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  • Devil's Lake
    637K 10.2K 11

    A suicidal young woman falls for a man with the supernatural power to control her mind. With it comes freedom from her anxiety and depression, but is he real and can he be trusted? Preview chapters here on Wattpad. Get the full book on Amazon for Kindle or in paperback. WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING "I've always been blown...

  • The Other Side
    13.4K 567 11

    Nia's been trapped in a curse for half of her life, when she finally wakes up she finds a darkness has woken with her. "Curses are living things too." "I'll leave you to kiss your shadows." "I can only stare back, vessel tainted, mind blooming." *Featured Nov. 2017* Cover By: @geekalert13

  • Real Life Ghost Stories
    23.9K 393 95

    These stories are not mine. But i know Ur gonna enjoy reading this guys. and i will never fail you waiting so long for another stories update, I will assure you that every week/(day: if not busy) will upload lots of real ghost stories. You can also message and share your scary stories with us. I'll review and p...

  • Abducted: Haven High Book Five
    3K 478 18

    In a world where danger lurks around every corner, and magic and mayhem reign, lives a halfblood Genie and his overbearing mother. Ryan Adom isn't your stereotypical teenager and neither are any of his friends. They are all juniors in a super secret San Franciscan magic school run by some of the most powerful gods...

  • The Secrets of Westwood (The Grace Shaw Series: Book 1)
    2.9K 218 6

    Grace Shaw was no stranger to the paranormal world. She can see the spirits of people trapped on earth with unfinished business. Working for the police has its ups and downs. After returning to work from a short break, she was ready to get her life back on track. However that all changed when a spirit broke the norm...

  • I am in Love with an Invisible Man [Completed][ParanormalRomance]
    145K 9.7K 28

    *Voted as Wattpadres MakeOver Top 12 books of 2016* *Voted as KatieDreams top 25 best Romance book of 2015* *Nominated as the 2016 Wattpad Fiction Award for Best Paranormal Book* Become breathless, gut-wrenched, and emotionally overwhelmed as you chest-clench through the heartache of what it means to be in love with...

  • Witch Way
    2.4K 266 32

    When a freak magic disaster unfolds in the middle of the world's largest city, hidden supernatural entities come together to solve the issue. Now, a month has passed, magic is no longer the hoax it was in the past. Disasters once chucked up as "unknown" are given a new definition: otherworldly. However, the current sy...

  • The Ring (Paranormal Romance set between Present and Future Times)
    3K 374 13

    When Larissa Callay travels back in time from the future 3020 to retrieve an amethyst ring for her client, she encounters Vince Caletti an ex Navy Seal who brokers no love for thieves. In the process of finding and securing the missing ring, Larissa realizes she is no match for the cro magnon male from 2017 who wants...

  • Chosen
    2.4K 331 15

    1st Place in TPPA!!! 3rd Place in the Sanguine Awards!!! Lillian Hartman knew nothing but the torture of a man that her mother thought she loved. Finally breaking free; she meets someone who knows more about her than she, herself does. Lillian is thrown into the unnatural world, Cayden free-falling into her life. A ma...

  • GHOST 👻 (A Paranormal Romance)
    169K 14.9K 72

    Frizzy haired and overweight, sixteen year old Elizabeth Summers hears ghosts. She also reads people's auras often seeing when something bad is headed their way. Unfortunately, she can't choose which ghosts visit her psychic hotline or when her paranormal abilities are triggered. Since dealing with otherworldly spirit...

  • The Haunting
    50 8 1

    This is a tale of true events that happened in the winter of 1995.

  • Mending The Veil
    1K 218 15

    17 year old Janelle Thorne wakes up one morning to a terrifying reality she has to live with, forever. She wills all of it to be a nightmare. Unfortunately, fate will not allow it. It was her inescapable destiny. The responsibility of barricading the dimensions and preventing the creatures of both worlds from corrupti...

  • SPIRITBORNE | Book 1 of the Spirits' War Trilogy [excerpt]
    116K 5.5K 20

    The rift between man and beast is growing deeper. Skye's ancestors were brought to life by an ancient spirit under the light of a blood moon. Her father commands a legion of vengeful shapeshifters, the Lìog Airgid, in their fight against an entity that seeks to eliminate them from the face of the earth. As time grow...

  • Secrets
    1.3K 394 46

    "I turned to look all around me as I finished singing. The ghosts around me started to smile. And after that, I too, slowly began to smile. Then, they attacked." Harley Parker lives a life unlike any other. She can see the ghosts, shades, and wraiths that haunt this world. When she receives a mysterious letter from a...