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  • Lady Tanaka
    5.6M 150K 62

    [Complete | Edited] Tanaka Trilogy #2 Let me show you how Tanakas play.

  • Ang Mutya Ng Section E (Part Two) The Dark Side
    35.1M 1.1M 148

    **Jay-jay. She's the only girl. They adore her so much. Protect her no matter what. But what if, the girl they thought they knew is not what they really think she is. **Section E They are more than friends and classmate for her. She always help them. She will fight with or for them. But what if, everything she thou...

  • Who Is That NERD?!
    51.6K 1.9K 38

    A girl who wanted her life to be quiet and peaceful since she wanted to change her self, but people always notice her. They call her Nerd, A Scholar Girl, And many more. She's smart,Friendly, Happy person and ofcourse she Loves reading books that's why they call her a nerd but it's all just a show because she doesn'...

  • The Four Bad Boys And Me
    85.1K 5.3K 1

    Written by blue_maiden.

  • DETECTIVE FILES. File 1 (Published under PSICOM)
    15.9M 503K 55

    Crimes. Mystery. Clues. Detectives. Deductions. Love story. Detective Files. File 1 Written by: ShinichiLaaaabs (FILE 1 of 3)

    13.7M 463K 62

    More crimes, baffling codes and clues. New mystery, same detectives, different deductions. Join Gray and Amber as well as the other characters in discovering the one and only truth. Detective Files (File 2 of 3) Written by: ShinichiLaaaabs. Must Read: Detective Files. File 1 (COMPLETED) Originally Published: 07/11/16...

    10.6M 404K 66

    So she tasted the deep pain that is reserved only for the strong. Crimes. Clues. Mysteries. Deductions. Detective Files (File 3) Written by Shinichilaaaabs File 3 of 3 Published: November 22, 2016 Republished: 10/10/17

  • 23:57
    827K 33.6K 39

    May urban legend sa Shibuya na tuwing sasakay ka sa last train ng 23:57, ay magsisimulang magbago ang buhay mo. Note: ~ A paranormal story na isinulat ko habang nasa train station ako ng Shibuya (Tokyo). ~ Check out the ALAGAD story for extension of this story. It talks about Rio Sakurada's point of view and story...

  • 11/23
    5.8M 217K 28

    A (not-so) hopeless romantic writer. A weird (not-so-much of a) stranger. A lot of (denying) feelings in between. A (continuation of the online) connection that ends on 11 / 23.

  • Valentine Girl
    36.1K 1.9K 15

    Si Vera Cheng ay member ng No Boyfriend Since Birth Society. Magka-boyfriend kaya siya bago mag-Valentine's Day? Valentine Girl is a light romance fiction inspired by the Valentine Season.

  • Dream Girl by Dyosa Maldita (Published by Bookware Publishing Corporation)
    189K 4.2K 54

    "Meron ka bang crush? Nagugustuhan? Subject of your kilig? 'Yung taong araw-araw laman ng mga pantasya (wholesome man or not) mo? 'Yung pinapangarap mong sana ay ikaw ang laman ng panaginip (again, wholesome man or not) niya gabi-gabi? Kung ganoon, makaka-relate ka sa kuwento ko. Ako si Chrysanthemum Cheng. May crush...

  • Lucid Dream
    8.5M 350K 22

    Merong iba't-ibang paraan ang mga tao para makatakas sa reyalidad. Yung iba nagbabasa ng libro, nanonood ng mga drama sa tv, nakikinig ng music. Meron namang nagsusulat, nag d-drawing, nag p-paint, at nag co-compose ng kanta. Pero si Angelique, ang paraan niya ng pagtakas sa reyalidad ay tuwing nananaginip siy...

  • Blog Girl
    235K 9.1K 64

    "My name is Celeste Cheng. And I'm a blog girl."

  • 1 Message Received
    44.6K 1.8K 1

    Enter text here.

  • Sharm's Side
    219K 9.7K 9

    (self-published by Barubal Self-Publication) The IT girl. The girl-next-door. Ang babaeng hindi na nililingon ng pangalawang beses dahil napapatitig na ang mga lalaki kapag dumaan. Makinis at maputi ang mala-porselanang balat. Balingkinitang katawan. Mahaba, malambot at pang-shampoo commercial ang buhok. Tila mga bitu...

  • Graduation (One Shot Story)
    212K 5.5K 1

  • Best Friend
    1.4M 58.9K 17

    Mahal kita, ikaw na best friend ko.

  • Summer Class (Short Story)
    276K 6.9K 1

  • The Devil's Trap
    5.7M 284K 47

    "She's my best friend, and she's the thirteenth victim." Nangako si Althea Denise Limerick at ang best friend nitong si Elyse na hindi sila magiging biktima ng kumakalat na serial crime. But when her best friend never came back one night, napagtanto ni Denise na maaaring nangyari na ang kinatatakutan niya. Now it's to...

  • Ghost Girl
    63.1K 2.9K 22

    Si Mandy Cheng ay may sariling mundo. Her world consists of fantasy, horror, and mystery. At hindi uso sa kanya ang mundo ng musika, lalong-lalo na ang pinagkakaguluhan at kinababaliwang mga idols ng mga kaklase niya. Mandy is happy in her own world... until one day, may lalakeng dumating at gumambala ng kanyang tah...

  • Sunshower
    12K 743 1

    Siguro nga. Ang araw at ang ulan, di ata tugmang magkasama, malabo pag nangyayari; minsanan lang. Pero alam mo na kapag nangyayari 'yon, may espesyal na nagaganap.

  • Montello High: School of Gangsters (Published under Cloak Pop Fiction)
    72.2M 1.4M 54

    So you think you're bad? But surely, there are people out there more evil than you. Disgustingly gorgeous devils that are not meant to be messed with. Unless, you unfortunately dance on their hell of a territory. Summer Leondale is always the badass kick-out girl. With her reputation, normal lang na magpalipat-lipat s...

  • Neverland | Oneshot Fanfic
    72.7K 3.3K 1

    Because not even death could tear them apart....

  • The Midnight Murders
    2.2M 91.8K 32

    Waking up from coma, Kendra finds out that not everything in Redwood is what it seems nor is her picture-perfect life.

  • Task Force Indigo : Remember me, Harmony
    2.1M 104K 49

    Harmony is your average teenager, aside from the fact that she's an amnesiac and can control people's dreams. Together with her friend who can see ghosts, they try to use their special abilities to solve crimes in the small town of Adelaide's bridge. But when supernatural creatures start wreaking havoc in the small...

  • Good night, Enemy
    7.1M 361K 74

    (FHS#1) All she wants is to make her friends happy. All he wants is to get some sleep. She's hell-bent on making the world a better place. He's desperate to get some rest. When their paths cross on a midnight bus ride, he finally finds the remedy in her. But then there's a catch... he just so happens to be the captain...

  • The right kind of girl | Oneshot
    47.4K 2.5K 1

    Follow Santi's journey as he pursues the right kind of girl!

  • Our Suicide Pact
    4.6M 134K 55

    One by one each person who joined the suicide pact gets killed and now its up to the wannabe-detective Casper and his crazy friends to find out who the murderer is before they fall victim to their own deadly pact. (Book 1 of Pact Series \ tbp)

  • The Hired Wedding Intruder
    3.2M 74.7K 38

    [Rated SPG] This is a story about a hired wedding intruder, Sidney Villanueva. She ruined someone else's wedding and now she has to pay for it.

  • Dear Andy Lim,
    1M 54.8K 18

    a chasing hurricane and stay awake agatha side-story.