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  • The love of fremmer
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    This is a summer and Freddy love story this is one of my favorite couples ever and since there a not a lot of summer and Freddy story's they are dating in the start of the story till the end but it's a secret but like all secrets it gets out

  • summer and freddy= fremmer/ sor story
    7.9K 156 33

    Summer just moved to a new school, she likes reading books and is kinda of a nerd type. And she did not expected that she will go through all these emotions with freddy, tomika and jalynn. Aurguing back and forth, having problems with health. Will she survive??

  • Always a Friend
    35.5K 1.3K 52

    Seqeul to 'Take My Hand' Best friends! Soulmates? Can Summer and Freddy be more than friends? Or were they just never meant to be? Can the keep they're bond when tragedy strikes and when Summer unexpectedly moves away?

  • We meet again || A sequel to after the years a fremmer story (slow updates)
    7.9K 280 19

    Summer is a single mother with two kids, Annie (8) and Micheal (4) she has gotten through a divorce with her husband Shane, meanwhile Freddy has been busy with his music career, but what happens when class reunion is coming up, will hey bump into each other, will they fall in love all over again, or will they stay fri...

  • you're in the band ( school of rock )
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    school of rock on nickelodeon social media

  • Jealousy (A Game Of Love)
    19.2K 514 31

    Book One read before Dangerous Lies and Life On Set (Dangerous Lies) A love triangle to end all End a band End friendships End a life In a world where everything seems to be falling apart can the SOR cast keep it together to make till the end of high school or will jealousy corrupt a nieve mind in the bli...

  • Unnoticeable love
    59.2K 1.3K 30

    School of Rock story SummerxFreddy Summer has a huge crush on Freddy and everyone knows including him. However, Freddy doesn't like Summer that way. What happens when Summer starts to lose hope for Freddy? Will Freddy start to see Summer differently and start having feelings for her? Read to find out

  • Backstabber {under heavy editing}
    28.4K 921 29

    "You Better Watch You're Back" //Editing //People That Read This Should Read It Again

  • The Day That Changed My Life
    50.4K 1.1K 24

    A Fremmer fan fiction from School Of Rock. (I might add some Zomika in there too though, I don't know yet!) Summer, Tomika, Zack, Freddy, and Lawrence were in school like it was a normal day. Little did they know that it would be the scariest day of their lives. All they heard on the intercom was "HIDE CODE BLACK! THI...

  • Girls Vs. Girls. ~An SOR Fanfic
    81.2K 2.5K 56

    Freddy and the guys no longer recall any memory of Tomika and the girls. There's only one result from that. Drama. Sequel to Boys vs. Girls.

  • Fake love? (UNDER EDITING)
    107K 2.7K 53

    Freddy and Zack were the coolest guys from school. Their job was to break every girls' hearts. All the girls from school have been broken except one group. Summer and Tomika were the only girls who wasn't head over heels with the bad boys. The boys have been dared by someone to make the girls fall for them. Will the b...

  • My secret life✔️
    47K 938 46

    This is about summer Hathaway and her secret life. Find out what she is hiding. This will be Fremmer Zomika Lesme. Enjoy

  • In The Dark - A SOR Fanfic
    14.4K 636 43

    Summer has had a crush on Freddy for as long as she can remember. But Tomika likes him to, she just doesn't tell Summer. When a big misunderstanding happens and Summer's, Tomika's, Zack's and Freddy's hearts are crushed. Will they resolve it or just leave their friendship to crumble? ...

  • Flipped
    79.3K 2.3K 49

    Summer always had a crush on Freddy, it started on the first day of sixth grade, and the obsession has grown ever since. Seventh grade come, Mr. Finn becomes their new teacher. The band starts. Summer's crush just grows as Freddy gets to be the rebellious drummer. Throughout the year, Summer tried to get Freddy to not...

  • Zamika And Shabrina
    15.7K 277 32

    Zamika and Seddy are both dating. They are in their last year of high school. Zach gets a offer for a record deal. Tamika gets pregnant. Then Shawn Zamika son and Sabrina Seddy daughter starts dating then they get engaged at 17 and got Sabrina pregnant at 17.

  • "I love you" Seddy(Summer and Freddy) Love Story
    15.8K 323 27

    This is the love story of Seddy and they show they both their love to each other. See what happens next

  • Friends Or Betrayed?-Sor (COMPLETED)
    46.6K 661 51

    ~COMPLETED~Sor was normal but when the new girl Kale comes and takes everything Summer has what will Summer do and what will they find out about summer along the way....?

  • School of Rock Social Media
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    NO ROTTEN TOMATOES!!!! This is my first social media book. Hope u enjoy!

  • School of rock - instagram
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    Join school of rock kids on instagram 💜💜💜💜💜💜 freddy and summer # Zack and Tamika #lawrence and esme Also some kale , Clark and mr Finn There will be friendship in it too ,❤️ #read it ((Sequel on my profile))

    Completed   Mature
  • Someone He Doesn't Notice
    17.6K 584 22

    Freddy doesn't notice Summer is head over heels for him. How will Freddy react to Summer confessing her feelings? Nickelodeon own the characters and some of the story line. Fully Edited => Completed I have taken over this story for @purple_tea if you want to read the first nine chapters, you can find it on her pa...

  • the school of rock tour (sequel to the truth behind school of rock)
    42.7K 1.2K 73

    what happens while the school of rock gang are on the tour. what are the shows like, what happens behind the scenes Zamika and Seddy are still together

  • Drive ~ School of Rock
    43.4K 1.3K 51

    All we do is drive, "All we do is think about the feelings that we hide". Freddy stared at Summer the song playing over and over in his head as he thought about the school lock in. "All we do is sit in silence waiting for a sign". Zack stared at Tomika as he thought about the day they shared their firs...

  • New School New Rules
    52.7K 1.7K 34

    Meet Summer Hathaway and Tomika Young there the new girls at William Prep. Their both trying to get a fresh start and forget what happened in the past. Well until they meet the two bad boys of the school. Meet Freddy Huerta and Zach Kwan, the bad boys of William Prep. They hooked up with most of the girls at the schoo...

  • The New Me
    37.9K 992 25

    Summer Hathaway is the new girl at Lockwood academy. She gains new friendships and a love interest. The thing is she always wears a locket necklace, who knew that such a small thing can hold a big secret.

  • Dangerous Love Book #1(Henry Danger)- Completed
    37.6K 1K 18

    Book #1 How can a boy change someone's life completely??. A 14 year old girl named Savannah Matthews just moved to Swellview from Atlanta, Georgia her parents sent her there by herself so she would be safe from evil villains that are after her because of her special powers that she didn't know about. She never though...

  • The New Sidekick Book #2 (Henry Danger)
    23.1K 703 32

    Book 2 of Dangerous Love Series Please read the first book Dangerous Love before reading this book, It'll make more sense. Savannah finally thinks her life can be normal, she has an amazing relationship with Henry, she has became a superhero sidekick for Captain Man. Everything couldn't be better. But what happens wh...