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  • Cherry Bomb
    3.2K 105 1

    Camila, Demi, and Dinah Jane are on their way to Las Vegas after an exhausting school year. But after a late start leaves them getting tired halfway there, they pull into a small town and end up at a bar called "Cherry Bomb" where Camila learns the owner is a hot environmentalist who rides motorcycles, and she also le...

    Completed   Mature
  • Paint My Body Gold
    3.3K 97 1

    Camila tries out wearing the strap-on and Lauren gets a little more than she bargained for. *CONVERTED*

    Completed   Mature
  • It Starts Just Where The Light Exists
    3.8K 130 1

    Lauren is fresh off the 'newly realized' gay boat and asks Camila to show her how different sex is with a woman. Camila, knowing that Lauren has feelings for her, is a little unsure about how this is going to pan out. *CONVERTED*

    Completed   Mature
  • Touch My Body, Make Me Insane
    2.4K 80 1

    Lauren just landed her dream job as a reporter and they know she's happy, truly. She's always talking about how exciting having a notepad and pen is at big events, she tells Dinah Jane about the articles she writes even when it's supposed to be secret, and she got them all two copies each of the magazine with her firs...

    Completed   Mature
  • Thunderbolt
    1.7K 65 1

    This had not been how Camila thought the evening would go. In no way had she considered this to be part of the plan when she invited Lauren over for a movie night. She never thought asking Lauren about her piercings would led to this. *CONVERTED*

    Completed   Mature
  • Wait, What?
    41.2K 1.3K 3

    Domestic Camren where Camila accidentally kisses Lauren on her way to work because it feels normal to do so. AU *CONVERTED*

  • Animal I Have Become
    12.2K 702 7

    "If you're gonna bite, be a big bad wolf..." Lauren and Brad have hit rock bottom in their relationship and seek an adventure together so they plan a camping trip. Things don't go as planned though and they end up getting lost. Brad returns but what about Lauren? What became of her when she does return? It's up to C...

  • Amortentia
    1.4K 134 1

    Summary: A Cabello and a Jauregui brew Amortentia together in Potions class... What could happen? Hogwarts AU *CONVERTED*

  • The Neighborly Thing to Do
    7.7K 307 3

    Prompt: "Imagine your OTP living across the street from each other and both can see into the other's bedroom window." *CONVERTED*

    Completed   Mature
  • Almost Three
    19.2K 879 7

    Camila: People age until they're eighteen, and are then frozen in time until they meet their soul mate. After that, they grow old together. Plain and simple. That's the deal. Only, in Camila's case, the universe doesn't seem to have gotten the memo. Or Waiting over a century for your soul mate really fucking sucks. **...

    Completed   Mature
  • Domestic Training
    18.7K 452 4

    Part 1: A bar fight lands Lauren and Camila in jail for the night. During this time, they get to know about each other for a bit more... or a lot, lot more. Part 2: As her heat continues, Camila learns something new about Lauren. Part: 3: Camila has set her mind on a new car. Lauren teaches her to drive manual. But e...

    Completed   Mature
  • Intimacy Issues (Camren)
    3.5K 194 1

    Based on this (from Tumblr): “FIC SUGGESTION: Lauren rolls over in bed to hug Camila, but accidentally pushes her, knocking her off the bed with a loud thud.” I couldn’t not.

  • Pizza My Heart
    1.1K 97 1

    Camila can't remember exactly when her obsession with pizza began. However, she can remember when her obsession with the pizza delivery girl began.

  • Get Up - Camren
    1.2K 78 1

    Oneshot God damn that girl can sleep

  • Quick [one shot]
    14.7K 507 1

    “FS!! My friend dragged me to this party and I just saw my ex, quick make out with me!”

  • what does that mean, if i'm a top or a bottom?
    16.4K 387 1

    psa: camila tops. / smut.

    Completed   Mature
  • Drunk Off Your Love (Or Lack Of)
    8K 455 1

    Lauren works at a karaoke bar. Camila is a frequent. It has nothing to do with the fact that they serve Camila's favorite wine. Thanks SLOTHTATO for the cover!

  • Please Don't Hold my Hands || Camren
    27.5K 771 1

    Lauren hates everything but most of all, she hates herself for letting her go.

  • i fell to the ground (and to your heart)
    956 58 1

    (AU) music can only be heard once you fall in love with your soulmate and a unique tattoo appears along the way.

    Completed   Mature
  • FATED | camren
    96.6K 3.8K 14

    Camila and Lauren grow up together and fall in love a best friends to lovers au

  • still the one | camren au [completed]
    32.9K 1.4K 3

    Lauren's best friend, Dinah, is stranded in an airport due to unforeseen circumstances, thus keeping her from executing her plan to stop the wedding of her ex-girlfriend, Normani, with whom she's still very much in love. Dinah asks Lauren to stop the wedding for her and that's how the green-eyed girl meets Camila, No...

  • She's the One (Camren)
    3.2K 180 1

    Camila's sure that 'She's the One'. --- [DISCLAIMER: This is converted. I own nothing] Original Story by toastbox7 on livejournal

  • Love And War (camren)
    16.4K 1K 9

    "Their love affair started in the cosmos, between the sun and the moon." A mythological story about Lauren, Goddess of destruction and anger, and Camila, Goddess of love and beauty.

  • you were always the best part of me | camren au [completed]
    23.9K 845 4

    Camila and Lauren love each other but don't know how to deal with it (mostly Lauren though). Best friends to lovers AU ------------------------------------------------------------ "I'm sorry, Camz" she whispers. Camila knows she shouldn't engage in this. She knows Lauren won't remember anything in the morning and wha...

  • All This Time
    10.6K 485 6

    Lauren enrolls at Camila's high school and quickly falls in love with her. But Lauren Jauregui harbors a deep secret. Cover Credits to @fifthmurder from @totsgraphics (Converted from insaneantics21 on

  • Boo.
    5.6K 241 1

    "You're basically a fluffy bean, Lauren. You can't scare anyone." "I still top, though." "True."

  • Seven Minutes || Camren
    10K 453 1

    It only takes Lauren seven minutes to realize that she doesn't want Camila to be out of her life ever again.

  • It Can't Be True || Camren
    9.3K 459 1

    They are not the perfect soulmate story people expect when they think about love. That's for sure. ~bitter soulmate au.

    Completed   Mature
  • smile for me | camren one shot
    10.4K 575 1

    Thirteen year old Lauren got her braces. She refused to smile at anything or anyone that would involve showing the metallic linings across her teeth. The three best friends Dinah, Normani, and Ally try to make her smile, but unsuccessfully so. But, how about her not so subtle and obvious crush on her other best fri...

  • These Arms are Yours to Hold || Camren
    25.8K 914 1

    Lauren doesn't know what Camila did to her but suddenly everyone seems to be a bad kisser compared to her. And it fucking sucks because look, the girl she is kissing right now is freaking hot but goddammit, she is not Camila.