kindergarten.

    Completed   Mature
  • Reflecting their own light: Rory and Logan
    122K 2.5K 72

    Picking up where the revival left off, we find Rory and Logan making their own way. They say there are two sides to every story. Chapters 1-35 are from Rory's POV. The half chapters are from Logan's POV. They are a one-for-one match to each Rory chapter. Can read them together if you'd like, or you could choose to...

  • Rogan smut
    44.2K 369 14

    Rory and Logan smut This is a story that includes iconic Rory/ Logan scenes from the show but has scenes the WB/ CW/ Netflix will never show lol. Plus some extras my imagination may have gone wild on. Just as a warning, it will get hot I do not own these characters. They are owned by Amy Sherman palladino

  • Gilmore Girls-Let's Jump
    39.5K 1K 34

    This is a continuation of Gilmore Girls, A Year in the Life. It picks up where the Netflix revival left off and is centered on Logan and Rory's love story. **Note, I do not own any rights to the Gilmore Girls story line or franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.**

  • A tale of love, Logan and Rory
    66.7K 1.8K 47

    I do not own any of these characters. This is a tale of how I wanted to see the revival continue instead of ending with just those words.