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  • The Dragon Prince Imagines
    16.6K 214 8

    Behold! A fan fiction on The Dragon Prince! I will be writing scenarios of each character either requested by you, or some of my own ideas! I'll try to make this as gender neutral as I can! 😁👍🏻⭐️ Warning: Slow updates cause school is hell. Slowly, but surely! Established September 24th I am open to any new cover...

  • Voltron High School (Rewriting!)
    14.1K 497 18

    (Currently Rewriting!!) Lance is a new kid at Voltron High School,and he only knows two other students:Hunk and Pidge (or Katie,but he doesn't know about that yet) and he seems to have trouble fitting in anywhere. Then he slowly starts to learn more about the high school and some of the people there

  • Voltron: Legendary Defenders X Reader Oneshots!
    608K 12.6K 30

    Yeah! If you're totally obsessed with these totally adorably and hilarious characters like I am, this is the book for you! I guarantee you'll enjoy these. Cause I will/am writing them. I just love them. ||Rules I Guess|| (Y/N) = Your Name (H/C) = Hair Color (E/C) = Eye Color (H/L) = Hair Length (F/C) = Fav Color (F/F)...