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  • Slut.
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    Gerard Way is a virgin. A pathetic, gay, red-haired little virgin. But he was okay with that. People in school avoided him, hell, they didn't even know who he was, and that was how it was. Until a good 'friend' of Gerard's started a rumor. A rumor that was bound to destroy everything Gerard had come to know, and even...

  • for better or for worse // mitchel cave (completed)
    69.9K 3.3K 64

    "99 cent dreams, maybe you could show me some." maybe it was luck that she met him. maybe it was fate. maybe the intricacies of what happened next wasn't supposed to go so wrongfully right. either way, laralyn creed's life will never be the same. for better or for worse. [most impressive ranks: #25 in teenromance #1...

  • worst ; gawsten
    29.3K 1.4K 15

    "i think you're the worst of them all" after what will definitely go down in history as the worst breakup ever, awsten is just trying to stay afloat and survive the rest of the tour. and geoff, well...the universe has decided to have a laugh and kick his feelings into overdrive at the worst possible time. this tour is...

  • lost boy // awsten knight au
    160K 5.2K 71

    in which a 22 year old awsten knight from the band waterparks falls for 17 year old maisie williams after seeing her at a local show. they both think that they know how the other works. they don't. "without you I'm a lost boy." WAS NOT AWARE OF THE ACTRESS WITH THE SAME NAME, THIS STORY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HER. UN...

  • Love letters; Gawsten
    60.7K 3.3K 62

    Awsten gets a letter. Geoff gets a crush.

  • the forest fic
    307K 7.1K 6

    not mine!!!!!!! creds go to SoloChaos on archive of our own just another copy of the forest fic make sure you have tissues