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  • Yours
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    Taehyung has two mates. Now he has to choose one. //BOOK TWO//. cover isn't mine cr; to owner

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    "you may act all big and bad, but when I press my body against yours, you submit." "I - I fuck you." [COMPLETED] NUMBER 12 IN #BULLY > FEBRUARY 4TH, 2020.

    Completed   Mature
  • 𝚒𝚖 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚐𝚊𝚢 : 𝚋𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚘𝚗
    6.1K 174 19

    in which he says he isn't gay but still falls in love

  • CARVALLE: School Of Psychopaths [BxB] 18+
    2.8M 140K 64

    "Let's play a game. If you win, we'll answer all of your questions." "If I lose?" "You become our toy." "Are you crazy?" "Isn't that the reason we're here?" CARVALLE DETENTION INSTITUTE: a high security school funded by the wealthiest Mafia to ever exist, meant to house only the world's most dangerous delinquents. M...

  • his one wish || a mattia x kairi story.
    94.4K 3.1K 27

    mattia polibio is one of the most sought after tiktokkers. on the screen, he's the straight, cocky, and oh-so tough soccer player. behind the screen, though, is someone that is saved only for his closest friends. the amount he cares for his jersey boys is unmatchable, especially for one mixed japanese boy. when a vid...

  • Just A Little Shy (Anthony, Jaden, Griffin)
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    Anthony struggles to admit to his friends an embarrassing secret that leads to a surprising sexual revaluation and hopefully a relationship Warning there will be smut

  • Crab Supremacist || NamjoonxBTS
    8.3K 449 3

    Kim Namjoon, a college student who's studying Marine Life, accidentally got himself some sugar daddies. Started: September 29, 2018 Ended:

  • the memories; mattia & kairi
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    [boy x boy]

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    book 2 of FATE Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung just got out of school for summer. Yoongi graduated. Namjoon released the mixtape and his relationship with Jin. Hoseok continues to flirt with Yoongi. Everything seems happy. Their senior year looks bright and fun. Until it's not.

  • FATE // vminkook
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    Taehyung gets abused. Jungkook is poor. Jimin is rich. Fate brings them together, and they seem to find comfort in each other.

  • DOM // vkook
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    [vkook] Jungkook is hard, tough, and strict. He's an idol by day, dom by night. Girls all over the world are in love with the bad boy singer. Taehyung is a senior in high school, oblivious and sweet, and he's very unpopular. Taehyung has never had someone to care for him since his parents are always busy and he doesn'...

  • 𝕹𝖔𝖙 𝕳𝖚𝖒𝖆𝖓
    290K 25.5K 53

    Jungkook encounters 6 mysterious people, who he learns aren't really people at all. STARTED: 6/13/19 ENDED: 11/1/19

  • perfume ; kth + jjk
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    he smelled of freesia and vanilla

  • moonbeams.
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    delicate moonbeams and yellow paint stains. for ;; taegguk. warning ;; this is my first work so it's pretty cringe. please be aware of this before reading.

  • My Crush|| {#WATTYS 2018}
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    You never noticed me, but I noticed you. You always sit in front of me in every class. You always talked, but not to me. The only time you have ever spoken to me was when I was standing in your way. You never noticed that I love you, but everything changed on that one fateful day. ♦SHOUTOUT TO: @ARMYAlice wh...

  • 𝙛𝙤𝙣𝙙 🎟
    484K 25.6K 41

    𝐓𝐀𝐄𝐆𝐆𝐔𝐊. in which jeongguk is crushing on his best friend

  • TIME & PLACE | vmk.
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    Soulmates. From the moment you're born, a specific date and time is placed on your body, etched into your skin. The exact moment in time when you'll meet your soulmate. What happens when you happen to have more than one? ©GOTHTAE | 2018

  • pen pal(s)
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    Taehyung is assigned a pen pal. He's pleasantly surprised when he gets two instead of one. But he's a little shocked when they're the two most popular and stuck up guys from another school, Jeongguk and Jimin.

    Completed   Mature
  • My little hybrids- Yoonseokmin
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    Living in a alley for almost their whole lives, until... Yoongi and Jimin find this very nice human. Jung Hoseok takes Yoongi and Jimin to his house and gets them cleaned up, letting them live with him.

  • Arranged Marriage
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    The fiancé of Kim Taehyung's's younger sister spends three weeks in his future in-laws house to get used to what it will be like after they're finally married. Taebecomes close with the boy,and begs to stop the arranged marriage before the wedding when the boy admits he doesn't want to marry her. {NOW EDITING}

  • Sunflowers and Rings [under-editing]
    105K 4.7K 98

    Taehyung and Jungkook were the best of friends everywhere they went they went together taehyung was a small farm boy and jungkook the son of a mafia boss.Until one day jungkook was forced to move and leave his dear best friend behind and only left taehyung a ring. Years later Jungkook was now the mafia boss and Taehyu...

  • 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙜 𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚
    217K 9.7K 36

    jeongguk, the schools popular quarterback, falls in love with taehyung, a cute and smol bean that's too innocent for this world. ❗️WARNING❗️ • fluff • some angst • basic this is FICTION. writing about taekook is simply for fun and is in no way trying to forcefully push the ship onto others or bts themselves. i am not...

  • || Instagram || [Jikook]
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    Jimin is a famous model.. Jungkook is a normal teen who barely show his face in IG Age Jimin 26 Jungkook 19 (😝) Height jm- 6' 0 Jk- 5' 6 @copyrights of the picts to there right owner There gonna be picts that aren't them but that they kinda look like them and picts that are editing too, and some of them to...

    Completed   Mature