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    Sarah was engaged to be married in two months but the capital disaster befalls. Sarah, with her disabled and fragile parents meet their fate. Discover the challenges of Sarah and Jamal in this jungle of a city as they meet the DISASTER in the CAPITAL. Will she be able to get through this in one piece? Will he see the...

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    This is where you can find details of contests currently running on Wattpad both directly by us, and by our wonderful Community profiles. Some will have prizes, some will be specific to countries or genres or themes, some will simply showcase your work on a wonderful reading list. But all our contests will get you thi...

  • Talking to the Moon ✔
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    | Previously Featured | | Book One of the Moon Chronicles | "To hear, one must be silent." The Power of the tongue and intelligence of a human being is what makes them different from God's other creations. It is what makes them powerful, it is what makes the human being rule every other creation. But they forge...

  • Planned By Him(an islamic love story)
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    Hasna Farookh is a 18 year old Muslim girl who became a better muslim, or should we say real muslim, and changed her ways after a vision. But when nobody likes the new her, she decides to leave her hometown and shifts to another city. Zahir Yusuf is a 19 year old muslim boy who was adopted by a christian family at the...