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  • Song Lyrics.
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    Feel Free to request songs. For Those who want more lyrics go to my new Lyric book. I can make more than 200 lyric chapters.

  • Natsu Dragneel X Reader- Alone
    9.8K 170 6

    -I got separated from my brother- -My dragon left to protect me- Please don't leave me, I don't want to be alone anymore. I felt darkness consume me as I saw familiar faces from my past. I looked with terror as they got closer and they smiled wider and darker. My body was almost fully consumed in darkness before a fla...

  • Legends Return
    2.8K 41 5

    Will the new generation of Beyblade be able to defeat some legends from the past?

  • Beyblade-Hybrid Adventure
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    What happens between the series of Beyblade? What if Tsubasa ended up within America instead of investigating in Japan and into tournaments? A story that could happen within a secret and requires a girl who could be caught into the between of two creatures to conquer her will. But one boy who came as her proof of huma...

    Completed   Mature
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    Just a random collection of zodiac and astrology stuff. *Cover does not belong to me nor the book content, just things that i found on tumblr and other websites

  • Netflix Recommendations
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    Hello ! This is where I recommend movies and tv shows that are all on Netflix. I've seen these all and wouldn't recommend them unless they were worth watching. I try to add movies and shows I feel not a lot of people may heard of. I have selections of movies in the genres (Horror, Rom-Coms, Comedy, and Drama) I've a...

  • List of All Barbie Movies
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    ❤Barbie: Complete Collection❤

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  • My Sketchbook
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    Here you can see some of my sketches (good or bad!) and comment with constructive criticism or just plain old compliments. If you like them you can always vote (you don't have to, though). If you don't feel like doing anything and you just want to stare at the sketches, that's fine too. Have fun! (Warning: most of the...

  • Songs Of The Snowflake Prince
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    My personal song playlist.

  • Crimson Completes Me (Yugioh 5D's)
    7.8K 160 9

    Head, Arm, Wings, Leg, Tail. All pieces brought together in 5 marks to form an existence of great importance. But theres no existence that can live without a beating heart. ********* I'll start it off simple for you. My name is Skylar Armina and I've lived in the Satellite my entire life. Unlike a lot of people here...

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Custom Decks
    7.9K 132 19

    Just my own decks, I'll upload different cards and if you do want to use them you may. Ask first though and please, mention me. That sounds like I want attention I DON'T. It's just I don't want people to just think you made the Archetype. That's all I ask if you do want to use my cards.

  • How To Train Your Dragon Beastiary
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    All the dragons from How To Train Your Dragon

  • How to train your Dragon fanfic, The Silver Frost.
    75 1 2

    Iris is a SilverFrost, an ancient dragon breed known to live on a mysterious mountain, where no human has ever laid eyes on, they have never been tamed before, all of them too vicious to tame, but what will happen when Iris gets captured by the citizens of Berk, Will she become the first tamed Silverfrost or the Queen...

  • How To Mend A Broken Heart
    417K 15.1K 53

    [WARNING: Bad grammer, spelling errors, cringy writing, terrible stuff] Something tragic happens to a girl that makes her alone & she has to fight to survive with an intelligent night fury by herside. The girl with the night fury is very smart & dedicated to what she does. She's funny, smart, and many more. You may be...

  • Brave Twins
    10.6K 216 4

    Merida and Erin are inseparable, despite their constant bickering. They are always together, they share a room, and the last time they were separated they were crying when they reunited. Really, to be completely honest, it was dangerous to separate them. Merida's temper got out of control, and Erin's bad habit of bein...

  • Symmetry [Soul Eater Fanfic]
    293K 9.7K 43

    Death the Kid was sent to do a mission only reapers can handle. But some twist happened. The enemy was really symmetrical. He can't even dare to attack. He was about to die when some girl spared him,killing the enemy who was supposed to end the young shinigami. Kid was about to give his thanks when the girl left with...

  • Chained to Fate
    278 18 1

    Tatisrion the Unchained, chained by fate to be a half breed, unloved and unwanted by Dragon kind. Sakura Heminoa, a girl whose past is shrouded in mystery, always alone, always judged, always spiteful for believing that her parents had thrown her away. What happens when the hunt for the truth brings two beings who nev...

  • ➳ Naruto's Fun Closet ➳
    138K 2.8K 44

    Naruto invited you over his house to play 7 Minutes In Heaven. Oh, and the Akatsuki will be there too? Just hope nothing bad happens. × Plus some other stories ! × Sorry for grammar and spelling, I was 12 when I wrote this. But I'll be fixing it. So under editing! × × Might be continued ×

    Completed   Mature
  • Forgotten Memories
    25.3K 986 16

    Haruka, the daughter of Pein has lost her memories after a battle with Deidara to save Gaara. She stays in Sunagakure, not knowing who she really is. She becomes a jonin of the Hidden Sand and everything in her life is perfect. On a mission to escort Gaara to another village, the Akatsuki appear and they realize she d...

  • WHAT! My Father is Kakashi (Kakashi's Daughter)
    15.5K 320 20

    Hello my name Kanna Hatake I was raised with out a father and my mother died two weeks ago. I looked through her pictures and I saw a man no more than 30 years old has silver hair with a mask over his face. I flip the picture over and saw writing over it. it says Kakashi Hatake from Hidden in the leaves in Kahona vill...

  • Sasuke X Child Reader
    6.1K 90 4

    Sasuke's Daughter!?

  • Blind Uchiha
    1.4K 39 9

    Umm everything explained in story but for short this is a story about a blind Uchiha who's Itachi's daughter and yeah everything else in story.Disclamier I do not own Naruto

  • Scroll 1: The Demon Within |Naruto| |Reader Insert|
    261K 9.7K 37

    A young girl from Konohagakure who's literally batshit crazy. A girl who lost almost everyone and thing at the mere age of eight(8). A girl who uses way too many references and calls everyone really stupid, yet humorous names. A girl who's hated throughout the village, but loved at the same time (somehow). A girl who...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kyubi no kitsune ~kurama's daughter ~ (various! naruto x reader)
    8.5K 129 4

    what happens when there are more powerful beast than ten tailed beast and at the same time its the daughter of kurama????How its happen??? if you want to know, you should read this story... Various x reader... P/s : naruto belongs to masashi kishimoto while oc belongs to me... Hahaha... N sorry for my bad english... I...

  • the fox within (a naruto fanfiction)
    206 8 2

    Haruka Akashia is a fox she is kurama's daughter she was born the same day kurama attacked the leaf village due to her power her mother Lurai took her away so she would be safe

  • All My Gratitude [Pokémon Short Story]
    3.4K 288 7

    Cynthia Shirona is Sinnoh's Pokémon Champion and perhaps the strongest Trainer in the world. Her love of mythology, battling, and her strength are what earned her fame. But where, or who, did it all stem from? There has to be an answer. After all, every great artist has a muse. •2nd place winner of the 2018 Pokémo...

  • Daughter of The Mummy {A Mummy Fanfiction}
    1.4K 55 2

    Acenith is the daughter of Imhotep, and she is also a priestess of Osiris, and this is her story. What is her role? What kind of information can she give the others? And was Imhotep always the way he was?