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    You were never more scared in your life. You watched as he loaded the gun, standing there defenselessly. Your body was filled with fear as you stood there, waiting. It was almost as if you were waiting for your own death. He pulled the trigger. You were expecting pain, only to feel nothing. Confusion rushed through yo...

  • midnight man
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    two teens Alex and Leyton decide to do the midnight man challenge but end up breaking all the rules.

  • Peter Parker X Reader ~ Fanboy
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    Completed ✅ Part 2 out now! Y/n l/n also known as Nymph one of the strongest Avengers. Peter Parker also known as Spiderman was recently recruited by Tony Stark. Y/n hasn't seen Peter ever since the battle at the airport in Berlin, things for them didn't really kick off. But once Tony sends her off in Queens to ch...

  • Love Shack | Graphics and Aesthetics Shop
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    Graphics and Aesthetics Shop Including: - character aesthetics - book aesthetics - covers - banners

  • Together Again (A Supernatural FanFic) DISCONTINUED
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    Book 1 Danielle has known the Winchesters ever since she was three. She was even there for Mary's death. What adventures will Sam, Dean, and Danielle go on along their way to find John? I'm absolutely horrible at descriptions. I'll put more information on Danielle and her background in the beginning of the story...

  • A Poisoned Heart
    1.6K 315 10

    There are too few words to describe the radiance, the inequity, the monstrosity that is known as Catherine Sinclair, Queen of Death. So treacherous is she to behold that a single touch can inspire suffering, misery, and even pain. However, it isn't from her merciless personality that makes her wicked, but her flawless...

  • BTS Nursery Rhymes
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    The new kind of nursery rhymes!

  • The JiBooty Pledge
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    For all A.R.M.Y who love the jibooty

  • Golden cage /Bill cipher X reader/
    66K 2.7K 25

    Sequel to " gods eye, ghostly sight" this is the official sequel. There is an alternative sequel that fallows what happens in the alternate ending to " gods eye, ghostly sight " called " escaping God" which is a dipper X reader.

  • Gods eye, Ghostly sight/ Bill cipher X reader/
    371K 12.7K 44

    / COMPLETED/ The reader's mother sends reader to gravity falls after paying off a man known as Stan pines to take good care of the reader for her, the reader befriends dipper and Mabel only to be greeted by none other then bill cipher himself. The reader makes a deal unknowingly locking herself in a merry-go-round wi...

  • [read description before reading!!] bound to you ; bill cipher x reader
    666K 24.4K 55

    ‼️[on hold, old and mostly unedited. a re-written version is now up on my page and will be updated regularly. name; connected]‼️ It's been almost 3 years. Gravity Falls continued it's life after the catastrophe that happened almost 3 years ago. This Summer, a 16 year old girl named (Y/n) (L/n) took a trip to Gravity F...

  • Top Hat Over Heels For Her (Human! BillxReader)
    85.4K 2.8K 24

    You are (y/n) (l/n), and you're visiting your friends Dipper and Mabel in their permanent home in gravity falls. They moved there after crying and complaining to their parents for a full year after leaving the first time, so they now live with their grunkle Stan's. You now also live with them because you don't have ma...

  • Human Bill Cipher x Reader Part 2
    19.5K 793 18

    A year after Bill gave her to Dipper, she has major depression and causes her entire room to explode. She runs away in hope to keep the Pines safe, only to run into none other than Bill Cipher. Part 2 of My first book.

  • South Side Preferences, One shots, and more. (SLOW UPDATES)
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    Read it you know you want to, come join the fun side 😏

  • Riverdale's Serpent's imagines
    290K 4.6K 29

    Fan fiction FP Jones x reader imagines Jughead Jones x reader imagines Sweet pea x reader imagines Fangs Fogarty x reader

  • Sweet Pea Imagines [COMPLETED]
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    Exactly what the title says I'll take requests anytime just HMU. And hopefully you'll love it!!! :)

  • Southside Serpents Imagines
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    Imagines with all of the boys from the Southside Serpents! Imagines, preferences, or short imagines. Feel free to leave requests, I will give you credit. DO NOT DO PERSONAL IMAGINES (with few exceptions) (Mostly going to be Sweet Pea imagines)

  • ASSEMBLE ✦ avengers chatroom
    2.4M 107K 176

    Chatroom Oneshots featuring the Avengers and the reader with special guest appearances from Deadpool, the X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as crossovers from the Justice League. Completed! Book two is now up, VALHALLA (marvel social media).

  • ▷ Jack Kline One Shots
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    Various one shots of that precious little nephilim who loves his nougat and coke ;) Copyright 2017-2018 © All Rights Reserved [Jack Kline/OC] [Supernatural] 🚫smut free one shots🚫 || Highest Rank - #1 in Alexander Calvert, #2 in Jack Kline, & #1 in JackKlinexReader ||

  • Supernatural Jack Kline Imagines
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    WARNING: Season 13 Spoilers!! Sorry if it's not that good. My first x reader one shot/imagine book :) And If you want to request, just comment on the latest chapter

  • Without You─Human!Will Cipher X Reader [DISCONTINUED]
    5K 179 24

    Discontinued! Feel free to read through, though. Hey, my name is Y/N M/N Cryptogram. I know, a silly last name, but what can I say? If you ask me who I am and why I have that last name, I can assure you that I'm human. My father just made that last name up when he had the chance to change his name. Eh, who cares? Anyw...

  • Welcome to the Mindscape [Bill X Reader X Dipper]
    88.8K 2.9K 42

    What happens when two guys fall in love with one girl? Ahaha, it's not what you think. One guy is a thousand year old demon, and the other is a twelve-year-old human boy. So, who do you think will win the heart of the beloved READER!! Edit: 12/23/17 I,, damn I haven't checked this book in a long time and whoa?? 66k re...

  • Start Of Time [Will Cipher X Reader] (discontinued)
    1K 57 9

    Without You ─ Will Cipher x Reader Rewrite. "Who are you?" Just a small question can scare the wits out of him, and you were concerned and surprised. This was the first that you've met anyone this fragile. Keep him or dispose of him? Started on: 3 December 2017 Published on: 12 December 2017 Completed on: 17 November...

  • Stellatar
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    As walked through the crowd of people searching for another myth stories or even legend,I felt a hand grab my wrist and whisper come with me it said as I ducked, dodged the people in the crowd i came to a field hello the shadowy figure said to me.

  • Blue | Lance X Reader
    38.6K 1.7K 12

    When you are held captive by the Galra, after attempting to once again free alien prisoners, you are beaten and tortured for your crimes against the empire. You thought you were at your end, but you are found in your cell by the blue paladin of Voltron, Lance McClain, who decides to take you back to the Castle of Lion...

  • Thing Called Life | Keith X Reader
    221K 7.1K 34

    Keith X Reader | (Y/N) becomes a co-pilot at the Garrison in order to prove that her brother didn't die in vain, due to his co-pilot messing up their mission. All is going fine with your new team before you discover Shiro, a member of the Kerberos mission has come back to Earth, and had shocking news about a weapon na...

  • The Red Paladin {Keith x Reader}
    234K 8.4K 32

    (Y/N)'s world is turned upside down when she meets Keith Kogane and the Paladins of Voltron. Voltron is the Universe's Legendary Defender. What will that mean for (Y/N) when she is asked to be a part of the team? Will she stay or will she go?

  • Voltron One Shots
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    Just read the title you bench Cover made by the lovely @Aliyagaming

  • How I Came To Be (An Autobiography Of An Fictional Character)
    23 3 2

    A story of my OC's life. The story is set in the Shadow World (from books by Cassandra Clare). P.S I'm referring to an alternate dimension where my character exist so every event won't be the same from the book series, the tv series, or the movie.

  • Running
    22 7 3

    Oliver wants a normal life. Lucas wants a better life. Rei just wants to be happy. But when one of these boys lives is turned upside down, the world changes forever.