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  • Impulsive Shorts
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    Some shorts from the aftermath of Impulsive!

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    The art gets better in later chapters I promise-

  • Diary Doodles
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    A diary

  • shane's random faces on my phone
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    do i really need to

  • We Happy Few Oneshots |
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  • The Crimson Flag
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    A rewrite of a few of my old soldier stories! Sharpe belongs to the fabulous @Thicc_Boi_Soldiers uwu

  • Luck of the Draw
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    Wellington Wells is a strange place. Weird things occur, but is it just the joy? Or is something lurking throughout the walls? A We Happy Few fan story. WARNING: Blood, guts, death, gore, etc.

  • The Best Lines From Bobs Burgers
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    I have a slight addiction to this show and this is my book of favorite lines. ❤️

  • Maybe It's Art 5.0
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    anthros galore tw// edge, mild gore, etc.

  • The Pill's Secret
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    What if I told you those same happy pills were the secret to something horrifying. Our three main protagonists: Arthur, Sally and Ollie will go on a thrilling adventure to stop the outbreak of a virus that has infected Wellington Wells and it's inhabitants. Maybe they'll make some friends on the way, maybe some enemie...

  • Holding The Aces
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    A Slappy and Amy Kramer fanfic. "Green are your eyes, that have hurt me so deeply but I love them just the same." -Ale Duncan

  • Audraw's Goosebumps Art
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    Just for fun, I thought I would post a majority of my Goosebumps art on here! Why only my Goosebumps art? Because people seem to love it! It's stolen frequently, so the more places of mine that they can be found, the better! Especially all in one place. PLEASE DO NOT REPOST, TRACE OVER, OR USE WITHOUT PERMISSION OR...

  • Guardian
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    When Doctors abduct Sally Boyle to satisfy the twisted mind of Dr. Verloc, it's up to James and Roger to protect Gwen and save their friend from the sick experiments of a mad scientist.

  • Blood on the Guitar 🎸
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    Foggy Jack is an infamous killer in the city of Wellington Wells. He is known to murder brutally. But what happens when he finds someone different?

  • Puppy Love (Roger x James)
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    The two sailors are a happy couple. But what if something happened that took that away?

  • ↳ haircare tips & tricks
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    ever needed help with how do a certain hairstyle but don't know who to go to, or what website to go on for help? you've come to the right place! i will be helping you with different hairstyles, hair masks, haircare routines, how to's, diys, and much more! your #1 source for haircare!

  • Cursed Images
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    Cursed images

  • The Youtuber That Loves Me X Reader (Dawko Fanfic)
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    What happens when you discover that your favourite youtuber is in love with you and when you find out that he is out of the ordinary, and what happens when you discover that you are the same?!.... This is my first fanfic, so don't expect much of it #19 dawko #2 darko

  • Dawko's Gallery
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    hey! spoopyperson1992 here and I am back with another gallery!! it's Dawko's now! hope you enjoy. I made the cover this time but the name was out on by @Georgia2000x! thank you!! ??

  • We have to come to terms.
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    This will be a story about what comes after the ending of We happy Few

  • cursed images
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    stop spamming w votes/comments PLEASE

  • Cursed Images
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    Photos with no context that make you laugh for no god damn reason to the point where it becomes a minor concern. Or you just find them really fucking weird.

  • Cursed Images
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    Just some pictures that I have found from all over the internet My apologize if some of them are disturbing

  • Tumblr Drawing Prompts
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    drawing prompts I take from tumblr incase none of you have tumblr. c:

  • Cursed images
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    The story cover perfectly describes how I feel right now BTW there are also some blursed images here aswell

  • Tender (Gordon Ramsay x reader)
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    I honestly don't know I wanted to write this. I'll probably delete this, but I have to get it out of my system -_-_-_-_- You were a head chef at a restaurant, or rather, a family one at that. The business ran well for a couple years, before the owner began to drink; your father. Your mother called the Gordon Ramsay to...

  • Random WHF Shit
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    Yeeeeaaaaahhhh, sorry mah dudes for deleting the last 3 books, but here ya go :3

  • ↳ selfcare for teens *COMPLETED*
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    **COMPLETED** ((CHECK NEW BOOK FOR NEW THREADS!!)) i don't take requests. -- tags i couldn't fit: selfcaretips, selfcarespecial, beautythreads, skincaretwitterthreads, selfcaretwitter, selfcarepinterest, selfcareinstagram, selfcaretumblr, selfcareinstagramthreads, skincarethreads

  • My art
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    What happens here? No one knows! Learn about the life I live with my oc doodles and more! ^^ I hope you all enjoy it!

  • Roger <3 James
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    So, here's a thought, the Roger and James DLC didn't come with any of Roger and James' memories. And I thought 'Why Not Write Some'.