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  • Tsuyoi Tori High School
    256 88 52

    It's Kristin's first day at High School. As a socially awkward and anxious girl who is often shy about being herself, she doesn't have any friends starting off at her new school. She had moved to the city after her mother found a new job. But will that all turn around when Kristin meets members of the popular clubs, a...

  • Tsuyoi Tori High School - Drama Days
    408 63 72

    It's Kristin's sophomore year, and it brings with her all sorts of new people and stories surrounding the Tori City gang we know today. Karla is still adjusting to life with Kristin and her mother. But this story also leads us with a few questions... Who is the new transfer student? What is up with the new "emo" guy? ...

  • Tsuyoi Tori High School - The Royal Crystal
    32 7 7

    It's almost winter break during Kristin's junior year! This year means that Karla and most of the gang will be graduating, and the graduates from the previous year including Ivan, Rameses and Gilbert will be returning for break! What mystery and adventure will unfold when Kristin decides to wander into the school boil...

  • One Step Forward
    70 1 14

    The gang is now in college... With that (hopefully), they acquire more responsibilities.

  • Tsuyoi Tori High School - Farewell, Ms. President
    44 1 20

    A huge majority of the gang are leaving this year. That means Karla will be leaving, too. But at least Natalya is joining this year. But now, Karla is more troubled than ever... But why? (I'm starting this early because TTHS - Drama Days is really long and isn't gonna end any time soon :))

  • The Next Steps
    120 45 45

    After eight years of being separated, 22 year old Kristin finally gets to reunite with her "sister" Karla and the rest of her friends. They all return to the city where craziness, competition, love and friendship take place! However, is she prepared for change? Even the smallest ones? Nana finally grew her hair longer...

  • The Next Steps - Love~Love Paradise
    169 29 29

    What happens when Ivan and Feliciano win tickets to the paradise resort of Love~Love Paradise and the gang ends up staying there for the entire summer? Alex and Kristin are definitely going strong, but what will happen between some of the others? More stories of silliness, friendship, and of course love will be found...

  • A Few Steps Back
    9 2 2

    What was the Tori City gang like before high school? What was Kristin's story before she moved to Tori City? Did Gilbert like Elizabeta back then? What mess(es) were Karla in at that time? Did she also have to deal with her arrogant mother? Wait, what about Alex, Nana and Ivan? Here we have one story with three separa...

  • The Next Steps - Adulthood
    93 8 25

    Do you think adults are responsible? Especially adults who once attended one of the best schools in their city and (mostly) work full time jobs? Think again...

  • Lost to the Bloodshed - A Tori City AU
    75 25 25

    This an an AU (Alternate Universe) of My Tori City stories based off of World War II (and a bit of Minecraft Diaries). 22 year old Kristin and Anna write to each other often despite being separated by a vast ocean. Kristin longs to join Anna in her nation. However, Kristin is stuck in her nation due to two armies tryi...

  • Tsuyoi Tori Hell School
    23 4 4

    Just in case you don't know what a 2p is, it's basically the alter ego of a character - or opposite of a character. Like the cover says, this is a 2p version of Tsuyoi Tori High School. This may take some getting used to...

  • The Next Steps - The Emerald Sorcerer
    37 2 21

    Witchcraft - something that can be used for good or evil. It all depends on the user... Nefertari's old friend comes into the picture as Garroth and Nana join the resistance against the Emerald Sorcerer and her newly acquired slaves.