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  • Destined to be yours. |Re-writing.|
    354K 1.2K 11

    "I was just 3 when I first saw you. I don't remember anything other than you being in your father's arms. I never knew when I became so lucky. So lucky to have you all for me. Our parents decided our destiny. They decided to make us for eachother, when we were just 10 and 7. I dont know and neither I realised when you...

    Completed   Mature
  • He Felt Like A Storm ||Wattys2018 ||Wattys2019
    1.2M 60.5K 86

    The story is of two individuals Siddharth Khanna and Anusha Singh. Both were gems to their parents, both spoiled, both stubborn, friends adored them and siblings love them. Like something very unexpected happens whenever you were least expecting it to be, exactly the same way, the marriage bomb was thrown on to thei...

  • Falling in LOVE after Marriage
    507K 18.5K 65

    #1 ranking in #Tamil (15-11-18) #1 ranking in #Anushka (15-11-18) #1 ranking in #Watty2019 (07-02-19) #1 ranking in #India (06-05-19) #31 ranking in #Life (16-06-19) This story is about two middle-class Tamil people. Prabhu and Janaki. Prabhu - A 24 years old good Tamil man, who respects his parents. He is kind & l...

  • My Vulnerary Husband ✔
    161K 4.7K 13

    Innaya Kapoor, granddaughter of late Mr. Viraj Kapoor agrees to disagree with the concept of love. So obviously, marriage is off limit, driven by her own experiences of relationships. Worried for his granddaughter, Mr. Kapoor before passing away, chooses an alliance for her, she is unaware of. Six months past his demi...

  • From Hell To Heaven (Completed) ✔️
    1.6M 78.3K 87

    Highest rank #1 in general fiction continuously for five months. This is the story of Akash and Dharani. Akash means sky and Dharani means earth.... He came to me and held my hair again and made me look at him. "Don't you dare to question me again or else I will make you regret for it" he said to me dangerously and sl...

  • Avneil FF
    81K 6.7K 55

    This is a story of Avneil post the jail track. Their journey to overcome their guilt, their flaws and embrace their love and look forward to a beautiful life together! Earlier posted on IF and now thought I'd post here!:)

    877K 22.2K 64

    ketika is 19 years old turning to 20. She is from an upper-middle class south indian girl. With easy going girl character. yashwanth is 24 years old turning to 25. He is a billionaire class north indian boy. With bossy boy character. what happens when this two from different socities is put together in a wedlock? P...

  • Journey
    159K 10.8K 67

    The whole idea of the story is based on the TV Show Naamkarann of Star Plus. But the main essence of it, the whole plot of Dayawanti Mehta and the illegitimacy of Avni does not exist. Its just the story of Neil (who have lost faith in love after losing his first love, Juhi) and Avni ( who also had no idea of love of a...

    125K 7.9K 61

    When Avni left home and Neil is showing little to no interest in searching for her. The families tired of Neil's indifference after he left for Auckland decided to look for her themselves. What will happen when the families discover that Neil never went to Auckland but Goa? what will the families reaction be when the...

    213K 5.1K 37

    (To-be-published) Highest Rank - #1 in #naamkarann #courtship #avneil #adiza #aditirathore #zainimam #arrangedmarriage #avni #neil #2 in Millionaire #21 in Fanfiction. An age old Romance saga of A Millionaire, set in the backdrops of Arranged Marriage filled with bumpers of Mysteries. How amidst twisted turn of event...

  • AvNeil SS : "Dus Din Ladki In.!" ✔
    23.5K 2.4K 15

    Highest Rank #15 in short story What happens when U discover U have A Secret Admirer.? Someone Is There for You, Silently Looking for You, Pampering all throughout. How do You React to Such Sudden Development in Ur Life.? Tune in To Know.!!