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  • RUSSIAN ROULETTE | woochan
    20.9K 1.6K 22

    woojin was like a guardian angel. except, he wasn't an angel. and his job was to kill.

  • Sad Boy Benefits•°•°•HyunJeong
    3.9K 279 17

    'you really have those sad-boy-benefits.' 'how does a sad boy have benefits?' 'i don't know but they have some.' Hwang Hyunjin x Yang Jeongin Fluff;Angst;Depressive content; /illnesses English is not my first language, feel free to correct me :) Short chapters Don't like it, don't read it

  • VOICES || h.hj +
    106K 11.8K 51

    [COMPLETE] "get out of ou- my house!" "you almost said OUR!!!" - Hyunjin falls head over heels for someone already long gone.

  • P.A.I.N || h.hj x y.ji(18+) stray kids
    23.4K 732 22

    HyunIn (Hyunjin X I.N) This story is for mature readers only! Read at your own Risks

    103K 10.6K 30

    ─ HYUNIN hyunjin really needed a little help. ーlowercase intendedー ✓ COMPLETED

  • Sexy Lips [COMPLETED]
    3.8K 201 75

    Sexy Lips. Dalawang salita, walong letra. Ano ba ang meron sa grupo na ito? Sampung babae ang bumubuo... Pero bigla nalang naging magulo ang lahat.

  • Moonrise~ Stray Kids
    2.8K 327 17

    Time. It never stops; Time will never stop for you. The world will never stop for you, we're not here forever, just act like you are, you'll fit right in, trust me...

    Completed   Mature