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  • Harrison Imagines
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    Just some stories/imagines/one-shots I've written about the lovely George Harrison. Going to be some father fics, sooo just warning ya... I'll update when I've got time...And absolutely no professional fics. Just writing what comes to my mind even if it's just some crap. Feel free to correct my English and give me id...

  • :. Saving Louise .: Doctor Who
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    Louise Kingston has lived a very protected life, but she's dreamed of going on adventures with a man she's never met. Little does she know that this said man abruptly appears in her life and finds the same notion that he's met her before, he just can't pinpoint it. The Doctor finds himself in Northern England when he...

  • The Beatles Imagines
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    Beatles Imagines about you're favourite boys Requests Open ❤️

  • SaveWattpad
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    This is a hashtag I came up with for all the bad things going on Wattpad

  • Ask The Sixties Legends!
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    In a new magazine article, many famous musicians from the 60's have come together to make a groovy article called "Ask the Sixties Legends." Ask them anything you want! Inspired by @sitar-day

  • IMAGINES! Part 2
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    Well, yeah... My first story has reached the maximum of parts amd I cant stop writing, so this is the Part 2 of the Imagines.

  • Queen Imagines
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    So. You like Queen? Enjoy fangirling about your favorite member! Requests are open!

  • Well...Alright | Buddy Holly
    2.5K 211 43

    SEQUEL TO 'It's So Easy'. Violet Holly had a lot on her plate. She had recently found out there was books written about her by her former guardian, Wilhelm Koch, she was quickly rising to stardom on the coattails of her husband, Buddy, and she was still fighting the inner demons of a traumatic childhood. As the years...

  • Enchanted Gold
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    In the land of Aria is where I lie, Will forever stand here for any passers-by I float about in the greenest of land, Am always willing to offer a helping hand I uphold the liquid with purest of gold, I drizzle like honey whenever I am hold All you need is one small lick, For I heal the fatally wounded or sick But do...

  • Beatles imagines.
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    Hey I am starting a Beatle imagines. So Request are open. I'll be posting some of my ideas along with your requests. Hope you like it. 👍🏻😊😊

  • Fanfiction Awards 2018 ||ENDED||
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    Highest Ranking- #53 in awards ||CLOSED|| Thank you everyone who participated in the Fanfiction Awards 2018! Congratulations to the winners and come agains to those who came close!! All of you were special and amazing and that's what makes this so enjoyable to do.

  • Crazy for you
    1.8K 204 36

    Is it possible to love two people at the same time? Jade will have a big dilemma. The young woman will be in a love triangle between her two best friends. Many twists will occur in the young woman's life and she will have to decide which way to go. As for Roger, QUEEN drummer will also be put hard tests on him. The yo...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Story Behind The Song - The Beatles Edition
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    When an artist writes a song they create a story within the lyrics. We learn of people's hardships, accomplishments, and everything in between. Each one-shot in this collection will be based off of a song. For my first edition of one-shots, I will be writing based on Beatles' songs. Feel free to request a song for me...

  • My Michelle.- Complete Story!
    24.1K 580 54

    It's 1963. The Beatles have just hit the big time. The lads have the world at their feet. Then, a chance meeting with an acquaintance of George Martin, changes Paul's outlook on life for ever.

  • Lads, I Think We 'Ave Ourselves a Girl...
    14.8K 485 21

    The Beatles and their manager Brian Epstein are looking for a young male to help them around. They try to avoid girls/fangirls as much as possible, but they pick up something they don't expect.. When George has a stinking suspicion of the new assistant (you/the reader), how will it affect the band and how they see you...

  • The Cutest Man to Ever Walk the Earth...
    13.6K 906 66

    Ringo Starr appreciation book. ~ Pics ~ Gifs ~ Memes ~ Tagging ~ Fun and other things ~ Q & A 's ~ Cute (Ringo x reader) Oneshots and Imagines ( I take requests, but requests are closed for now. Sorry for any inconvenience ) [ No smut/lewd ] :) [ I don't own Ringo Starr, The Beatles and You or your ideas. I own this...

  • Beatlemaniacs ONLY! 3
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    The third book in Beatlemaniacs Only! Only beatlemaniacs are allowed! Enjoy everyone!!!

  • Classmates
    2.6K 244 42

    Helena and Roger are college classmates. Helena hates Roger and considers him both playboy and wannabe (who has no money, but likes to show up, especially for girls) and the girl has her reasons for not liking Queen 's blond drummer . As for Roger, who is always looking for a success with Queen, considers Helena very...

    Completed   Mature
  • ~The Beatles Imagines & Preferences~
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    (But mostly Imagines ) (Seriously it has only 1 preference) (on hiatius too :/) A book for everybody who likes the Beatles a little too much... Trying to avoid the typical imagine scenario's, not always succeeding :P Requests are closed right now, as this book is on hold.

  • Across Time-Paul McCartney
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    Basically this about Emma and her best friend Meg, getting a chance of a lifetime. They get to see Paul McCartney in concert in London England. But something goes wrong when Emma walks back to her hotel. She somehow finds her self running into a young Paul McCartney from 1963. With the help of Paul and the rest of The...

    186 7 3

    Summer of 1974 The Beatles broke up 4 years ago, but two girls Michelle and Dana still fawn over them. Michelle finds out that the icon Lennon lives 2 hours away, so they go on a roadtrip to meet John. When they make it, it's going to be one trip they'll definitely remember.

  • I Guess I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
    1.4K 65 15

    "I don't want to sleep." "Why?" "Because I want all the time we've got." The year is 2016. 17 year old Jenny Wren is from Indiana and has an imaginary Friend named John Lennon. Her and John have been friends since she was 10. She has an obsession with the style and the era of the 60s. She loves the Beatles and keeps a...

  • Jokes And Memes That Only Potterheads Would Understand
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    Hi I'm Jullie and I'm a proud Potterhead and Ravenclaw! 😊😍👓⚡🐦 These jokes and memes that I found are from Google. Hope you'll enjoyed it (And somehow laughed and relate to them too).

  • Roxan ~ In My Life with the Beatles
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    This is Roxan's life the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. Crossing Paths with John as teens they meet properly as adults. John, Paul, George and Ringo come to play a major role in her life in many ways. Timeline is before, during and beyond the Beatles into solo. **Roxan ~ In My Life is a work of fict...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beatles Imagines
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    Simply what the title says it is! Hope you enjoy and if you'd like to write imagines for this book you can private message me an imagine and if I'll like it I'll put it in the book with credit!

  • Legacies: A 'Royal Series' Story (Kylo Ren x Reader)
    4.8K 374 14

    Set twenty years in the future, Adhara and Alula are finally beginning to grasp the power of the Force. Learning about their past and their families, they journey to discover what they will do and how they will find a place in the galaxy. Meanwhile, their younger brother is struggling to separate from his parents and...

  • A Day in the Life of the Beatles
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    A NEW EPISODE BROADCASTED EVERY SATURDAY! The Fab Four get their own reality show, complete with day-to-day happenings of Ringo, John, Paul, and George. Drama, personal stories, and potential shipping is present. What more could a Beatlemaniac ask for?

  • Beatles chat rooms!
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    The Beatles get their hands on a group chat site! Thanks to their manager Brian Epstein

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    ❝ all you need is love, love. love is all you need. ❞ simply a collection of cheesy imagines based on the classic rock band, the beatles [ includes all band members ] [ contains strong topics and language ] © goodoldies copyright 2017