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  • Yours Truly
    753K 23.8K 50

    You never know what restless nights at gym can do to total strangers. (Mature content!)

  • Netpals || Harry Styles
    625K 28.8K 57

    In which a lonely girl argues with a wise boy over the ending of an online romance book. (fan fiction 40) © 2014 fadoraharry_ All rights reserved. [credits to novemberrr_ for the lovely cover]

    Completed   Mature
  • Winter Air [H.S.]
    4.6M 133K 71

    They weren't expecting to fall in love. Their pasts prohibited it. Yet fate and the cold winter air had other plans. Opportunities will arise that will cause both to make the decision to either let love go or fight for what they want-- each other. [Harry Styles AU] All Rights Reserved © jhildey | 2013 || COMPLETED Th...

  • birds // hs
    934K 24K 69

    a grown man with unholy desires + a young girl just looking for a summer job = a tumultuous relationship filled with long nights, badly-kept secrets, and lots of clichés harry styles mature [daddy!kink and age difference]

    Completed   Mature
  • Rain | Harry Styles
    232K 5.6K 72

    "Love, like rain, can nourish from above, drenching couples with a soaking joy. But sometimes under the angry heat of life, love dries on the surface and must nourish from below, tending to its roots keeping itself alive." [cover by: @rowlipsticks] highest rankings: #1 in fiction #1 in harrystyles

  • Irresistible (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)
    1M 40.2K 98

    "And your eyes... irresistible." Starting your life over is hard enough on your own. But what happens when the world is suddenly watching when you become linked with one of the most sought-after and recognizable artists in the world? Highest Ranking: #21 Fanfiction (May 04 2018) #1...

  • Unlovable ☽ Styles
    21.4K 1.9K 45

    Baby Orion had a hard life being born into a gang and into a lifestyle that no little girl should be living. Eight years of doing time, she finally gets out and she starts living her life they way she always wanted and she meets a rockstar who simply wanted to be her friend and help her believe that she was worthy of...

  • Iridescent
    336K 7.3K 41

    UNDER HEAVY EDITING When you're fractured and broken, sometimes you need someone equally messed up, someone with broken edges that you can match your own shattered pieces with. Isobel and Harry fall for each other quickly. The problem is, Harrys secrets seem endless and he's reluctant to share them or let anyone in t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mercy
    6.7M 178K 63

    "We are the kids our parents warned us about." Teenage rebellion. Everyone goes through that stage, with similar to almost opposite outcomes. Teenagers are the most distraught of generations. The most raging for freedom and the most willing to fight for it. Serenity Carter plays with fire, and fire isn't as dangerous...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fool's Gold [h.s] - Completed
    178K 9K 57

    Ruby was red. She was the flaming fire and I was burning inside her. Sapphire is blue. And with one gaze, her ocean blue eyes saved me.

  • 24/7 [h.s.]
    9.3M 298K 101

    "Listen to me, princess. I've had enough of your attitude. We're both in hell here. So either suck it up or shut up. Do I make myself clear?" -- Emma Winston never expected her father to become President of the United States. When she got accepted into her dream school she never expected to have a secret service agen...

  • blow ~ h.s
    6.1K 362 13

    "such a pretty face, on a pretty neck" a story about a boy in a band and a girl with a little bit of time on her hands

  • Twist Of Fate // h.s.
    34.3K 3.2K 30

    A lonely girl and an angry boy. An argument that ends in tragedy. Chloe and Harry are thrown together by a cruel twist of fate; inextricably linked with no choice but to unite as they attempt to outrun the police. But they both have secrets that could threaten their liberty, and as the net closes in and they are forc...

  • If I Could Fly // h.s.
    112K 4.4K 37

    Amelia Radison, a 25 year old girl from a small town in the states travels across the Atlantic Ocean to escape "love", find family, and happens to meet a familiar face along the way. Harry Styles, member of the world sensation One Direction, makes for a very interesting traveling companion. Amelia is going to find ou...

  • Second Wind ☾Harry Styles
    242K 8.5K 33

    "Is that what you do? Ask girls to ride your bike and soon enough they're riding you? That's cute." MATURE ☾Harry Styles AU #280 in Fan Fiction. #4 in HS. #76 in Harry. SLOW UPDATES

  • Color Me (H.S)
    549K 19K 54

    Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. It took Carli a long time to get to this point in her life. Living in New York and being accepted at her dream college, New York Academy of Art. She had to work hard for everything she has, which to her is all worth it. Harry is the complete opposite. He's rich, ge...

    Completed   Mature
  • fight for control ↠ h.s. au
    114K 8.9K 67

    The fashion industry is a hard one to conquer and even harder to keep strapped between secure hands. Harry and Renleigh have worked all their lives to achieve something that only one of them could have: the top of the rank. But what happens when things get serious and one gives out? Who will be there for them to help...

  • Bad Blood (h.s.)
    1.2M 32K 102

    Book Song: Bad Blood by Sleeping At Last His eyes glowed. The emerald rimmed orbs dilating as he stares at me in the dark. The sense of intensity the eyes of the boy hold make me weak, losing all sense in knowing what to do. He moves closer, hands reaching out, encasing my own hand in his. He brings it to his lips and...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Boy Wore Black || Harry Styles
    156K 3K 42

    "Fame comes with a price, Harry. Yours is the inability to hide from your adoring public." ===== When I took a job at Wright Fashion House it was under the pretense that I would be working behind a screen, a computer screen. What I didn't plan on was meeting Harry Styles, a celebrity heart throb and that stupid bo...

    Completed   Mature
  • inamorata ― harry styles
    139K 4.5K 30

    ❝ I let myself believe you'll come to love me as much as you loved you're wife ―I've never been so wrong. ❞ In which she falls in love with an self centered asshole who uses her for his own sexual pleasures. 𝐁𝐎𝐎𝐊 𝐎𝐍𝐄 © -𝑠𝑜𝑓𝑡𝑑𝑜𝑙𝑙 | 2018

  • Books to Read
    36K 500 100

    Looking for a good book to read? No worries, just keep reading and you will find a book that you would soon love! *These are all books I have read/Still reading and I think these are awesome! Tell me what you think :)

  • Hit | H.S
    475K 13.6K 51

    She sees the man behind the stone cold face, and angry facade. In fact, she just might be the only person who believes he can be more than just an ex-con. •Contains sexual, violent, and other mature content, read at your own consent•

    Completed   Mature
  • Mosaic | H.S.
    29.8K 1.9K 16

    There are over 70 thousand apartment buildings and over a million residential apartments crammed into New York City's 300-square miles. One may say it was the low, yet still ridiculously high, rent at The Mare's Nest that drew her in. Or the fact it was within walking distance to her favorite used book store. She wou...

  • Concupiscence | HS | currently on hold
    27.8K 1.7K 45

    Concupiscence: [kon-kyoo-pi-suh ns, kong-] Noun 1. sexual desire; lust. 2. ardent, usually sensuous, longing. Nina St Pierre is an ambitious art student who loves her divorcing parents to bits, yet doesn't believe in any other kind of love. She only has one goal in life, to get a scholarship to a fancy P...

  • No Fury
    3.4M 159K 76

    The prince was born in his mother's lavish rooms three days before I emerged on the dingy floor of the ale house. He's a royal . . . she isn't. But the secret friendship that began in childhood grows into something much deeper -- and much more dangerous. Harry Styles and original character. Rated Mature for graphic...

    Completed   Mature
  • Decode
    11.2M 309K 41

    My thoughts you can't decode.. Sequel : Escape Route.

  • Dominant (Harry Styles)
    10.4M 189K 82

    She looked down at the contract in front of her, thinking of only one thing: She wanted to be with him, no matter what it took. "I'll sign it." *WARNING* - Contains many, many sex scenes, curse words, and BDSM relationship.

    Completed   Mature
  • Till Dawn (HS)
    904K 30.4K 23

    "To have her in his bed, in his arms, with her breath on his neck and her hair tickling the corners of his mouth -- he was finally able to think of his life as not only just a dark hole of violence. Maybe, just maybe, his life could mean something more." || mature hs fanfic. Cover credit to @pillow-case © highstylin