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  • The White Dragon Duelist
    1.2K 35 2

    Ryan Shane 16-year-old Duelist was well known throughout New Domino City for 2 things: Being the first in the Cities History for Having a Draw with Jack Atlas and Surviving PLUS Winning a Duel Against the Black Rose Witch. But soon his life will change forever when he and his Siblings Leo and Luna compete in Fortune...

  • Male Signer reader x high school dxd
    1.2K 22 2

    y/n phenex, adopted brother of riser and ravel, a high class devil who was born without the powers of a phoenix but was loved by his family anyway. One day, he awakens from a weird dream about the 'crimson dragon' and has a weird marking engraved onto his arm. after learning about the mark and his past, he sets out on...

  • Various Fems x Male Reader Part 1: Phantom Inserts
    1.2M 9.1K 189

    Teh title says it all bruh. As disclaimer, I don't own all the characters paired with the reader nor the references I'll be using in this book. You belong to yourself, duh. EDIT: I only own my OCs involved in this book.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Yanderes Of Zexal
    33.3K 344 6

    You are a mostly calm duelist who tries to solve problems without use of violence. However whose to say others won't. Now your doomed to duel all girls who are obsessed with you.

  • Cyberse Neptunia (Male Reader Insert)
    973 18 1

    You were born in the Cyberse but you end up in a bizarre world known as Gamindustri

  • Yugioh Arc V Ruri X Male Reader
    1.1K 21 1

    You use a Photon/Galaxy Deck.

  • Leo Galax: the Next Generation of Dueling
    2.6K 335 66

    Status: Bi-Weekly (Wednesday's) set 16 years after Fusion Faction Rebellion, Leo is entering High School with a new perspective, and ready to show off his talents. Current Arc: International Dueling Carnival (Arc 5) Leo, His best friends Trip and Luna, along with his sister, Gemini, compete in a school duel tournament...

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! - Red Eyed Duellist
    4K 192 52

    Set 5 years after Yu-gi-Oh! Duel monsters. People the world over know of the king of games Yugi muto, his victories at duellist kingdom, battle city and many of the adventures he has been on...but this story focuses on a different person whom had no idea he would become a hero. Yushida Ichihara is just your typical te...

  • The Son Of Yuya and Zuzu
    1.2K 13 4

    After Z-Arc's defeat Yuya confessed to Zuzu and she confessed back and they had a son now Zuzu wanted him to be a duel-tainer but since Z-Arc was apart of yuya could sense his energy after zarc died he lost another fragment and sense 2 reincarnations came together their son had a dragon but a special dragon a Ritual d...

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Changing the Past
    81.8K 606 35

    What if Jaden after the defeat of Paradox in Yu-Gi-Oh Bond Beyond Time. The Crimson Dragon didn't have enough power to get Jaden and Yusei home to what Jaden does is go back in time with Yubel and finds himself back at the beginning of GX. So Jaden will have him Neos cards, Neo Spacians, and Evil Heroes to back him up...

  • The Elemental King with Supreme Powers
    35.6K 406 34

    I don't own Yu-gi-oh GX all rights go to Kazuki Takahashi. What if Jaden went to Duel Academy and was known as a big pro but decided to go back to school. He and his future friends will have to take on many challenges and Synchro's will be in this story. So Jaden has to watch out for the thorns that are coming his way...

  • femyugi x male reader
    16.3K 180 12

    a story of love where you in love with yugi moto the girl that has some secrets in her a story that takes place during the main series. i do not own yugioh or its characters

  • King of Game's (Yu-Gi-Oh harem x reader)
    34.5K 512 13

    (y/n) (l/n), a young duelest, goes to duel academy to become the King of Game's, but does he leave with more than just a title.

  • yu-gu-oh x male reader ( On The Fence Of Leaving It Alone
    199 1 1

    so i was just thinking of something but my friend will help me so say thank you to him and i don't own anything

  • Yugioh Arc V Fanfiction YuyaXSerena
    19.4K 149 14

    Yeah I ship Yuya and Serena............Well that's all I have to say enjoy the story SPOILERS do not read unless you've seen up until episode 50

  • Yu-gi-oh! GX Jaden and his love
    52.1K 349 17

    What if Jaden had not only his elemental heroes but also the three most powerful cards in duel monsters, the three Egyptian gods, and he was working for Seto Kaiba to protect the school from evil? Though I don't own Yu-gi-oh GX all rights go to Kazuki Takahashi and this is my first fanfiction and first yugioh GX stor...

  • Yu-gi-oh! GX Dark Jaden
    61.9K 524 28

    What if Jaden was already the supreme king and Yubel was by his side helping him at the beginning of GX. His goal of being the world number one rank. But first he has to go to school and he wants to dominate the world of dueling but in order to do so he has to go to school to prove it. I was inspired to do a this by Y...

    Completed   Mature
  • Yugioh Arc-V: Remnants of Time
    5.1K 54 9

    When the Dimensions split, what no one expected or witness was four people, to be born One, in the Xyz One, in Synchro One, in Fusion And one, in the Standard With each of them, who's deck and powers corrosponds to a specific timeline in Yugioh History. How would the Dimensions cope with duelists weilding ancient pow...

  • Yuya's Destiny's Pendulum
    4.7K 134 8

    Previously as Yuya's Change of Destiny. Sakaki Yuya has won against Akaba Leo. However, the price was very high. The inter-dimensional war has taken a toll on him because he's the only survivor( and warrior) left standing. Most of his friends and allies were turned into cards from their enemies. Fusion, Synchro, XYZ...