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  • The Irony of Being a Hero
    46.4K 1.1K 1

    Felix Welter is a superhero. In the safest, most normal town in America. Did someone say 'be yourself'?

  • Guardian Angel
    4.2K 883 35

    You're just another doll in this world of masquerade. What can you offer to this world? That's what Alexa Ikari thought too. Since the terrors that her nation had, had to suffer and an incident which left the mark of a voice to haunt her mind she's always been used to forcing a smile on her face. Until one day her wor...

  • The Mysterious Hero
    946K 24.7K 35

    During the day she's shy, quiet, and reserved. But during the night she's beautiful, confident, and a secret kick-ass hero. She's Lila Tyler. From capturing criminals to saving lives, it's kind of hard to keep up, especially when you're just a high school student. But somehow Lila manages it. How can one girl save th...

    326K 19.7K 29

    What do you do when your life suddenly turns into a comic book? There are people with superpowers flying around, giant monsters attacking downtown, and a secret society determined to take over the world. Mackenzie Reyes never wanted to be a hero but when a cute boy wearing a mask flies up to her window begging for her...

  • True Sidekick - *Sequel to Hero by Day
    95.5K 7.4K 25

    Aden Dashner is thinking that he just might have superpowers. After an accident a week ago, he now seems to be stronger than he was before - like, superhuman strong. Aden's long-time bully, Dylan Danvers, was also in the same accident, and he seemed to get off clean with no powers, until a mysterious new super villa...

  • Psychic
    259K 14.1K 27

    Liv Chase might've seemed like any normal fifteen year old, well that is until you learn that she's a foster kid who's been able to read minds all her life. Only Liv's best friend Bella and her father know about Liv's gift. It's not something you'd want to flaunt around like it's a medal unless you yearn to be shipp...

  • The Anthem Force Chronicles
    402K 22K 81

    Being a teenager is hard enough. Try balancing friends, school, and crushes all while saving the world on the side. Dante Caslon is just your average, teenage... superhero? She has the mask, she has the codename, and she has the team. There's just one problem: she's missing the powers. In a world where people can lif...

  • Mr. Forgettable #Wattys2016
    284K 17.8K 38

    Larkin Knolls is a superhero. Combine that with being a sophomore in high school, and she's got her calendar booked. Homework, crime fighting, and the occasional binge movie marathon leave her no free time. At all. When a series of assassination attempts occur in her town, Larkin knows something's up. Only another su...

  • Villain at Night *Third Book To Hero by Day
    78K 6.2K 31

    Mary Thompson is alive. How? Oliver Storm doesn't know. All he knows is that somehow she's come back and isn't the same as she was before. His best friend, Ian Thompson, doesn't know what to think. Olly was a superhero and never told even him. Plus, Oliver kind of caused the not-so-death of his sister. And Oliver...

  • Heroes wear Capes
    62.9K 4.6K 24

    su.per /ˈso͞opər/ (noun): 1. A person who shows exceptional ability or powers. 2. (Of a person who uses powers) a superhero or super villain. Xander Mendez wants nothing more than to be a superhero. Like, who wouldn't want to save their city with extraordinary superpowers? Trevor Rossi wants nothing more than to be...

  • Damsel in Distress
    558K 30K 23

    "It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's just some idiot in spandex." Arabella Jones is your average American teenage girl, she even lives in one if America's most prosperous cities, Empire City, California. She's a sucker for the performing arts and owns two bookcases full of young adult novels. Well maybe she's not so m...