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  • BNHA Boyfriend Scenarios (Reader x Male Characters)
    461 30 14

    Fictional, boyfriend scenarios of your favorite Boku No Hero Academia/ My Hero Academia male characters edition with reader-chan.

  • Artbook
    91 4 3

    A collection of art drawn by yours truly

  • Author's book
    3.9K 180 9

    Meet the author, upcoming stories and little facts I want to share with you guys!

  • Captive special - STAMPEDE [Kid x reader]
    29.1K 1.5K 11

    The Kid Pirates join the popular Pirate Expo. Dragging birdie with them. The Captain and birdie, bonus book. [One Piece STAMPEDE movie adaptation] CELEBRATION FOR 1K+ FOLLOWERS!

    Completed   Mature
  • Roommates. {Birdie & Kyo}
    460 41 2

    This is a collaboration being created between myself and @AbyssCronica, involving Kyo and Birdie during a Modern AU where they become roommates, Birdie's name is Lotte in this story and she is Doflamingo's adopted daughter. The character is based off Birdie from Abyss' story 'Captive' a Eustass Kid x Reader story - w...

  • Unforeseen Fanart (spoilers)
    739 24 8

    (Art May contain spoilers) It makes my heart happy when I receive Fanart. I know how much time and effort it takes to create art and for that, I thank all of you. Each drawing will have the artist tagged. If you have drawn me art work and it is not found here, please, PLEASE, do not be offended. It is because I canno...

  • A chip off the old block - Law x Reader
    27.7K 1.1K 27

    In their travel through the New World, the Heart Pirates land in an island known for being covered by a thick fog once every hundred years. However, this fog hides a magical secret, and the Heart Pirates might be about to uncover it. Rated mature for the lemon chapter. This was the first multi-chapter fanfiction I wr...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fixpoint [Bartolomeo x reader x Kid]
    762 64 1

    This is basically a dream I had a few nights ago. Don't ask, I'm not even sure what it is, I just thought it was worth writing it down. [One Piece] [sci fi!AU] [angst]

  • His Name Was Thatch. {Thatch x Reader}
    509 70 1

    This one is a bit saaaad. I'm sorry. Anyways, hope you enjoy it regardless, I thought I'd post something whilst working on the 7 Minutes In Heaven shots just so I don't feel like I'm slacking so much. Besides, I was asked a couple of days back to do a Thatch or Marco one so, here's Thatch. Again, sorry I kinda...sta...

    Completed   Mature
  • No Longer A Baby. {Monkey D. Luffy x Reader}
    26.8K 1.5K 9

    So this one was requested, I don't intend on making it a very long story but we'll see where it goes. It's a Modern AU and Luffy will have four big brothers, I'll explain it for the newer readers so that everybody understands what I'm going for here. Luffy's growing up and finally found himself a girlfriend, that's y...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Nice Pirate. {Shanks x Reader}
    1.9K 158 2

    This just a oneshot while I work on other projects, it's based off of an existing background I made for someone else but of course, it'll have a few changes. I felt like this is necessary since I love Shanks and I always give him the misfortunes in my stories, whether he's losing his lover or cheating on her, so I wa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mission Dressrosa [Captive tie-in]
    37.7K 1.9K 14

    It was hard, going back being a marine. Several clinical examinations, both physical and psychological. All the lies. When Sakazuki ordered you to escort Admiral Fujitora to Dressrosa to assess Doflamingo's status, you gladly left New Marineford. It was supposed to be a quick, easy mission, after all. Of course, you s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Plus Ultra! [My Hero Academia imagines]
    460 34 3

    My Hero Academia characters x reader one shots

  • Starting from death - Law x Reader
    140K 7.7K 160

    Trafalgar Law is defeated during a fight against the marines and, with no will to live, accepts his destiny. But fate has other plans for him; his destiny is not what he thinks. Where is he now? Is he actually dead? Will he ever return? Long, long, LONG story, loads of fluff, some lemons and smut, very occasional cur...

  • F A N A R T
    2.2K 114 14

    Fanart from my books by lovely Fans! Thank you for all your work :D

  • Affection 2
    4.4K 219 8

    Part 2 of the first Affection book. If you haven't read that book please go and read I'm not going to explain what happened during mention times. Please and thank you :D. ASL boys are now older and this is where the romance starts

  • Fixation (Marco x Single Mom Reader)
    7.5K 384 8

    You read correctly. A Marco x Single mom Reader yall! Summary: Marco has lived most of his milestone, however, being relieved of his responsibilities as a brother and a caretaker has left him a large void in his life. That is until he meets you the reader finding another purpose in life to care for you, but you bein...

  • Darling, so it goes
    6.7K 323 8

  • The Maid. {Vampire!Sabo x Reader}
    26K 1.7K 20

    I'll start this off as a oneshot and see if I can add to it as time progresses. Admittedly, I'm a little rusty since It's been a while since I've written anything (my own fault completely ^^') but I'll try my best and try to keep brainstorming ideas to make it into a lengthy story. So, this is a Sabo x Reader since I'...

  • Hidden (Kid x Reader; Cyberpunk AU)
    3.1K 253 7

    The job was simple. Sneak into a high security prison, steal some important files, and then get paid. Nothing you haven't done before. Unfortunately, a band of raiders is about to make things a little complicated. *Warning! Mature Content *I don't own cyberpunk or one piece or claymore

  • Pumpkin pie [Drake x reader x Kid] [HIATUS]
    6.2K 429 9

    A stable relationship was the only way you could escape your mother's crazy wedding plans. Too bad it was waaay more complicated than you hoped. [Charlotte!reader] [modern!AU]

  • Emperors [dad!Kid x mom!reader]
    32.2K 1.3K 11

    What if scenario set into a future where you and Kid have children. Contains one shots and series. The Captain and birdie, bonus book. CELEBRATION FOR 300 FOLLOWERS!

  • Bigamy (Ace x Reader x Sabo) -Complete-
    47.2K 1.8K 48

    A series of how reader met and married, Sabo and Ace

    Completed   Mature
  • One Piece x Reader
    106K 2.2K 36

    All One Piece x Reader one shots/drabbles/lemons etc. I am open for requests :D If you've read my previous OP stories that were separate here they are now mashed up in this one book to make room and make things easier. Just cleaning up.

  • Doflamingo X Chubby Reader Soulmates AU
    7K 191 11

    The reader doesn't believe in the existence of soulmates. She believes the idea itself is preposterous and openly scoffs at the idea. What happens when she meets her soulmate, and he turns out to be the last person she ever would have thought she could fall in love with?

  • Once Bitten, Twice Shy [[Kid X Reader X Ace]]
    4K 286 23

    So you've had a rough couple days.....attacked in an bit through your favorite shirt....all you wanted was as a stiff drink and cute face to forget it all. But with the upcoming events to unfold, you were gonna get that and then some. **Yo, this is a first for me, so bear with me. This is an AU/OOC type...

  • Logical Ruse [Aizawa x reader]
    2.6K 208 4

    "I guess it's hard to love, when you can't even look at someone in the eyes." "Good. For pro heroes, love is irrational." And yet you fall.

  • Moments of the Grand Line
    20.7K 829 10

    Collection of One Piece x reader one shots. I may slip in some character x character. I don't take requests, I don't do OCs. Contains a bonus OS with Kid and birdie.

  • Making Up For Lost Time: Zoro x Reader (Modern AU! Lemon)
    1.5K 54 2

    Short AU lemon with Zoro *I don't own one piece*

    Completed   Mature
  • Red Bullets (Bounty Hunter Kid x Detective Reader)
    23.3K 1.5K 22

    Plagued with trust issues and a difficult past, you work alone as a Grand City P.D. detective. But that may change with the new murder case you've been assigned to. *Irregular updates and will contain some violence and lemons in later chapters* *I don't own one piece or cover art*