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  • Orange is for Happiness: Hamato Michelangelo Husband Scenarios
    6.4K 276 12

    "You want to take the easy way out because you're scared. And you're scared because if you try and fail, there's only you to blame. Life is scary. Get used to it. Nothing in this world that's worth having comes easy. And trust me, Michelangelo. (Y/N) is definitely worth having." It's been a few months since your weddi...

  • Red is for Courage: Hamato Raphael Husband Scenarios
    12K 479 14

    "Let's go." "Go where?" "I don't know. Anywhere but here. I want to get away with you. Let the breeze hit our faces as we're speeding down the long road ahead of us. We can laugh at our own stupid jokes. We can do all the things you've always wanted to do. We can go on an adventure. I don't care what we do, as long as...

  • Tough Love: Raphael's Story
    44.7K 179 3

    He's a hothead with a huge secret. You're a girl with a father that's been missing since the Invasion. When your two worlds collide, you have to make a choice. But can anything good come out of dating a ninja turtle? Reader insert. Book 3 out of 4.

  • Dark Heart, Love Bright: Donatello's Story
    18.7K 894 37

    Donatello Hamato is the second youngest turtle and the brains of the family. When a new enemy attacks the four turtles, it's almost game over. But Donnie inexplicably finds himself falling in love. Will this be a Romeo and Juliet tragedy, or is this love one that will end in joy? Reader Insert. Book 2 of 4.

  • Blue is for Wisdom: Hamato Leonardo Husband Scenarios
    29.5K 1.1K 20

    "I don't want my own Cinderella story. All I want is me and you. Together. Our own story. Our own happy ending." "Sometimes there's no such thing as a happy ending." "There's always a happy ending, if you're willing to try." You finally married the love of your life, and everything seems to be going right for once. Bu...

  • Purple is for Peace: Hamato Donatello Husband Scenarios
    10.3K 333 12

    "You came into my life at a bad time when I truly hated who I was and what I had become. I was broken. Damaged. Fading. But you fought your way in and saved me. You loved me...and you made me love myself, too." You met and married the love of your life. He saved you from yourself. He gave you everything that you could...