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  • Pranksters-2jae ✔
    42K 2.4K 33

    Exactly 2 years back was the day when Mine and Jaebum's friendship........ ........fucked up. - "I don't fucking believe your shit, along with your dickhead friends!!!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Choi Youngjae was a happy virus which turn exact opposite when his and...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Mafia Boss ♔JJK&PJM♔ [Completed]
    177K 4.3K 14

    The Jeon mafia is the strongest mafia in Korea. What would happen when the cold-blooded mafia boss Jungkook cross roads with ex-prostitute Jimin, who was kidnapped to the mafia because of his father? Start: 14•9•2016 End: 7•1•2017

  • Drop the mask ~ Vkook
    378K 16.6K 38

    {Completed} "I own you babyboy" -jjk "I am not owned by anyone you masked bunny!" -kth "Petal. You are mine.Only mine ..YOU GET THAT?!" -jjk .... "Tae ish s-sowwy Dwaddy...." •.• little space au •.• •.• mafia au •.• •.• Everything else is in the story •.•

  • ♔ Royal Pain ♔ → kth | jjk
    1.3M 80.2K 42

    "What kind of Prince wears Timberland's and beanies?" "Me, bitch." - In which Jeon Jeongguk doesn't give two shits about being the only son of the King and Queen, and Kim Taehyung, first son of the Jeon Kingdom's closest royal ally, is brought in to help straighten him out. Started: 11/18/2017 Completed: 06/20/2018

  • Hybrid~
    17.9K 425 13

    Jungkook is a hybrid, a cat hybrid. His life is miserable. His master is cruel and has abused him for years. He doesn't know what relationships are and only understands what a slave, master relationship is. Taehyung is a wealthy and successful business man. He owns his own company and knows how to get stuff done. How...

  • All Of Me Is Yours (vkook)
    373K 16.1K 56

    [reconstructing] To everyone who'd prefer a better reading experience please read the redo chapters they will hopefully make the plot much clearer. Taehyung is the only omega left but is kept hidden until one day when he must be presented to the Jeon family, and unexpectedly he feels an extremely strong attraction t...

    560K 20K 61

    In where the world's most feared mafia king falls in love with a certain innocent boy... My first ever boy x boy fanfic!! 😂 (please don't judge me!!!😂😂😂) top! kook bottom! tae (please don't hate me for bad writing!! 😂😂) Highest Rank: #12 topkook #32 bottomtae #4 rapmonster #2 darklove #4 mafiaboss #77 suga Plea...

    Completed   Mature
  • Help Me - Vkook FF
    827K 35.6K 37

    Taehyung was being followed and found himself in a phone booth calling for help. He calls the wrong number. Taehyung is a French teacher dealing with his latest relationship with some crazy guy. He accidentally calls a random person rather than a friend, or the police, Jungkook surprisingly shows up. Taehyung did not...

  • ~Little space~ jihope ff (COMPLETED)
    70.1K 2.4K 36

    *little space AU* Hoseok finds himself in a position where he is now a caregiver for a little after finding him alone at a park.

  • LITTLES?! BTS One-shot book
    58.6K 1K 32

    BTS one-shots that are super adorable. Smut free, pure fluff. There may be sexual themes, but there won't be explicit and descriptive scenes. Grab your Kleenex and be sure to find an empty room. You may or may not make inhumane sounds. Enjoy!

  • GROWN UP (KookV Shots)
    454K 14.1K 49

    KOOKV/KOOKTAE Top Kook :: Bottom Tae

    Completed   Mature
  • Your Hyung (TaeKook SHOTS)
    174K 6.1K 25

    VKook/TaeKook shots. Top Tae ∷∷ Bottom Kook

  • roommates || yugbam
    192K 9.3K 33

    "Why do I always have to be roommates with you?" Bambam asks in an annoyed tone as he puts down his bags on the floor loudly. "Don't make me fill up our dorm with insects, Kunpimook." Yugyeom stated coolly as he plops down on the bed while on his phone. "Excuse you, I am hyung." The older one snapped, but the youn...

  • Earphones• Vkook
    423K 26.9K 49

    He wears earphones in his ear almost every second he can, giving the world the illusion that he cant hear anything over the blaring music. When in reality he can't hear anything at all, due to the fact that he is deaf. • Taehyung moves to a new school and attempts to hide the fact that he is deaf in order to...

    81.4K 4.2K 17

    •Where Youngjae goes to the wrong room and gets kissed by a sleeping Jaebum. * * thisstoryisshityouvebeenwarned 170519 - 170717

    Completed   Mature
  • My pleasure is your pain
    4.7K 146 2

    Jimin's sadistic streak continues and this time Jungkook is the victim. top/jimin bottom/jungkook Cross posted on AO3 @jikookobssesed Photo used in cover not mine, credit goes to owner ©_jikookobsessed_

    Completed   Mature
  • I love it when you cry
    1.9K 59 1

    Prince Jimin loves his servant Jungkook in more ways than one. ©_jikookobsessed_

    Completed   Mature
  • Who says you can't have relationships with the school staff ?
    3.1K 149 2

    "Watching you prance around in that little skirt of yours makes me think bad things, baby." Or Crossdressing Jungkook catches Principle Park's eye. ©_jikookobsessed_

    Completed   Mature
  • Ready or Not✔
    13.5K 501 1

    Jungkook has an unexpected heat. Bunny Kook Puppy Tae

    Completed   Mature
  • bite me ~ Vkook Smut
    26.7K 1K 3

    Jungkook is saved by Taehyung but discovers a dark secret along the way mature content/smut warning one shot completed Top•tae• Bottom•kook• cover made by me

    Completed   Mature
  • Yes Master // jikook
    166K 3.6K 21

    Jimin is Jungkook's Master and Jungkook is Jimin's little bunny. top/jimin bottom/jungkook Trying to edit 😭 Cover made by: NikKinky ©_jikookobsessed_

    Completed   Mature
  • BTS Littles!
    52.8K 1.1K 9

    *BTS LITTLES REQUEST BOOK* A little love goes a long way, or should I say, a LITTLE'S love goes a long way! *BOY X BOY* Request fluff, angst, other stuff, idk. The only thing I won't do is HARDCORE smut. But I can do a little bit;) *NOTE: Chapter ratings may vary

  • stuck
    45.5K 2.7K 2

    what happens when two ex-boyfriends get stuck in an elevator together? completed taekook one shot 2017 © seoksjin

  • I'm Not Jealous | YoonMin
    6.2K 343 2

    Yoongi is jealous at Jimin and Taehyung's closeness. °° -yoonmin -sequel to 'Call Me Kitten' -FLUFFFFFF -hybrid au -includes taekook -top!tae -fox!tae -bunny!kookie

  • Call Me Kitten | YoonMin
    29.2K 1.1K 2

    Jimin just wants Yoongi to call him "kitten". °° -yoonmin -hybrid au -kitten!jimin -puppy!yoongi -fluff -slight angst

  • I Think I Like Him | TaeKook
    1.5K 97 1

    Taehyung finally realizes his love for his cute little bunny. °° -taekook -side story to 'I'm Not Jealous' -fluff -fox hybrid!taehyung -bunny hybrid!jungkook -hybrid au -no angst finally

  • Chocolate Milk Prince
    12.4K 728 2

    Tae and Kook grow up -sequel to Babysitting- You don't have to read babysitting to know what's happening ! But feel free to go read it.

  • Babysitting (Namjin)
    152K 6.5K 9

    [Another Oneshot yaaay] Namjin with a touch of baby Kookie ^.^

  • Nightmares .:. 2jae
    76K 4.8K 15

    his nightmares give him an extra excuse to cuddle with his best friend at night that he may have a deep love for

  • His Majesty | V.K / Y.M
    667K 35.3K 42

    Taehyung is the crown prince of the kingdom of Virtus. His father, King Baek II is on the deathbed and his only wish before dying is that his son finds a wife or a husband as soon as possible. For this purpose, a selection among all the young singles of the kingdom has been decided. Jungkook is a poor peasant, living...

    Completed   Mature